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I would like to see Clint in a new philio returns movie!
Possible philo could be training a son to fight???

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 19, 2006, 09:12:52 AM »

Nightwolf05: What is your favorite Eastwood film, and which one is your least favorite?

As time goes on I am watching differant Clint Eastwood movies.
So far I would say The Outlaw Josey Wales is my Favorite.
I think my least favorite would be some of the Comedy parts in the Dirty Harry series.
Other than that to date I don't really have a least favorite Clint Eastwood movie!
What I don't like about some of the Comedy parts is where Clint's co stars are in the office acting like they are in a dick Tracy movie.
I just did not find that funny and it took from the quality of the movie.
I will think up some tags later.

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 18, 2006, 08:36:34 AM »
Hi thx for the tag,
 I will work on my answer and tags later today :-)

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 10, 2006, 07:03:14 PM »

Nightwolf05: Your car is the exact year, make, and model that Clint wants to use in an upcoming movie. He offers to buy it from you for $250. If you accept, he'll take you to dinner to chat about the film. He explains that the car will be completely totaled in the film, but you can have it back afterward if you still want it. You'd have bragging rights that it was your car in the movie, but only $250 and a dinner with Clint to show for it. Do you sell him the car? (Forget about turning in an insurance claim--they won't touch this one!)
I would sell Clint the car and hope there would be something left to keep from the car after the movie was made hee hee!
Dinner out with Clint would be great and i would look forward to hearing all about the new film CLint is working on.
However Clint would not give out to much in advance on his new film :-)


Lin: If you could play co star with Clint Eastwood in any movie Clint ever made.
What movie would you choose? And why?

Matt: There is going to be a Beatles mania Concert and you are invited to be there as Paul's Guest.
          You have also been invited to the movie set of Clint Eastwoods new movie to be on the set working with Clint for one full day as co director.
You cant possible do both!
Each is a once in a lifetime chance.
What are you going to do?

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 09, 2006, 02:33:01 PM »
Hi Matt
I will answer my tag after I take time to think of my reply.

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 06, 2006, 12:03:33 AM »
Nightwolf05: If you and Clint were to meet up again and he asks you what your favorite film of his has been since the last time you two have met , which one would it be and why?

Good question Richard Earl.
I believe this is a question Clint would ask if we where to meet again.
I would have to say The Outlaw Josey Wales!
I have always enjoyed a good westurn and Clint's performance in this movie was excellent and I feel one of his best.
I would also explain I still have more Clint Eastwood movies to watch.
But top of the list is The outlaw Josey wales!


You have just got off the phone with Clint Eastwoods people!
It seems Clint Eastwood wants to meet with you to discuss plans for his next movie.
Clint is busy and has set aside one day at 2pm to meet with you tomorrow!.
You have already made plans to host battle of the bands in Washington at the same time where the best rock bands in the US will compete.
Of course as part of your hosting contract you and a friend will announce the winners you will receive
front row seats to the winners next concert.
Plus ten thousand dollars for hosting the show.
There is no way you can do both.
What are you going to do?
KC  Clint has requested your advice!
      Clint is considering a sequel to Unforgiven.
To include a part perfect for you to be in the movie with Clint!
Would you talk Clint into it?
If not! Why not?
What changes if any would you make in the sequel as far as the old cast?


General Discussion / Re: Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: May 05, 2006, 10:07:45 AM »
Thank you, nightwolf. :)

I think I'll first try Heartbreak Ridge before I get anyone into Paint Your Wagon! ;D

I have not watched heartbreak Ridge yet!
I plan to watch as many Clint movies as I can over time until with luck I will watch them all.
And I agree Paint your wagon is the the best movie to watch if you have never seen a Clint Eastwood movie before.

Your singing to myself idea ain't bad though. If I need to get out of something I'll convince them I'm insane by singing "I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me..." ;D ;)

A little good humor will help keep you cheered up.
Just like any move you will be lonely at first until you make some new friends.
I have hugged a tree before.
its been a long time ago but it was fun and I am sure the tree was happy with the attention. hee hee
The trouble with trees is they never reply.
So we have no idea of knowing if they even hear what we say.
I have no link for proof and it for sure would be off topic.
But lab reposts show trees are aware of what goes on around them.
They know if you like them.
They know if you don't.
And for some strange reason talking to your plants helps them stay healthy and grow better.

Yes, this place is like a little peaceful garden you can visit no matter where you are, and be among friends. O0 It'll be nice to drop in to somewhere familiar. 8)

Lilly I could not agree with you more!
I have not been a member of CEWF  that long.
But we all have one thing in common.
We enjoy Clint Eastwood movies.
And it sure is nice to group up and share topics on this subject.
Even if we all don't like the same movies.
if we all like the same things there would be no reason to speak lol
As we would already know what each other was going to say.
I am glad I put google to good use when I found this forum!
And do let us know how your buddies enjoy watching Heartbreak Ridge and I will let members know when I watch it too.

General Discussion / Re: Anybody met Clint?
« on: May 05, 2006, 09:49:35 AM »
Hi Sanctiongirl,
 Its exciting to meet another member of CEWF who has met Clint in real life!
I also look forward to your pictures.
when you view your images on photobucket simply right click the image and copy the URL address for the image.

place your image address inbetween these two img notations.
when you finish your post the images will show up on the topic.
Thanks and good luck and welcome to Clint Eastwood forums.
Oh yea keep your eyes on your e mail.
Sanctiongirl your going to be tagged tonight for our board game of tag.

General Discussion / Re: Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: May 05, 2006, 09:37:17 AM »
I haven't seen Paint Your Wagon yet, but I have a strong feeling I might become the sixth member of the cult! (I do like singing along to the music.)

