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Why did Philo lose the fight to Tank Murdock? That is the big question, right? I don't think any of the answers provided here in the forum are right although one posted goes close. My brother nailed the answer for me back in the 1980s when we hired the movie on VHS. My brother said afterwards " He (Philo) didn't want to get used. NAILED THE ANSWER! You see, Philo was used by Halsey-Taylor and Philo never expected it or saw it coming. He was head over heels for her and he actually thought she really liked him too. He was way off the mark. She used him as a matter of convenience. Then when Philo is about to dethrone Tank...what do we hear? Some punter saying "Boy, are we gonna make money on him (Philo). There it goes again! People ready to use him. You can see Philo's listening and his eyes looking back and considering that comment. So the next scene is Philo deliberately dropping his guard and WHAM! Tank lands a blow to change the outcome of the fight. Yep! No one gonna use Philo Beddoe now! Philo not gonna make the same mistake twice. What do you fans think my brother's answer?

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