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Questions & Answers / Re: Layer definition
« on: January 22, 2023, 10:02:33 AM »
In these translations, they often don't translate word-for-word, so I don't know if any of us would be able to tell unless we had seen the film in Italian. Going by the description, it sounds like it could be one of the Dirty Harry movies. I can't be sure which, but maybe somebody else can.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Favorite Current TV Shows
« on: January 16, 2023, 10:35:40 AM »
The first episode of HBO's The Last of Us looks promising. Think No Country For Old Men meets Chernobyl. With zombies. There's even a Clint Eastwood reference, so consider me sold.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Celebrity Obituary Thread
« on: January 01, 2023, 02:32:33 PM »
I remember there used to be a longer video of her talking to Clint, up on YouTube, but I cannot find it right now. I remember they were talking somewhere in the mountains near Carmel, and Eastwood mentioned how a walk in those regions helped him calm down.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Celebrity Obituary Thread
« on: December 31, 2022, 05:33:12 AM »
Barbara Walters has passed away at 93. Here's a small portion of her interview with Clint from 1992:

Eastwood News / Re: RIP James Murakami
« on: December 26, 2022, 01:56:56 PM »
What a grand list of films to have your name imprinted on them for eternity. Changeling especially always struck me as such a visually pleasing movie - cinematography was one part of that, but the production design another. It's not easy to create such a compelling period piece. May he rest in peace.

Happy birthday, Christopher!

Collectors' Corner / Re: Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection by Sideshow
« on: November 29, 2022, 02:39:46 AM »
There is also now a video of the Sideshow people talking about the process of making these figures, as well as of Clint's visit. He says he still owns that poncho. And he apparently was very interested in the work of these people.

Watch here:

Collectors' Corner / Clint Eastwood Legacy Collection by Sideshow
« on: November 16, 2022, 11:37:58 AM »
I'm not that into collecting memorabilia, so I'm not surprised this information had been escaping me until now, but the company Sideshow is now selling Clint Eastwood sixth scale figures, including The Man With No Name, Dirty Harry and The Preacher from Pale Rider. Apparently they are of pretty good quality and Clint even visited them recently.

Clint's visit:


Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 14, 2022, 04:45:18 AM »
There's another man on Twitter now named Claudio who possibly found the real Suzanne:

He found her on that Booking Agent website as the publicist for Clint Eastwood. Her actual Twitter is supposed to be @FritzSuzanne - from what it looks like, it's genuine. There are some retweets, not just of official Clint Eastwood-related material, but other celebrities as well. I don't think she is the woman from the photos that the "Malpaso" accounts have released. Claudio wrote to her publicly, and is currently waiting for an answer (she doesn't seem to be very active, though). This Elizabeth account that accused Mike of harassment on bizarre reasons responded to Claudio as well with similar accusations - this time, of "abuse". There's also another account, called simply CLINT EASTWOOD FANS that writes in a similar manner towards Claudio. Both are constantly getting flagged as "offensive content".

What's curious, it looks like the Clint Eastwood Forever account - a fan Twitter account that seemed to be on good terms with "Malpaso" accounts - wrote to both Mike and Claudio publicly on Twitter, with the same message, asking them to message them to address their concerns about fake Clint Eastwood accounts. Neither Mike or Claudio have responded.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 13, 2022, 06:06:40 AM »
Looks like Mike wrote to Stephen Campanelli for verification. He hasn't responded, but there's another account called Elizabeth James now accusing Mike of harassment (which I guess they say Mike committed by asking them politely for proof that they are not impersonating Clint Eastwood or people that work for him - I saw his tweets and he was very respectful) and asking people to report him. Mike also says the alleged Malpaso accounts have blocked him after sending the tweet at Campanelli.

I have to say, these accounts are not doing themselves a favor behaving like this.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 11, 2022, 01:04:25 PM »
This whole conversation between this guy Mike and Suzanne and Jenny is something else. It starts here but it branches out to other topics. Just look which of these posts have replies:

Long story short, Mike makes all the points that we have made here.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 10, 2022, 04:24:18 PM »
Is there any way we as fans could deal with this fake account? I'm sure reporting it to Twitter is one, but is there anybody we can inform from Clint's actual environment that would be interested in this? Actual Suzanne, maybe? Standard fake accounts are usually small potatoes that I'm not sure they'd even want to deal with, but here it goes somewhat deeper - very rare photos and recordings of not just Clint but the actual woman in the photos (whether her name is Suzanne or not).

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 09, 2022, 04:16:55 PM »
Well, at least we know Clint's still playing golf. Wherever those videos came from. And I suppose it made some people happy they talked to Clint Eastwood himself.

Either way, that account works as a source of information and rare material. Whoever's behind it, they get their Eastwood info straight. More or less.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 09, 2022, 06:29:10 AM »
And now they've changed their handle to @ClintOfficial30. I suppose 30 stands for 1930, Clint's year of birth.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 09, 2022, 05:49:59 AM »
That whole statement by "Clint" is just strange in my opinion.

