News: In theaters now: THE MULE, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood!

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It was a quick resolution, but I'm not sure they had a lot of time to spend on that aspect of the film. I really loved the scenes with Dianne Wiest toward the end of the film. But, maybe she knew she was dying all along, and let bygones be bygones. As for his daughter, it's also possible her mother's illness (then death) also helped this be a quicker resolution than it may have normally been.

Okay, what kind of party are we going to have? Should we do a "Movie Night" with some games and food themes?  Any ideas?

If my father was an integral part in destroying thousands of lives, I definitely wouldn't have just said "at least we'll always know where you are," when he is carted off to prison.

Clint can never be an out-and-out "bad guy", and so I think they deliberately steered clear of showing any type of connection of Earl's drug running to "ruining lives". Of course, everyone knows the drugs are harmful, but adding that element into the film and showing it, or even just ruminating on it, makes Earl a less sympathetic figure. Clint likes his characters to be sympathetic.

The CEWB Movie Club / Re: The Birds (1963)
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:19:55 AM »
North by Northwest
Rear Window
The Birds
To Catch a Thief
Strangers on a Train
The Lady Vanishes
Shadow of a Doubt
The 39 Steps

The top 3 are all so good, I might flip any of them around if watching them again. But, today that's my order.  We didn't do Vertigo, and that would be up in my top 5, I think. 

I really like his Hollywood films way more than his British works, and on my list, there is a HUGE gap between Spellbound and The Lady Vanishes.

The CEWB Movie Club / Re: The Birds (1963)
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:23:41 AM »

I bet most people feel differently, but I don't like how we never discover why the birds went insane and started attacking all the townspeople. Without some explanation being provided, it makes the movie seem wildly unrealistic.

Maybe it had to do with the Love Birds being transported around in that tiny cage. I mean, there's no official reason, but it does all start as soon as Melanie brings the birds to Bodega Bay.  Mitch Brenner says it in the pet shop, I don't have an exact quote just now, but he mentions how sad it is seeing birds stuck in cages when they should be flying free. I never understood how somone could keep a bird in a cage either. What a gift they have, and to clip their wings and stick them in a cage is cruel. The birds may have been retaliating.

The CEWB Movie Club / The Birds (1963)
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:09:52 PM »
This is the discussion thread for The Birds (1963). 

Post about anything that comes to mind about the film here.

YES! They protect the other animals from coyotes (we have a lot of coyotes around us out here -- you can sometimes hear a pack of them devouring some poor prey late at night).  One of the farm owners that I spoke with said the coyotes can distinguish the scent of their urine, and stay far away from the farm. Donkeys can be very aggressive.

While we're talking about burros, there are a lot of farms around where I live, and every farm has a donkey. Why? Can anyone guess? It might be too much for AKA in his current sleep-deprived state.


And now ... Go to bed!  :knuppel2:

Ahh yeah, she's got the bat out.

Fun game -- thanks everyone!

Nice!  Good job, AKA. 

It was worth staying up for -- now you're "It" next time.

I decided it was a Yes or No question, basically: Is it an animal you either see being ridden or would expect someone to have ridden?

Maybe as opposed to the wild animals in the opening credits sequence.


This is the time that not having a DVD/Blu Ray player at home is super frustrating, because right about now I'd be popping the DVD in and scrolling through the film trying to figure out which animal we're talking about here.

I've already done this. There are quite a few other living creatures in this film.

Sorry, it seemed like one question to me -- I guess I could have said is the animal capable of being ridden.

Anyway, bring it home -- you've got this.

AKA and I cross-posted, and were thinking along the same lines. We have to narrow this animal down somewhat.

AKA, how about we narrow it down a bit -- does this animal ever get ridden by anyone at anytime either in the movie, or can it be expected that someone would ever have ridden it whether we see it on screen or not?

It is the animal that drags Clint through the town so he can throw some dynamite? Or, is that in high plains drifter? Matt, help! :)

 ;D  What?  I missed that scene.

I don't mind snakes that are pets. But living in Florida, occasionally one would get in the house, and when you're not expecting to come across one, like when you're rummaging through a closet, and you happen upon one -- that's a whole other story. I had a friend live with me for a few months and she had a ball python for a pet. I liked it, but it was sad when she had to feed it live mice. That right there would make me not want one.

Matt, is the animal that Sara gives away for the small burro Clint's? If so, it can't be that, and I'm trying to narrow down our options.

I don't really know.  :-[


The Rattlesnake?  It plays an important role in the film.

"The Mule" from  Two Mules for Sister Sara:D

That would be too easy.

#10, No.

I thought since we are rusty, you were making it easy on us.

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