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General Discussion / Cameo by Mr. Eastwood
« on: October 25, 2003, 08:59:32 PM »
I've written a script about a young gang leader running from his past and a Chinese Territory Lord looking to tie up loose ends.  Currently, a famous Hollywood director is looking for funding for his next film about gangs and is advised by his agent to take in an "At Risk" youth.  A new Trust has been established by none other then the Chinese Godfather whose raised a son and a daughter, and wants to encourage successful mentors to develope our youths talent and teach them to succeed.  The Director is a "Player" and is not enthused.  The Authorities believe Chris could be a "Potential Witness" and matches the Director with Chris.  The Director's daughter, whose been living abroad in Boarding Schools, is intrigued by the new visitor and introduces Chris to her friends and her world.  Later in the picture, Chris' past begins to catch up with him and enters the director's world.  I'd like Mr. Eastwood to play a cameo in a restaurant scene where he meets the young couple.  I could use advice on how to request Mr. Eastwoods participation in my first Independent Film.  Sincerely, Dave Richards

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