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It doesn't really surprise me that this appears to not be doing well at the box office. Eastwood's RNC performance probably alienated some people, and likely didn't help, but I think there's something larger at work here. Time will tell how this will be received, but I think the film Eastwood and Lorenz made is very different than what moviegoers might be expecting to see. This is not really a sports film, so the sports enthusiasts hoping to see that may be disappointed. It's also not in the vein of "Gran Torino" or "Million Dollar Baby," so the people hoping to see an awards-caliber prestige picture may also be disappointed. What this is is a hybrid. It has some comedy, it has some drama, it has flourishes of a sports film, but it's certainly not one in the classic sense. It's very difficult to categorize it. It's very nuanced, and nuance usually doesn't play well to a mass audience.

Just returned from seeing the movie with my wife. She is not an Eastwood fan like myself, but she owed me for going to see Hope Springs. I don't know why I read reviews from critics and or members of this site. IMO, this was a very good and enjoyable movie that families can enjoy. Still has several emotional scenes but they don't rise to the level of MDB. Has excellent performances by Clint and Amy Adams, there relationship is the central theme of the movie. Timberlake was surprisingly decent and Goodman was very good in a limited role. This is not an Oscar worthy movie in any capacity, and it doesn't have to be. Just another Clint movie about good old fashioned story telling with superb acting. Oh yeah, even my wife enjoyed it, although she felt Clint's performance was the weakest of the main characters. I strongly disagree. And I will be spending my hard earned cash to see it again in theatres.

You sure do find a lot of stuff troubling.

Amen to that! Happy to know that I'm not the only one to have that same thought.

Thank You Clint for not being a liberal POS,  Romney/Ryan has my vote.

Okay, I will join the fun. Curiosity got the best of me and I have watched both episodes so far and enjoyed them.  I am only watching because of the Eastwood name. Quick summary. Dina is a drama queen but a good mom, Francesca is beautiful and lacks maturity, Francesca's boyfriend seems like he is taking advantage of the Eastwood name to further his career, Morgan is also beautiful and your typical teenager who argues with mom, the housekeeper is very funny and unfiltered, the boy band is talented but not wothout issues, and the animals are pretty cool. Kind of partial toward their pig, one of the ugliest animals I have ever seen. Oh, and some drifter named Clint puts in about 20 seconds of air time just for fun. Count me in. I'm watching all the episodes. Just harmless fun. This is clearly Dina's project. I don't believe this will hurt the Clint Eastwood brand in any way. 

For the ONE poster that is clearly agitated and always has a negative opinion of Dina's project, DON'T WATCH!

General Discussion / Better career - Woody Allen or Clint Eastwood?
« on: November 12, 2011, 01:29:48 PM »
Clint Eastwood {actor} is my favorite movie entertainer and there is no second choice. However, I am a fan of Woody Allen and thought this might be an interesting topic. Not interested in comparing there personal lives.

There are many similarities - actor, director, composer, musician, Oscar nominations for themselves and actors in their films, both are huge in Europe and both have won just about every award there is. One big edge for Woody is in the screen writer category. Clint wins big in box office profits.

My feeling is Clint has had the better acting career. Clint has played varied characters and many different genres, where as Woody has primarily done comedies. The directing nod is tougher for me to pick a winner. Clint has won two Oscars as a director and Woody one.

In my opinion the winner is...Clint Eastwood.

I understand Clint is a music guy but I thought he detested remakes. From a selfish perspective this is very dissapointing news if it comes to fruition. Not only would I skip this in the theatre, but I would not watch it on DVD. Although Beyonce's acting talent was on display in Gold Member  ::) she certainly can sing. If Johnny Depp can do a musical that was critically accepted {Sweeney Todd} maybe whomever the male lead is would make this project more appealing. Not for me but perhaps for all the musical lovers out there.

This alleged movie is consistent with Clint's life philosophy, you are never to old to learn. By the way, Isn't there an Oscar award for best musical? 

Eastwood News / Re: HEREAFTER: Production Information and News
« on: November 28, 2010, 05:39:18 PM »
Box office mojo shows hearafter box office at roughly 32 million plus. Yet, nothing for foreign. Just curious. Anyone have any thoughts on why Hearafter has not opened overseas? I would think this movie would fare pretty well in European markets. Should make enough to draw even with the 50 million production budget and then some. Odd that the studio didn't release Hearafter the same time as in the U.S.

Appears only three Eastwood fans have posted reviews {no spoilers} for this movie. Has anyone else seen this movie but not commented? I would have expected more support from members of this board.

Saw Hearafter with my wife yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. After reading reviews I thought I would wait until it came out on DVD. My wife, not a fan of most of Clint's work decided to go with me. Perhaps out of pity.

Great opening scene. The three storylines were all well done and tied up neatly in the end. Very good casting for all the players.  Damon was very good in his role. I agree that the movie was a little slow in parts. Surprisingly, my wife actually liked the movie better than I did.

My opinion is this movie will not garner strong word of mouth and will fare better overseas than domestically. I also don't believe this is an Oscar contender in any capacity.

Looking forward to the Hoover project.

