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I have always liked to think that some of Eastwood's western characters are connected. Maybe it's a possibility, but here's the way I like to think of it.
The man with no name travelled around, having adventures etc. as was shown in Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy.
He then found a girl, fell in love and so on, settled down, and revealed his real name, but was still a vicious and vengeful man underneath his calm, farmer's exterior.
His family was killed by Union soldiers near the end of the Civil War, so he became a vengeful and vicious outlaw once again, in the Outlaw Josey Wales.
When his adventures in The outlaw josey wales ended, he got married to Sondra Locke's character (who he gets together with in the movie) and lived with her in Wyoming and had two kids. Since Josey Wales made a lot of enemies in his past, it would have been wise for him to go by a different name to protect himself and his family. So he changed his name to Will Munny. Although Josey Wales was gone, his reputation still existed. Will Munny became an unsuccessful farmer, his wife died from TB or whatever, and then everything that happened in Unforgiven took place.
Do you understand me?
What do you think, could they be the same person?

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