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Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re: Where did the poncho come from?
« on: June 29, 2020, 09:30:48 PM »
Thanks, j_holtslander! I wish I had the time to watch it (and to try to follow the Italian dialogue with the help of the subtitles). Is it any good?

That poncho, at least, is definitely brown, not green.

The Times finally got around to publishing an obit a couple of days ago:

It has some nice details about his collaboration with Clint:

... Mr. Niehaus wrote the score for “Tightrope,” a murder mystery set in New Orleans that Mr. Eastwood produced and starred in as a police officer.

Mr. Eastwood wanted the score at times to reflect the “cacophony of music” that burst from clubs on Bourbon Street. So he flew with Mr. Niehaus to New Orleans, where they walked along that historic French Quarter street.

“Listen, hear those snippets of music on the left and right sides of the street?” Mr. Niehaus recalled Mr. Eastwood saying when he was interviewed for the website JazzWax in 2009. “Can you get that effect in the score?”

Mr. Niehaus’s solution was to record eight different tunes in different styles by different musicians, then fade the tracks in and out in scenes where Mr. Eastwood’s character walked down Bourbon Street.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Who do you just not get ?
« on: June 11, 2020, 08:32:32 PM »
Perfect KC

What age Clint ?

Reacher isn't a kid. Early 40s?

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Who do you just not get ?
« on: June 11, 2020, 12:13:52 AM »
Who would you cast as Jack Reacher if you could have any actor past or present ?

I can see Robert Ryan maybe.. or William Smith

Past: A young Clint Eastwood.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Who do you just not get ?
« on: June 10, 2020, 10:33:47 PM »
(I fixed the formatting for you, AKA.)

Yeah, I guess when they were casting Unforgiven, Cruise would have been around 30 and probably could play several years younger. So if you were looking for a "name" for the Kid, his might have popped up.

It would so have contradicted one of the main themes of the film, though ... about how the "names" of the Old West were constantly coming up against the ghosts engendered by their own reputations. That's why you wanted "names" to play the parts of Munny, Little Bill and English Bob ... but not the Schofield Kid, who was really a no-name kid just setting out (so he believes) to make himself a "name."

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Who do you just not get ?
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:06:29 PM »
I don't think I've ever heard that some might have wanted Tom Cruise to be cast in Unforgiven.

Me either! Any idea where you heard this, Gant?

I've never gotten over the fact that he got to play Jack Reacher in two films. Can't imagine a character he was more totally unsuited for ... unless it would be any of the lead roles in Unforgiven. Maybe he could have played one of the deputies? Maybe Charlie Hecker, the one who runs away from the shootout at the end?

General Discussion / Re: An article about Clint Eastwood's career
« on: June 03, 2020, 10:53:44 AM »
Thank you, Hocine! Good analysis.

Eastwood News / Re: Happy 90th birthday Clint.....
« on: June 02, 2020, 10:59:39 AM »

That's very nice ... from Alison's Instagram. Thanks, honkytonkman.  8)

How sad, and just before Clint's own 90th birthday.

The Variety obit includes this lovely picture:

Has Clint ever looked happier?

R.I.P., Lenny Niehaus.

Eastwood News / Re: Happy 90th birthday Clint.....
« on: May 31, 2020, 08:33:02 PM »
Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood! Many thanks for all the pleasure you've given us in your amazing career, which now spans more than six decades! 8)

I heard a snippet of an interview with Scott Eastwood on the radio today. He said Clint has never been much for celebrating birthdays, so all the family was doing for him today was treating him to a nice lunch (whether or not it would be socially distanced, he didn't say). Besides being such a talented, prolific and amazingly multifaceted filmmaker, Clint has done a remarkable job of staying on close terms with his large extended family of children from several relationships.

I've tracked down the interview, and you can see it here:

Scott also talks about his new King Charles Spaniel named "Josey," and his upcoming movie The Outpost. There's a shot of Scott and Kathryn as kids sitting on their dad's lap, and (apropos of nothing in the interview) one of young Clint golfing shirtless. At the very end he answers a few "Father's Day" questions about his famous father, and does a few seconds of an impression. And he continues to look eerily like a young Clint from some angles, as we can see in some inserted shots.

Eastwood News / Re: R.I.P. Anthony James and Richard Herd
« on: May 29, 2020, 07:22:40 PM »
I knew James was in Drifter, but it's less of a standout part than Skinny, so I tend to forget it, too. But who can forget that face? (See above.)

I've changed the thread title to honor Richard Herd also. Here are links to a couple of English-language obits for him:

Richard Herd, a Baffled Boss on ‘Seinfeld,’ Is Dead at 87

Richard Herd, ‘Seinfeld’ Actor Who Played Mr. Wilhelm, Dies at 87

Those don't mention his role in The Mule, but this one, from the New York Daily News, does:

Actor Richard Herd, best known for recurring ‘Seinfeld’ role Mr. Wilhelm, dead at 87

R.I.P., Richard Herd.

Eastwood News / Re: R.I.P. Anthony James and Richard Herd
« on: May 28, 2020, 05:33:11 PM »
I can hear him saying, "Damaged property."

And, for our times:

Delilah, them tables ain't clean. Cantcha get 'em clean? Maybe if you'd cover up that face somebody might want to hump with ya and you wouldn't have to do all that cleaning. What do you call them things to cover up your face with?

