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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 2022 Movie Discussion
« on: January 15, 2023, 03:38:55 PM »
I only saw 25 movies in 2022. I don't think I've ever seen fewer movies before during a given year. There just seems to be far fewer movies that I'm interested in really watching these days. I find that I get more enjoyment for a longer period of time from streaming TV series.

My movie theater attendance has also really dropped off the past couple of years. I used to see movies frequently in theaters and really enjoy it, but I find that I've grown more accustomed to watching films at home now, due to COVID, and at least when it comes to new releases, it's hard for me to really feel passionate about seeing very many films anymore. Movie quality, to me, seems to have declined over the past few years. Unless a movie has amazing special effects, or a really compelling reason for me to see it in theaters, I'm just not doing it anymore. I only saw two movies last year in theaters.

How does everyone else feel about the quality of movies these days, and have you also found that you are seeing fewer films in theaters than you usually do? Is that due to COVID, a lack of interest, or a combination of the two? Or, is this not true for you? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

My movie watching overall has dramatically reduced since I got married. If you look at my movie journals through the years I watched plenty each year but since 2014, it has plummeted.

It's a combination of not having the time as I did when I was single. Also over the past couple of years, even with covid hanging around, there just hasn't been much I wanted to rush to the cinema to see. I think I only saw two films at the cinema last year. I went yesterday, so hopefully there's more things I want to see this year.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 2023 Movie Journals
« on: January 01, 2023, 10:53:53 PM »



JANUARY1  +  2  +  14  )

07: The Rainmaker (1997) ***
08: To Sir With Love (1967) ***
08: The Deep End Of The Ocean (1999) ***
15: A Man Called Otto (2022) ****

FEBRUARY0  +  1  +  12  )

03:What's Love Got To Do With It (2022) ****
04: A Call To Spy (2019) ****

Off-Topic Discussion / 2023 Movie Discussion
« on: January 01, 2023, 10:47:26 PM »
It may be a little while until we see a 2023 release but this is the thread for discussion of the films released this year. Anyone have any upcoming films that they're really looking forward to?

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Goodby from Elizabeth77
« on: August 13, 2022, 09:20:18 PM »
I can?t believe it?s been five years today since Raewyn passed away.   :'( :'(

Eastwood News / Unforgiven?s Lost Ending
« on: August 04, 2022, 08:24:47 PM »
Unforgiven?s Lost Ending

This was a great article. 8)

I think that his next project will be his last. :(

General Discussion / Happy birthday Clint!!
« on: May 30, 2022, 05:07:28 PM »
Happy birthday Legend. 8) 8)

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Favorite Current TV Shows
« on: May 30, 2022, 05:05:46 PM »
Enjoying Only Murders in the Building.. lightweight but fun.. good cast.

Season 2 coming at the end of June. 8)

I can understand Warner Bros. taking this action. If you're not making money for the studio, they're not going to keep you on. No matter how long you've been with them. There's no loyalty in big business unfortunately.

Clint's had a good run but nothing lasts forever. :(

Besides I'm sure there are other studios out there ready to jump at the chance if Warners aren't interested.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Hi
« on: April 02, 2022, 04:38:48 AM »
Well, hello there. :)

Welcome back old friend. 8)

That?s weird. I can see it between ?notify? and ?new poll? . Like always.
Any one else not seeing new topic?

Eastwood News / Re: Clint Eastwood’s next project
« on: March 20, 2022, 08:17:19 PM »
Here we are in mid-March with no new project announced so it looks like nothing for 2022.

Clint typically takes less than six weeks to shoot a film. It could be June before he announcing another project and it still could be release it before 2023. 8)

Eastwood News / Mitchell Ryan R.I.P
« on: March 15, 2022, 01:15:06 AM »

Nope, just Clint?s.

I have seen the other films years ago. Every Saturday after the football season was over when I was a kid, one of the channels would play all the Abbott and Costello, Marx Brothers, Ma and Pa Kettle and Francis the talking mule movies.

I bought a similar DVD box set a few years ago just for the one film. My box set only has 6 movies, I think it?s has all the sequels not the original film.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Favorite Current TV Shows
« on: February 15, 2022, 02:26:04 PM »
Did anyone else get a Clint Eastwood vibe from the character Cad Bane from The Book of Boba Fett?

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Thank you,


Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 2022 Movie Journals
« on: January 01, 2022, 03:37:07 PM »
Disney + /  Netflix / Stan / Paramount +



JANUARY  (  0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

FEBRUARY  (  0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

MARCH  (  0  +  0  +  1  =  1  )

19:Belfast (2021) *****

APRIL  (  0  +  1  +  0  =  1  )

16:Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) ****

MAY  (  2  +  0  +  0  =  2  )

23: Star Wars Episode 3; Revenge Of The Sith (2005) ****
27: Belfast (2021) *****

JUNE  (  0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

JULY  (  1  +  3  +  1  =  5  )

01: Top Gun (1986) ***
02: Jerry And Marge Go Large (2022) ****
16: Death On The Nile (2022) ***
29: The Grey Man (2022) ***
30: Top Gun: Maverick (2022) ***

AUGUST 0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

SEPTEMBER 0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

OCTOBER 0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

NOVEMBER 0  +  0  +  0  =  0  )

DECEMBER 2  +  0  +  0  =  2  )

26: It's A Wonderful Life (1946) *****
31: It's A Wonderful Life (1946) *****

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