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When I first saw Unforgiven, the part where Munny killed the sherrif's deputy's made me think. I thought about what Beauchamp said, "When confronted by superior numbers the first guy you shoot should be the best shot. What I mean is this. If you were Munny, who would you shoot first? Here's my thoughts.

1. Little Bill. He's the best guy there besides me.

2. Charlie. I think he's the one with the double barreled shotgun. Shotguns, especially the double barrel ones, are DEADLY up close. You just have to fire in the general vicinity of the guy to hit him. At the very least some of the shot would hit him.

3. Clyde. He's only got one arm so he must have had some experience in gun fights.

4. Andy. He's young so he'd not be so experienced but he'd have good reflexes.

5. Fatty. Hard to miss.

Your thoughts?   

It's pretty good. I just have a question. The first bounty hunters to try to get Wales*, call out to a 3'D guy on a horse to come on up yet nothing happens. What's with that?

*"Shut up Lige."

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Help with unforgiven
« on: June 15, 2005, 11:39:33 AM »
I'm considering buying a nice little handgun & was wondering, what type of gun Clint used on Little Bill & the deputy's? I need something accurate & decent for a beginner. Thanks.

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