A veil.

Yeah, a veil. Get a veil.

Not to forget ...

R.I.P., Anthony James.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: How's everyone holding up?
« on: May 24, 2020, 10:32:05 PM »
Just so you know ... in New York City almost nothing is open yet, though reopening may start in a couple of weeks. Governor Cuomo is allowing different parts of the state to open when they meet certain metrics, including having an adequate hospital capacity in case of a new surge, having adequate testing available and having enough contact tracers trained and ready to go. Several upstate regions have already hit the marks and are starting "Phase I" of the reopening. There are four phases. Through all of them officials have to keep a close watch on the metrics and be prepared to scale back in case of a greater-than-expected rise in the numbers. The reopening started on May 15, and apparently, so far, so good. But as I said, New York City isn't there yet.

AKA, that newly uncovered "syndrome that appears to be quite rare that is causing rashes that can happen in children" is a bit more alarming than that. It causes more than rashes ... several children have died, and others have been close to death. And we don't know that it's "quite rare," or if it's just that it's so newly recognized that few cases have come to light so far. At any rate, at its worst, it sounds like something no parent would want their child to go through even if it doesn't prove fatal; see this story for one teenager's experience:

I agree that it's important to get things restarted, if it can be done carefully and with adequate planning and with adequate care to make it as safe as possible. We can't go on indefinitely with so many people deprived of a livelihood. Trying very hard to avoid politics here, but it's been pointed out that some European countries, instead of sending a one-time "stimulus check" and then handing out vast amounts of loans that were supposed to help small business so they could hire workers back when this is over (but in reality often went to large corporations in, shall we say, less than dire need of the money) ... instead of that, I say, some countries simply paid employers to go on paying their workers, so they didn't get laid off, didn't have to file for unemployment, and ... I was going to say, didn't lose their health insurance in the midst of a pandemic, but of course most European workers don't have to worry about that anyway.

What AKA is proposing sounds a bit like the Swedish approach. Alone among western European countries, they never had a full shutdown. Instead, those in the most susceptible groups were told to stay at home as much as possible, while the young and healthy more or less went about business as usual, with some precautions in place. With the result that they had a per capita death rate of something like three times what it was in the neighboring Scandinavian countries.

There are problems with the "Swedish approach" even if it worked better. How do you suppose it feels to be in a group that needs to be "quarantining itself as much as possible" while others go about business as usual? By the way, that would include both the presumed candidates for President this year. It also might include more people than you'd think; one report says that risk for hospitalization in case of infection jumps up at age 51 (thus including my state's governor). Many people in this age group are productively working and represent an important part of the economy. And even if they do want to "quarantine themselves," they still need things like food and medicine. It's not always that easy to arrange for everything to be brought to your door (in this city, some people were experiencing weekslong waits when trying to arrange to have groceries delivered).

Just my thoughts on this mess, as of tonight.

I agree about the script. The music is very good, though!

General Discussion / Re: The Official MEMBER INTRODUCTIONS Thread
« on: May 20, 2020, 02:35:28 PM »
Benvenuto, Speer! 8)

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Music Media Progression
« on: May 18, 2020, 07:53:45 PM »
The original "Mini-Cooper" must be nearly a teenager by now, right, Jed/Brian? How time flies!

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Celebrity Obituary Thread
« on: May 11, 2020, 08:49:53 PM »
Surprised no one posted Roy Horn's obit here ... what with all the interest in Tiger King lately:

The magicians Siegfried Fischbacher, left, and Roy Horn at a benefit show in Las Vegas in 2001. Their long-running production was one of the most successful in Las Vegas history.Credit...Ethan Miller/Las Vegas Sun, via Reuters

Roy Horn, Who Dazzled Audiences as Half of Siegfried & Roy, Dies at 75

He and his partner mesmerized crowds for decades, using a stunning mix of magic, costumes and exotic animals. He died of complications of Covid-19.

Roy Horn, who levitated tigers, made elephants disappear, turned himself into a python and mesmerized Las Vegas audiences for decades as half of the famed illusionist team Siegfried & Roy, died on Friday in Las Vegas. He was 75.

The cause was complications of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, according to his publicist, Dave Kirvin. Mr. Horn, who lived in Las Vegas, tested positive for the virus last week and died at MountainView Hospital, Mr. Kirvin said.



 [email protected] I remembering seeing many years ago on tv in New York on channel 9. It's a routine movie. Eastwood actually gets third billing behind Scott Brady and Magia Dean and has a large role. Though he plays the typical young head stong character who dislikes Brady and gets beat up too by Brady end learns his lesson in the end.....hah... . You figure Eastwood must had been about 26 or 27 when he did this movie.

Eastwood would have been 27 when it was filmed. It was released in February 1958, a few months before he turned 28.

Trivia Games / Re: Clint Eastwood quotes for "the situation"
« on: May 03, 2020, 11:27:31 AM »
From Unforgiven:

What do you call them things you cover up your face with?

A veil.

Yeah, a veil. Get a veil.

Movie Night / Re: The Gauntlet Movie Night, Saturday May 2, 2020
« on: May 02, 2020, 03:33:59 PM »
Just get lost???  :D

Ha, good guess! Roughly, "Here we go!" Only with a bit more emphasis on the "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!" undertone.

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