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Any remake of any Clint Eastwood movie is sacrilege. There is nobody on this planet who can play Clint Eastwood in a movie, they can try, but they will fail. Just like Tommy Lee Jones in "In the Electric Mist" or "No Country for Old Men", WHO can play those characters? Nobody. Hollywood is FUBAR.

Proud to see Clint Eastwood using the people who actually did the heroic deed. I am positive that he will produce a great movie and will help in some way to reward these brave men for their actions. Bravery being, you are scared $#!tless but you do what needs to be done anyway. If any body can make a great movie out of this, it will be Mr. Eastwood! The hell with the critics and the naysayers. This movie needs to be out there so people can see what actually occurs in a SHTF scenario like a terrorist attack. Maybe they will re-think their preconceived notions. Not everybody has the gumption and wits about themselves to actually do something and succeed. We need more citizens who actually do something and fight back, rather than just stand there with their mouth open and their eyes bugging out.

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« on: July 12, 2017, 07:20:27 AM »
Hey folks, I just wanted to tell Clint Eastwood how much I admired him and his work. I`m 63 and when I was in High School, there were 3 drive-ins around my home. We especially liked it when they showed the three Sergio Leone movies on the weekend specials. How many time I saw them? Uncountable.
I know it is nearly impossible to personally contact him, but this forum will have to do. Even at 63 yrs old, Clint is still one of my mentors in life situations. His body of work and his personal life helped shape my life in a very positive manner. So, "Do ya feel Lucky"? Yeah, I do.

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