News: Now showing in theaters: CRY MACHO, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood!

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Indeed, when filming has wrapped in summer, some Clint films were released in the next fall or winter: at least, that was the case of Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, American Sniper, The 15:17 to Paris, The Mule and Richard Jewell.
However, I do not see Warners to release Juror #2 in summer for instance, because it does not look like a summer film.
Juror #2 is a legal drama or thriller, then it would be more appropriate to release it in fall or even in winter.
Moreover, Warners priorities, in terms of business, seem to be Beetlejuice 2, which will be released this September and Joker 2, which will be released this October. November seems pretty calm in Warners release schedule: then, I would see Juror #2 released that month.

Hey AKA23,
I hope that Clint will be able to make an other film after Juror #2. Anyway, retirement has never been part of Clint philosophy or mentality. Actually, I am pretty sure that he will make an other film, if he is still healthy.
I do not think that Clint has made Juror #2 for the Oscars. Not at this particularly point of his life and career. Moreover, Clint is no more an Oscar darling. Hollywood tastes have changed a lot, regarding the last Oscars winners, and Clint films are probably too old fashioned and conservative for them.
Warners behavior toward Juror #2 seems weird or unusual: I mean it is supposed to be released this year and we have no news yet.

In your opinion, how reliable is World of Reel ?
What do you think about what they say on Juror #2 ?

Hi SamanMoradkhani,
Actually, I read that article from Closer Weekly but there is no concrete news in it.
At this point, I think that Beetlejuice Beetlejuice and Joker 2 are expected to be commercially successful for WB, after Dune 2 and Godzilla x Kong. Since we have no news about Juror #2 yet, we do not know which is the WB strategy and expectations for this one. Currently, there is some speculations about the reasons Mickey 17 from director Bong Joon-Ho was delayed until January 2025, while the 150M$ film was supposed to be released in March 2024: WB would not be happy with the directors cut.

Thank you for your excellent post, Jed Cooper!

I think that all Clint Eastwood fans have asked themselves that obsessive question so many times, or at least, developed some thoughts: is Clint an actor before being a director or is he a director before being an actor?

If we asked Clint that question, he would probably answer that he is more interested in directing than acting, though he enjoyed acting. Actually, he claimed that opinion in the mid-1980s. Clint may think that directing is an extension of acting, in many ways. We know that Clint had the tendency to underestimate himself as an actor and sometimes felt insecure about that. Many people think that Clint is more a movie star than an actor and that he virtually played the same role in every films he did. Even if I think that it is not as simple as that, I can understand why some people think that way. Nobody would seriously compare Clint to Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson or even Gene Hackman. Many people would think that Clint is closer to Burt Reynolds, Charles Bronson or, in a lesser degree, Steve McQueen.

Personally, I like Clint as an actor and a director both. Clint the actor and Clint the director worked very well together.
One of the strengths of Clint films are the way he deconstructed and rebuilt his screen persona.

At first sight, I would say that his directing job allowed Clint to deal with various film genres and subjects. He directed many great actors in his career but he rarely shared the big screen with great actors until the 1990s. He probably took more risks as a director than as an actor. Obviously, the films he directed only were less successful at the box office than most of the films he acted in, with the exceptions of American Sniper, Sully and Mystic River.

The average filmgoer will probably associate Clint with his westerns and his action films. For instance, in France, the films he made with Sergio Leone are still among his most popular ones, especially The Good The Bad And The Ugly.

His directing job is a lot more appreciated by cinema lovers and film critics. The Bridges of Madison County, Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River and A Perfect World are generally the films that the French cinema lovers like the most.

Among the films he directed only, my favorites are Mystic River, Bird, Letters From Iwo Jima, Flags Of Our Fathers, Breezy, Changeling, American Sniper and Richard Jewell.

In the 2010s, Clint made many biopics or films based on true events: it could be seen as a reaction to the superheroes movies wave.

The fact that Clint is an accomplished director, allows him to keep working. Had he not been a director, he would be retired 15 or 20 years ago.

I hope that Juror #2 will be great. It sounds very promising because there are some fine actors in this one.

Hi everyone,

Here is a podcast, posted 3 months ago, in which actor Nicholas Hoult talks about some of his experiences in film business. There is also a chapter on Clint from 58min30sec to 1h01min19sec.

About Juror #2, it is a little weird that no release date was officially announced at this point, since it is supposed to be part of Warner Bros 2024 slate. Some of us had the same thoughts on Cry Macho, whose trailer finally came in early August 2021, just one month before the film was released.

What do you think?

Eastwood News / Re: Happy 94th birthday Clint!
« on: May 31, 2024, 01:23:38 AM »
Happy Birthday to Clint!
I am looking forward to Juror #2 and hope that it is a great one too :)
I guess that a trailer is coming soon

Actually, according to Robert Lorenz, Clint made some pictures which were not passion projects but kept him busy. Among those pictures, Robert Lorenz quoted Blood Work and Jersey Boys. Some film critics thought that Jersey Boys would have been a better fit for Martin Scorsese, since it is about some Italian American guys which were linked to the mob. Even Joe Pesci was in the story.

