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Off-Topic Discussion / Re:Baseball 2004
« on: October 21, 2004, 08:27:22 PM »
There are baseball fans, and then there are morons. Every time a championship is won, there are some form of riots, burning cars, and idiots climbing telephone poles with no shirts on in 40 degree weather. It isn't limited to Boston. When the Patriots shocked the NFL in 2001 with their first Super Bowl win, there were 2 million people that showed up for the parade through downtown Boston, and the only arrests made were for public drinking.
There is no cure for being an idiot, and idiots are everywhere. That's why we have the Darwin Awards. But they don't all live in Boston. They're in St. Louis, New York, and Houston as well.

General Discussion / Re:Play Misty For Me
« on: June 24, 2004, 01:22:19 PM »
Misty has always been one of my favorite Clint films. Jessica Walter played the part perfectly, by the end of the movie, you were glad to see Clint punch her through the window and down the cliff!
And there were more than a few memorable lines in it:

".....I knew you'd never do anything to spoil it....."
"What we have between us"
"We haven't got a Goddamned thing between us, I don't know how many ways I have to tell you....."

"What is this, be kind to Senior Citizens week?"

"Why don't you go cruise some sailors"
"Seafood? ugh...."

Magnum Force had so many great lines. Ricca's limo (Something about the way the driver says "The Double Line" always cracks me up), in the airport (May I make a suggestion....), the airplane scene (Excuse me Captain.....I know this may sound silly, but can you fly? Nope....never had a lesson), Clint and Early following the limo (Excuse me, excuse me, we seem to be lost), the mourgue scene (Speaking of whale $#!t, what have you turned up, Briggs?), Sonny (Try knocking on the door), and last but not least, "A Man's got to know his limitations"

Trivia Games / Re:Complete the scene!
« on: April 27, 2004, 08:19:23 PM »
"He would have just snaked his way out of it. Maybe we saved the taxpayers a little money"

"I ought to bust your ass down to traffic.....or better yet, kick it off the force. You're a dinosaur Callahan, your ideas don't fit today."

"Just what ideas are these, that murder's a crime? That it shouldn't be punished?"

"Don't you lecture me, you son of a b*$@h. You know who you're talking to (hmm hmm), you know my record?"

"Yeah, you're a legend in your own mind"


"Gentlemen, that's enough. Inspector, your methods are unconventional to say the least.....but you get results"


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