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General Discussion / My Review/In the LINE of FIRE
« on: April 02, 2006, 07:48:28 PM »
I just watched in the LINE of FIRE!
For the first time.
I found Clint's performance in this movie simply outstanding.
I would consider this one of Clint's better performances.
Almost a tad like Dirty Harry type cop only this guy is a Secret service agent.
Clint plays the part well and blended in perfect with the cast and other actors.
John Malkovich & Rene Russo both where also outstanding as well as Clint.
I think Clint fit the charactor very well.
However this is the most serious I have ever seen Clint.
However keep in mind there are many more Clint movies I have not watched yet so its hard to compare.
For certain this is a differant type of movie than any of the Western movies with Clint Eastwood.
I have added this DVD to my collection of Eastwood movies.
Its nice to watch a movie and not be able to guess whats going to happen :-)

General Discussion / My Review/Every Which Way But Loose!
« on: March 27, 2006, 01:30:29 AM »
I decided to post my own review of Every Which Way But Loose! Staring Clint Eastwood! 1978.
I like the way the story began as it gives you a look of the city Philo is traveling threw as he finishes a busy day on the job as a truck driver.
I found myself engulfed in the story from the first few seconds and did not feel as thou the story dragged at all.
I enjoyed the first scene as Philo met up with the bikers for the first time.
I found myself laughing out loud as the story progressed.
I found the singing scenes where good but cant say Sondra sang that well.
But it blended into the story.
Clyde for sure is a heart breaker lol
Clyde seemed to be enjoying himself making this movie as much as the actors seemed to be enjoying Clyde.
I don't think I had ever seen a movie with a Arang a tang as a side kick before lol.
And Grandma could not have possibly made a better performace than she did in this movie.
And then there where the scenes with Clint's friend Orville Boggs who rides along with Clint.
What a funny guy lol I really enjoyed this movie and Clint's performace is awesome.
I cant understand why Warner Bros had any hesitation of the release of this Movie?
I rate this Movie with ten stars for best actor performance.
I now look forward to buying a copy of Any Which way you can!
And I will also look forward to writing another review when I watch it :-)
Keep up the great work Clint.
I think another sequel to This movie is long over due and would be welcome by fans world wide.
And I cant think of anyone better to play the part of Philo than Clint Eastwood himself.

General Discussion / Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: March 24, 2006, 10:48:48 PM »
:D Today I went shopping for Clint Eastwood movies and found some true gems  ;D
First I searched Walmarts and bought two of Clint's older westurns A Fist Full Of Dollars & Hang Em High!
On sale at Walmarts for 7.50 US each.
I also bought In the line of fire also found at Walmarts for 7.50 US
Then I visited Blockbuster Video and got very lucky.
They had just received a Clint East wood DVD Every Which way but loose! Yaaaaaaaaaaa!! That cost a bit more but was worth it  8)
Now for the big question.
What movie do you all think I should watch first?

General Discussion / Biography of Clint Eastwood (link)
« on: March 19, 2006, 10:16:06 AM »
O0 I found this link on a google search engine!
It is a site with the text of the Biography of Clint Eastwood.
I found this a very informative read!
I think other members here will enjoy it.

There are a few differant Clint Eastwood Biography text followed by others from differant authors such as

a mini Biography by.
IMDb mini-biography by
Scott- [email protected]

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