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Eastwood News / Re: Re: Eastwood in the press (minor mentions)
« on: April 13, 2013, 04:22:15 PM »
....hopefully Jessica Walters character doesn't come with the views...

General Discussion / Re: WAS 2012 A HORRIBLE YEAR FOR EASTWOOD?
« on: December 29, 2012, 05:07:59 PM »
I suppose it was for a number of reasons such us:
3.His daughter burned a 100k$ bug

That's some bug.

The Dirty Harry Films / Re: Magnum Force Raw Footage
« on: November 05, 2012, 09:12:17 PM »
I`m pretty sure the footage gwb, pt deux mentioned is a eight minute promo piece entitled Hero Cop: Yesterday and Today. This is available on the special edition DVD.

That's probably where I saw it - unfortunately not able to check and confirm because I am not able to view DVD's right now....

The Dirty Harry Films / Re: Magnum Force Raw Footage
« on: November 04, 2012, 11:45:26 AM »
I remember seeing behind the scenes footage of Magnum Force, with sound, that showed this grocery store shot & included the scene where he chased down one of the 'perps' between aisles & shot him.... this small clip may have been part of that.

I just saw it - I am almost 50 & I think I was the 2nd youngest in the very full theater for a Monday afternoon.  One other 'youngster', & the rest were all of retirement age.  While I enjoyed it very much, it was predictable & it did drag a bit in some instances.  That said, it was great to see him on screen again.  The scene Clint had with his real-life son near the beginning... I forgot he was in it & I was like, man, that kid looks familiar!

And it would have been funny if at the end, when the daughter was kissing Timberlake, Eastwood made the sounds young kids make when seeing old people kiss, "Eww, that's disgusting", and made hurling noises or something.

...I’ve been a fan of Clint Eastwood’s films for a little over 30 years.  Coming across the Leone westerns and Dirty Harry movies on television over the winter of ‘81/’82 ...

What's depressing about this post is that realizing 1981/2 was 30 yrs ago already...

Here's a very short featurette with interviews with Eastwood, Timberlake, and Goodman.

Some idiot wrote a 'spoiler' in the very 1st comment.  Not sure if it is true, but don't read comments if you click on this..

You just KNOW the Dems will have Bill Hader from SNL doing his Eastwood imitation at their convention this week....

Given Clints record of ....surrounding himself with fantastic co performers ...

I have no problem with Timberlake, but considering the kid who played Thoa in Gran Torino, I have to question that statement!

General Discussion / Re: CLINT PICS!
« on: August 26, 2012, 05:17:58 PM »
That is Scott... pic from this interview:

Ok... most here are using the term "fun" if Clint did such a thing.  I would call it sad instead.  Just seeing Schwarzenegger act the way he does and says his lines in the trailer make me cringe.  Doing tongue-in-cheek impersonations of your previous action characters is not funny.... maybe in a Sat Night Live skit, but not in a mainstream movie.  I can just see Clint mimick "Do you feel Lucky" at 82 yrs old. 

...As for Clint doing cameos, in this or any other film, I wouldn't really want to see that. I'd be interested in seeing Clint in a solid supporting role, but for me, Clint has such an enigmatic screen presence that I would feel let down if I only saw him for a few minutes, and if his character didn't really have much to do. I wouldn't really want to see Eastwood parodying his old roles either.

I think Eastwood did a fine cameo parodying is old roles in 'Casper'....

It would be fun... can you imagine??  You KNOW they would want him in a scene where he pulls out a .44...

Theatrical Trailer for Trouble With the Curve on youtube which is usually faster to upload in my opinion.


General Discussion / Re: Was "City Heat" a missed opportunity?
« on: August 08, 2012, 03:19:43 PM »
If they had taken out all the 'satire' parts & attempts at comedy, I think it would have made a good crime drama, or melodrama, or whatever you call it.  Just play it straight drama & it would have been much better.

I think this show is over now. Is that right? If so, I'd be interested in hearing more from those who saw the show about the aspects that had to do with Clint. In particular, I was  wondering if they ever showed how Overtone crashed his car, and what his reaction to that was. I'd also be interested in hearing about anything that he said, or if the rest of the family expressed what his views were on everything that was going on. So, did anybody watch the whole show, or at least the parts that had to do with Clint? What can you tell us?

