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Title: Everyone please read! New picture posting policy.
Post by: The Schofield Kid on July 02, 2010, 11:18:52 PM
We would like to have an across-the-board, universal rule regarding the posting of pictures on the Forum.

Most pictures can be "hot linked." You copy the URL of the picture, and paste it into your post, between [ img] [ /img] tags (without the spaces). For more details on how to do this, see this thread (

In brief:

The good thing about posting pictures this way is that someone looking at them can easily check the URL in the same way, and find the source. We need to know where all outside material posted here comes from, whether it's a bit of quoted text (where you are always asked to give a link) or a picture. In most cases, the URL that can be read from a hot-linked picture is sufficient identification of the source.

In a few cases, websites will not allow you to "hot link" a picture like this. If you try, you may be able to see the picture on the Forum because it will be in your browser's "cache," but others won't be able to see it and they'll probably let you know pretty soon. In those cases, if you want to use a particular picture, you'll have to save it to your own computer, then upload it to a site like ImageShack. See  this thread ( for some tips on how that works.

Whenever you have followed this method to post a picture here, we ask you to identify the source by posting a link to the page where you found the picture, just like for quoted text.

Of course, if you're posting pictures you've taken yourself and uploaded to ImageShack, you won't need to provide a link! Just make sure it's clear that they are your own photos. Likewise, in the case of screencaps you've taken yourself and uploaded via ImageShack, identify the film, unless it's obvious from the context.

EXCEPTION: When posting pictures in our "Guess Who" thread in the the Trivia forum, you can't "hot link" the image because you need to conceal the source during the time the game is going on. So those pics must saved to your computer and uploaded via ImageShack. But once the person has been identified, the exception is no longer in force, and you will need to post a link to the page where you found the picture (or identify the film, if it's from a screencap you've taken yourself).

Everyone's cooperation regarding this matter is appreciated.

The CEWB Moderators.
Title: Re: Everyone please read! New picture posting policy.
Post by: The Schofield Kid on July 19, 2010, 01:36:45 AM
As an addendum to the above new rule, we'd like to ask you not to post photos you receive in e-mails if you cannot post the source. (Of course this doesn't apply to photos taken by your friends, as long as you credit them.)

If you really want to post a photo you received in an e-mail, you can try doing a Web search of the subject matter. It's often possible to trace the source like that.

Thanks for your understanding.