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Eastwood News / Whatís next for Clint ?
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:04:19 PM »
Hello everybody,

Do you have some news about Clintís next project ?

Cinematographer Yves Bťlanger said that Clint could start shooting a new picture next spring.

But he didnít mention any particular project.

When The Mule was released in France on January 23, I have read many reviews of the film, which were mostly


A couple of them (for instance, Le Journal du Dimanche, which can be translated as The Sunday) mentioned that Clintís

next film might be Impossible Odds. At this point, itís still a rumor.

What do you think about that ? Do you want Clint to make Impossible Odds ?

Newsweek ranked Clint Eastwood movies from worst to best:

What do you think about it ?

Could you tell us whatís your ten favourite Clint Eastwood movies, as a director and as an actor.

You may have answered to this question several times.

But I thought that two weeks before the US release date of The Mule, it would be interesting to update it.

Lalo Schifrin is among the most important music composer in Clint Eastwood career.
He did the music for Coogan's Bluff, Kelly's Heroes, The Beguiled, Dirty Harry, Joe Kidd, Magnum Force, Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool. He was honored at Governors Awards on Sunday, November 18 2018.
I wanted to share these videos. Clint and Lalo were very funny together.

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