Now, the account is being transformed from a private Malpaso account to a public Clint Eastwood account. Suzanne says it will revolve around Clint and not Malpaso (or something, I don't think I quite understand what she means). She hopes Clint will still be a part of it. She hopes? Didn't she get clearance from him to do this?

She doesn't want to upload a picture or a short video of Clint confirming the account's authenticity, because Clint is "private" and "wouldn't allow himself to be filmed". Unless it's him playing golf I guess, which she uploads regularly. Asked why she doesn't film herself (since Suzanne is in all those pictures with Eastwood), she says she would have to get it approved by Clint. The account going public theoretically allows the blue tick procedure (the official Twitter verification), but apparently it would also need a website, which Malpaso doesn't currently have. I imagine that's gonna be an excuse.

Well, this thing is only getting more interesting.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 08, 2022, 10:13:39 AM »
The account has changed its handle to @ClintOfficial_. It's not known as @sue_filmMalpaso anymore.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 08, 2022, 09:52:01 AM »
I don't think they've released any information that wasn't already somewhere on the Internet to be found. Maybe something to do with these documentaries that Clint has been involved in recently, but I don't know the exact timelines. Could be dismissed as "they didn't have anything new to release" I guess. Same with none of his actual children endorsing the page - "they're all adults with their own lives, they don't even have to know their father even is on Twitter now".

They have released photos and videos, however, that I haven't found anywhere else, including those of Malpaso's front door decorated for Halloween, and of Clint playing golf and feeding geese. There's also that picture of him, which Suzanne calls a selfie, that she supposedly took at a recent gala, that honkytonkman mentioned. If anyone could find that picture somewhere else - say, the Instagram page of somebody who was at the party who took it - that would pretty much solve the case. 

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 08, 2022, 01:29:18 AM »
Thank you for your investigation, honkytonkman. That gala photo is sure striking - maybe it's taken from somebody's Instagram (after all, there were other people attending), but even then, what about those recordings of Clint playing golf and feeding geese?

Meanwhile, the Q&A took place and "Clint" answered new questions. They mostly follow the same playbook - keep working hard, do what you think is best, you know the deal. Some of the answers that I found somewhat surprising include:

1) "Clint" says they first met Lee Van Cleef in Universal in the 1950s, when they were both contract players there. Was Van Cleef ever a contract player at Universal?
2) "Clint" says his favorite director is Steven Spielberg. Really? I was expecting John Ford, or Howard Hawks. Maybe he understood it as living director.
3) "Clint" says he thinks the inspiration for Leo DiCaprio's character in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was Steve McQueen, not him. I guess it's not that far off to assume he has seen the film, but still - we rarely see him talk about recent pictures that are not his own.
4) Asked why he never wrote a script, "Clint" says he had great script writers (a standard Clint answer), but that he did rewrite some of them. Now that's something I did not expect. Did he mean he had somebody rewrite them? That's still somewhat strange.

Either way, unless we see Suzanne upload a picture or a recording of Clint in which he acknowledges the account, I don't think we are ever going to confirm its authenticity. Maybe if one of his relatives with social media presence sees it, they might also be able to say who's right. Then again, why haven't they endorsed the account already?

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 06, 2022, 11:36:47 PM »
Yes, Christopher, Twitter does have check marks for verified accounts (commonly called blue ticks) - however, in one of the posters sue_filmMalpaso have released, it states that they have to have a website and not be a private account. They do not have a website and really want to remain a private account (since Clint is a "private person" or something, they say). Well, at least they're not dodging the question. And yeah, I don't suspect Clint, who has never sent an e-mail in his life, to suddenly start a Twitter account, let alone run it by himself. As far as I know, this used to be strictly Suzanne's account that they then decided to transform into an official Malpaso account.

As to why, I have no idea. Could it be that it was what one of his people came up with and he just went along? Trying to boost popularity before the next film, especially with how Cry Macho turned out? I don't know.

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: October 06, 2022, 02:37:33 PM »
I agree. This is truly one of the most bizarre things I've seen on Twitter.

Now I see that Clint's supposed niece Jenny also has an account on the platform, followed by and following sue_filmMalpaso. On one of her screenshots, it says 17:12, which - assuming it was uploaded shortly after being taken - would suggest she's in the UTC+0 time zone. Now that whole Jenny account is a red flag, but she has also uploaded unique photos of not just Clint, but the entire Eastwood family - I checked and most of these can be found on the Internet, but that's still pretty rare for somebody to find.  People are sharing various posters and videos promoting the account - and by "people" I mean regular fans, who don't seem to be affiliated with Sue at all.

So many questions remain: if this is a scam, what is it scamming for? If it was just for the follows (as many of those fake accounts are), why would they keep the account private? If it was just to fool some people, why take so much effort? Where do all these photos come from?

I don't know. At least it keeps us talking.

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