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Eastwood News / Clint Eastwood: Western Icon Collection in May
« on: January 30, 2007, 01:59:14 PM »
From DVD Times,

Universal Studios Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of Clint Eastwood: Western Icon Collection for 1st May 2007 priced at $19.98 SRP. This franchise collection from Universal includes three previously released Clint Eastwood westerns: High Plains Drifter, Joe Kidd and Two Mules for Sister Sara.

Spread across two discs (1xDVD9, 1xDVD5) the films are all presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with English and French DD2.0 Mono audio and English SDH subtitles. The only extras are the original trailers for all three films.

Eastwood News / Movie Icons - New Clint Eastwood Photo Book
« on: October 22, 2006, 09:26:10 AM »
Hi all, just found details for a new book due in November published by Taschen called Eastwood: Movie Icons (ISBN: 3822820040).

The book looks very nice and is 192 pages packed with photos.
It's available at a bargain price, 4.99 HMV, 5.37 amazon.
I'll be snapping this one up.


Having starred in 44 films and directed 27, Clint Eastwood is a living legend. This book traces the evolution of his star persona from the mysterious gunslingers he played in such Westerns as the "Dollars Trilogy", "High Plains Drifter", "Pale Rider", and "Unforgiven", to the rogue cops and other troubled macho heroes he brought to life in the "Dirty Harry" films, "The Gauntlet", "Tightrope", "Heartbreak Ridge", and "In the Line of Fire". Along the way, Eastwood has also surprised his fans by taking uncharacteristic roles in comedies ("Every Which Way But Loose"), adventure films ("White Hunter, Black Heart"), and romantic movies ("The Bridges of Madison County"). In addition, no book on Eastwood would be complete without a look at some of the most acclaimed films he has directed, including "Bird", "Mystic River", "Million Dollar Baby", and "Flags of Our Fathers". "The Hollywood Icon" series: People talk about Hollywood glamour, about studios that had more stars than there are in heaven, about actors who weren't actors but were icons. Other people talk about these things, Taschen shows you. "Hollywood Icons" is a series of photo books that feature the most famous movie icons in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars. For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstaking selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and lobby cards, rare film stills, and previously unpublished candid photos showing the stars as they really are. These images are accompanied by concise introductory essays by leading film writers; each book also includes a chronology, a filmography, and a bibliography, and is peppered with apposite quotes from the movies and from life.

Off-Topic Discussion / Don't Buy From DVD Soon
« on: July 28, 2006, 01:18:29 PM »
Hi all, just thought I should warn you guys not to buy from

Check this link below to find out more.

I have already been stung by these crooks (about 80 UK pounds) when I purchased from their site back in May.

Don't be tempted to buy any Eastwood DVDs (or any DVDS) from these guys, they take your money and never send the goods, and they never reply to emails.

If anyone else here have had any bad experiences from this company, I'd like to hear about it.


Love her or hate her.
There must be at least one Eastwood film in which you thought Sondra Locke was pretty good in it.

For me it's The Gauntlet. Not just my favourite with Sondra Locke but also probably my most favourite of all Eastwood films.
It certainly gives me the most enjoyment with regular repeated viewings.

So what's your favourite of the six movies Clint and Sondra Locke appeared in together? :)

According to these two movies are due out as a double pack on 3rd October.

I guess "Any Which Way" will be the cut version. It doesn't seem to have been re-submitted at the BBFC yet, they are still listing the movie with 45 seconds of cuts.

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