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Clint Eastwood Westerns / For a few dollars more question
« on: February 11, 2005, 10:52:54 PM »
Okay, so I am watching for a few dollars more and I couldn't help but notice Indio.

Beyond the fact that he's a psychopathic killer with very little concious, but of course that's obvious.

What I was thinking is a little more indepth and probably pretty much no way of knowing if its true or not.

My theory is this (and probably outragous but work with me.)
Indio could have a STD - my guess, syphilis.
Untreated the second stage includes fever, headache, fatigue etc.  Left untreated this could effect his nervous system and cause mental illness (perhaps attributing to Indio's psychopathology.)

I always attributed Indio's flash backs to the rape of Mortimer's sister, and her suicide to be a real event.  The idea also occured to me that it probably wasn't the first time he had his way with an innocent, or a women of "loose morals."

I hope this all makes sense the way I have writen it.  I am sure it's just a crazy idea but I thought it was fun.
Any suggestions?

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