That is not a good review to start the Oscar race with.  ::)

I have seen Gran Torino almost 40 times so far.

Wow Debbie, my family thought my viewing Gran Torino a measly 5 times in the theatre was a tad excessive.

Since you are starting your viewing pleasure at the most recent Clint movies, I would suggest watching all of Clint's movies Benjamin Button style. From most recent to beginning.

Next would be Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers. Then Million Dollar Baby and so forth and so on. Million Dollar Baby may also be a 40 view movie for you.

Have fun! 

Eastwood News / Re: Happy Birthday Clint!
« on: May 30, 2009, 02:29:07 PM »
Clint who? Black?

Eastwood News / Re: GRAN TORINO: Reviews and Features in the Media
« on: March 22, 2009, 04:00:44 PM »
According to Rotton Tomatoes - Gran Torino's box office is now at

Domestic = 145,090,000
Foreign = 60,000,000

Total = 205,090,000

I also wonder if the voters look at Clint' films and think, yea he is deserving but his film will be back in contention next year. Human Factor sounds like a potential Oscar candidate for best pic due to subject matter and historical relevance.

Oh well, at least Angelina got a nomination. And Tom Stern.

Why was this lined out on previous post?

While not surprised, I was hoping for a best actor nomination for Clint. Gran Torino might have been his last shot due to age.  While I have not seen any of the other candidates in theatres, the general consensus seemed to be that this is a  strong year for best picture and actor.

I also wonder if the voters look at Clint' films and think, yea he is deserving but his film will be back in contention next year. Human Factor sounds like a potential Oscar candidate for best pic due to subject matter and historical relevance.

Oh well, at least Angelina got a nomination. And Tom Stern.

I went to the first showing Friday after I got off work and arrived just as they were playing the previews. The theatre in this small Southern Oregon town was almost full except for the first couple of front rows. As I looked around, the demographic seemed to be baby boomers 40 years and up sprinkled with a few younger couples.

After reading all the reviews on Rotton Tomatoes where the rating is currently 75% and reading the reviews of members on this board I was apprehensive seeing this movie. I think that stemmed from the possibilty that barring another great script this might be Mr. Eastwood's last acting performance. So I really wanted to love this movie. 

For the sake of not being redundant I will just give a few of my impressions.

Thought the movie started a little slow but that is typical when telling a story. I agree with the sentiment that if Clint didn't play Walt it would be hard to imagine anyone else in this role. Interesting that the role was offered to both Paul Newman and a retired Gene Hackman and then to Sir Anthony Hopkins.

In regards to the first time Hmong actors bringing this movie down, I did not agree. Obviously not as polished a cast as in Changeling or most other Eastwood films but I thought they did a credible job. It's a tribute to Mr. Eastwood to cast first time actors in a movie of this magnitude. And I actually liked this preacher's performance a great deal more than the one in Million Dollar Baby.

I was surprised and somewhat dissapointed in the racial and vulgar aspect of the film. Based on the reviews I read, actually kind of a letdown that Walt wasn't more racist and vulgar. Anyone who has seen 40 Year Old Virgin or Superbad will know what I mean. At least in the vulagarity department.

There is alot of humor in this movie, the audience was rolling in several scenes, especially when Walt takes Thao to the barbershop. Clint is as funny in this role as any he has ever done.

What impressed me is that time in the movie when audience laughter turned into dead silence. You could hear a pin drop. Very similar to Million Dollar Baby in that respect. You definitely go through the range of emotions in this film.

Overall, this was a great movie experience. Especially if you are a 30 plus year fan of the legendary icon like I am. I believe this is a movie that will have strong word of mouth and might end up with the highest gross of any Eastwood film.

Regarding the Oscars, I said in an earlier post that I would be stunned if Clint won the Oscar for best actor. I will back off that slightly as this is one of his top two or three performances. But in an exceptionally strong year in the Best Actor category, I think there is a possibility he could be nominated. I still don't believe he would win.

On a side note, I am taking my family {wife and two daughters} to see Gran Torino tomorrow. All three of them do not share my idol worship of Mr. Eastwood. In fact, they refuse to watch any of his films. Imagine my horror. I literally had to force the issue by leveraging my upcoming Birth-Day. Sacrifice material goods for adding to Clint's box office. Should be fun.

Kind of interesting all this potential Oscar talk for Clint. I would be absolutely stunned if Clint ever won a best actor Oscar.
No disrespect intended, it's just that Clint is not a great actor imo. Clint has described his character in Gran Torino as similiar to Thomas Highway from Heartbreak Ridge. Not sure that is Oscar material. I also don't subscribe to the body of work mentality. If Clint wins, it should be based on merit and not because this is potentially his last acting role. I am really looking forward to Gran Torino. Should be very entertaining.  O0   

Eastwood News / Re: CHANGELING: Reviews and Features in the Media
« on: December 06, 2008, 09:59:06 AM »
According to box office mojo I believe the cost to make Changeling was $55 million. Doesn't look like this movie will get close to breaking even in the domestic market.  :(

Much ado about nothing. Spike got some pub, Clint is not a racist, and KC got an old friend back. Super. Let's move on.

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