I agree with you, AKA23: Clint wanted to make a musical. He was a little frustrated that A Star Is Born did not come to fruition when he was involved in. Then, he decided to make Jersey Boys instead.

I enjoyed the film, although it is not among his best, because I found it quite refreshing, after some serious dramas like J. Edgar, Hereafter or Invictus. I have seen the play in the West End area of London, England, nearly one year after the film was released. I enjoyed the play which was joyfuller than the film. I noticed that one particular song which I like was missing in the film: that song is Beggin. Actually, the song scene was shot but not included in the final cut. Frankie Valli and Tommy DeVito were not particularly happy with the film. Tommy DeVito was pissed off by the way he was depicted in the film.

In my opinion, among all the biopics Clint has made, Bird is the best one. And that was really a passion project for Clint.

It was 10 years ago today that my wife and I saw Jersey Boys on Broadway.  8) 8) 8)

Did the play help you to appreciate the film?

At least, now we can have the certainty that Juror #2 is really completed.
Unlike most of Warner Bros films to be released this year, Juror #2 has no trailer and no poster online yet.
However, I would expect to see a trailer this summer. Or maybe, on Clint birthday, who knows?
About the release date, it will likely happen this fall. What do you think?

Hey malpaso_PL,
You are welcome.
Your book sounds good. Really. I think that I will order it, when being available. Indeed, the Dollars trilogy is very important in Clint career. Those Sergio Leone films are still popular all around the world. Generally, they are even appreciated by people who are not Clint fans. Actually, I discovered Clint with The Good The Bad And The Ugly and For A Few Dollars More, 34 years ago.

Every Which Way But Loose is not among the most critically acclaimed Clint films, for sure, but it is among the most successful ones. Cinematographically speaking, it is not very interesting. But in many ways, it is a personal film and a new departure for Clint. Actually, Thunderbolt And Lightfoot announced the comedies Clint made in late 70s and early 80s. Every Which Way But Loose shows a lot of his own personality, I think. The fact Clint chose to make that film and turned down many great opportunities in the same decade, such as The Towering Inferno, Sorcerer or Apocalypse Now, showed that he was very confident in his star power. In fact, most of the films Clint made in the 70s were pretty small films. Which is quite surprising because his box office star status was at its peak during that decade. But it was also part of the Malpaso Company style and economic policy, I guess. Though Every Which Way But Loose is still a charming film, I think that its sequel, Any Which Way You Can, is among the worst Clint films. I used to like that sequel, when I was a teenager.

The Mule is a good film and his last successful film at the box office. It is like a lighter version of Gran Torino, in some ways.

What do you think about his next film, Juror #2 ? What are your expectations for this one ? Will it be his last one like some seem to think ?

Hello malpaso_PL,
Congratulations for your book :)
It seems promising and ambitious.
I have so many books on Clint, mostly in French and English.
The last one I bought is the book from author Ian Nathan.
I am still interested in reading new analysis and studies on Clint films.
About your book: does it cover all his films or only the ones he directed ?
By curiosity, which are your favorite Clint films as an actor and as a director ?

Yes, that is some very good news!
I hope that some other news about the release date and the trailer are coming soon.

Finally, Juror #2 is not going to Cannes Film Festival.
However, two Warner Bros films will be there but out of competition: Horizon: an American Saga directed by Kevin Costner and Furiosa (Mad Max prequel) directed by George Miller.
A couple days ago, Warner Bros presented its 2024 slate at Cinemacon: nothing about Juror #2.

nice interview,
I bet Juror #2's performance will play a strong role in Eastwood's future plans or decisions. If it turns out to be actually great, I wouldn't be surprised to see him directing another one.

Maybe, maybe not. If Juror #2 was great, it would be a good occasion for Clint to finish his career on a high note.

Interesting article. However, there is no official news. About retirement, Robert Lorenz just said never say never with Clint. At this point of his career and his life, the fact that Clint is slowing down is not particularly surprising. According to the article, Juror #2 may be released in the first half of 2024. Then we have to see the trailer and the poster yet. At first sight, this film is not a summer film but why not ? What do you think ?

Yes, I am a little disappointed too: we have no real news about Juror #2. However, I do not think that it will be released before next fall. In fact, Warner Bros has a busy calendar this year. Moreover, releasing a courtroom drama in the middle of summer would be inappropriate. Who knows ? Maybe it will be shown at Cannes Film Festival, even if its chances are thin, according to Deadline. About Clint future, I think that he will make some other films, as long as he is healthy. I hope seeing him as an actor again, even if he prefers directing than acting. But I would not like seeing him just playing Clint Eastwood, even if it is enjoyable. I mean I would like seeing him playing against type role, like Anthony Hopkins in The Father, for instance.
The fact that his children were interviewed is not so surprising, since it was for Carmel Magazine, which is not a film magazine but a community magazine.

Hi everyone,
Here is an article from Carmel Magazine, Spring 2024 issue:

Hi everyone,
This is not really a news. Not yet at least. World of Reel talks about Juror #2 chances going to Cannes Film Festival.

Hi everyone,
It seems that we have to wait a while before having some news about Juror #2.
Since it is supposed to be released this fall, the trailer would be available this summer.
What are your exact expectations on this film?

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