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Theodore 'Sonny' Rollins: a small clip at the Monterey Jazz Festival on the main page
Maybe is this a wider project titled <Wit and Wisdom of Sonny Rollins & Clint Eastwood>?...

General Discussion / Mystic River: why 'Mystic'?
« on: April 04, 2006, 07:20:22 AM »
Hi Everybody!
Last night I had the chance to see this movie on digital TSR1 (Television de Suisse Romande)... and now I'm feeling depressed; its message seems to be: in the real life the victims and the weaks have no redemption, and justice will not prevail. The actors are quite good, as it's the directing, cinematography, etc. I mean, technically I appreciate this movie, but the story is not at all convincing... And I'm not thinking about the script!
OK, maybe now and then you should be allowed to express disillusion and depressing thoughts, expecially with an age after so many experiences, but... what about the intelligence of appreciating the beauty of the rose flower, avoiding to get cought in its thorns?

All the Best!

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