I have watched all the episodes.  The intent, if I recall, was to publicize the Band & Dina E's efforts as a manager.  The Band was certainly a big part, but not the biggest part.  The biggest part was Dina & her two daughters, and their housekeeper.  Their home in Carmel was shown often, but mainly just a couple of parts of it.  Their live animal collection also made several cameos, as did their house in Hawaii.  The show started with her trying to get the Band publicity & ended up with the Band being signed up with an established 'boy-band' manager & moving to CA, & leaving Dina E & the Eastwood family.  Soooo, not sure if what was shown of the band would make someone buy their music, but I guess we'll see.  There was a lot of personal drama amongst the bandmates, even one of them cutting himself.  The incident of the Band crashing his car was never shown or mentioned.

Eastwood himself made appearances in the 1st 3 episodes - cameo at a dinner at the Mission Ranch place, where they talked about being Libertarian & not caring about gay marriage, to being on the phone having a good time listening to his 'girls', to attending a wedding with his wife for one of the band members weddings.  After the 1st 3 episodes, he only is referenced - he was referenced as working on his latest film (Trouble With the Curve).

Dina comes across as VERY outgoing & unreserved & welcoming - she doesn't care, & encourages, people to come up to Clint to get autographs.  She even walks into a Carmel store, sees a framed poster on one of the walls of the store, & says, 'Ohhhh, you want me to take it & get it signed?"  The whole town probably knows them, of course.  Clint is reserved & quiet in his appearances, but got a few good zingers at the wedding show.  

The show also had regular appearances of the two daughters, one with Dina, of course, & the one with F Fischer.  BOTH daughters pretty witty, fun to be around & seem well adjusted, and all 3 seem to have a good relationship.  Also appearing is the photog boyfriend of Frannie F, who acts a little too young, and the brother of Dina.  Rounding out the cast is the housekeeper.

The singing by the band was not often, weird if you are trying to get the word out, and the singing is along the likes of Bobby Ferrin - voices and only an instrument now & then.

All in all, it was, for this HUGE Clint fan, fun to watch for ONE season.  Doesn't need to have another.  It was cool to see Eastwood in a normal family environment, his house in Carmel & his house in Hawaii.  I would be nice to see more of Clint, of course, but this was not the intent.  Being a helo pilot myself, I found his interview he did with CBS some time back about flying & showing him actually flying his helo more interesting than this show, but for what the show was, I enjoyed it.  It did not show any part of the family in any bad light, I don't think, & did not harm Clint's rep at all - I know some were concerned about that.


I couldn't have said it better myself. I am, quite frankly, shocked and appalled. I think I'll refrain from commenting any further on this for now, since what I would have to say would not be complimentary.

I saw the show, & there was no indication that she bought the purse.  In fact, it seemed like her boyfriend was the one that bought it.  And I am sure that they have donated not only time but more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetimes, to charity.

This show premiered on Sunday and nobody has posted anything about it. That can't be a good thing.  ;)

I saw it; I enjoyed it for what it was.  Don't think it puts Eastwood or his family in a negative light.  In fact, it makes me want to become a regular at the Mission Ranch restaurant after seeing him make the rounds saying HI to the guests at dinner...

Questions & Answers / Re: What's does Clint's house look like?
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:03:42 PM »
As for Clint's house, I heard when I was in Carmel from someone who used to work for him that he is building a big house. I believe it's currently being constructed on the Tehama golf lot. It's supposed to be huge, and very expensive. I wonder why Clint at 82 would want to undertake this kind of project, but I suspect it's probably for his wife and kids to enjoy after he's gone. If anyone knows any more about this, feel free to post more details. As for his current house, people in Carmel told me where it was, but I didn't feel it was appropriate to be a voyeur at his private residence, so I never went there. 

It is huge:
From some of the scenes from that new reality show with his wife, it looked like some of the scenes may have been filmed there (inside the courtyard, etc..)

General Discussion / Re: George kennedy
« on: March 25, 2012, 01:31:28 PM »
For those wanting to see him now, here is a recent commercial he just appeared in:

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