Maybe I will buy it to play in the barracks. I'm sure it's the kind of film that would go down well with the squaddies.

Lilly welcome to our pyw cult hee hee
Normally as a pyw cult member it would be required to watch pyw every day to keep yourself in the groove and keep positive pyw energies flowing to a positive level.
So no other film could ever surpass the joys of pyw.
However in light of your new adventures.
I think it best we settle for you singing along with Clint for your favorite song from pyw with Clint singing.
I am sure you will enjoy the songs as you go about your day seeing new places and enjoying what your learning.
If your drill Sargent wants to know why you cant seem to stop smiling as you hum and sing in secret.
Yes secret! we cant have others find out lol
Sorry to be so silly.
Lilly I think after you watch Paint your wagon even the first time.
You will agree its ridiculously funny and worth having as part of a Clint Eastwood movie collection.
Its not my favorite.
I even had to wonder why Clint Eastwood ever agreed to make the movie as I watched it.
However the serious parts make up for the silly parts.
And all in all I think its a very good movie.
Let us know how you like it.
I will look forward to knowing for sure if your one of the clan or not hee hee
As you play it in the barracks possible you may also keep a eye on your new buddies for a Clint Eastwood fan.
Possible they too are in denial hee hee
I will keep you in my thoughts and look forward to you letting us know how your doing when your settled in.
Keep in mind your friends in CEWF are depending on you to recruit for us.
Its nice for a soldier to find a place to hang his hat kick back and know they are welcome.
Hi, nightwolf! Nice to meet you too :)

Always nice to meet a PYW fan, because there ain't a whole lot of 'em ;) -last time I counted there were 5 ;D
Hi Americanbeauty,
 We just need to stick together is all.
One for all and all for one.
Welcome to CEWF paint your wagon clan :-)

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 05, 2006, 09:23:13 AM »
Thanks for the tag Richard Earl.
I will be out most of the day I will work on my tag and tagging others tonight when I get home.
I already know my answer but I will think of it most of the day before I reply.
Thanks for the tag I appreciate it very much!

General Discussion / Re: The Official MEMBER INTRODUCTIONS Thread
« on: May 04, 2006, 10:59:54 AM »
Hi Sanctiongirl,
 Its great to welcome another Member who has met Clint in the past.
I also met Clint and I must agree with you.
Clint is a awesome person.
Welcome to Clint Eastwood Forums.
I hope you plan to stay and become a part of our family :-)

General Discussion / Re: Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: May 03, 2006, 09:22:16 PM »
Hi Agent,
 One thing we can both agree on is there are enough differant movies offered by Clint Eastwood over the years.
That even if there are some you dont like self included.
There are plenty you will like regardless of the few you dont like.
I found some parts of Paint your wagon to be completely ridiculous lol
However it made me laugh so I got my moneys worth :-)
Today shopping at Walmarts I walked by and noticed all Escape from Alcatraz dvd specials where sold out.
When I picked up Paint your wagon I was very lucky as it was the last one left.
Imagine a entire stack of Escape from Alcatraz DVD movies sold out in a couple days time :-)

General Discussion / Re: Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: May 03, 2006, 02:54:26 PM »
Hey Nightwolf that is kind of you but as you are in the USA they would be Region 1 I need Region 2. Thank you for the offer, however I will have to keep trying in the UK and Australia. I think the really old ones will only be on VHS if they are available at all.

Hi Lin,
 I wish they would just use a popular format for DVD &b VHS so they would play around the world.
I wish you luck finding the Clint Eastwood movies to finish your collection.

Every Wal-Mart in the country must have the same exact display located in the same exact place. :D Too bad I already had Escape From Alcatraz. I bought that previsouly viewed some time back, and had to pay more than the $4.88 price tag that's now on it.
Hi Christopher,
 Nice to meet another Clint Eastwood fan!
I keep a close eye for the DVD specials showing up at Walmarts.
I am pretty sure I found these the day they arrived in the store display.
I will keep you all posted as I add more to my collection of Clint Eastwood movies.
Nice to know your a Paint your wagon fan too!
With more of us fans of Paint your wagon around others may not be so afraid to come forwards now rotf lol
;D ;D ;D ;D

Hi Americanbeauty,
 I sure hope we can add you to the fan list for Paint your wagon. :-)
Correct me if I am mistaken but it sure seems like you liked Paint your wagon too!
Nice to meet you
A couple more members and you can form a cult! ;D
Hi Agent rotf lol that is funny!
I would call it a click not the cult lol
Nice to meet you.
I am sure there will be movies we both like lol
;D ;D ;D ;D Watch out Agent we might and then all set about you and make you sit through PYW 15 times ;D ;D ;D
roft lol yuppers that should be enough times to make a beliver out of agent :-)
In time I am sure with persistance Agent will realize he likes Paint your wagon too :-)


General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: May 03, 2006, 09:50:27 AM »
I am not happy with my Tag reply.
I would like to answer the question again now I have had  more time to think of my answer.
I think my answer was to quick and should have been thought out more.
Clint was more relaxed than most would realize.
I would like to add a brief intro such as . does Clint recognise me? does he stop to speak to me after all these years? or does he just walk on by not realizing who I am as security takes off with Clint quickly to get him away from a fan who recognized him?
Not realizing I knew him from my past.
How could I not be excited to see him again in person walking towards me?
If I have 5 words left in the last few seconds!
Hmm could I stop Clint long enough to gain a chance to speak to him again?
I believe even after all these years have passed.
If Clint walking towards me saw me close enough to recognize me.
I believe Clint would in fact stop and speak.
Some things just cant be explained in ten words lol
However now I have viewed others replies I notice most members tagged add a interesting text in regard to the situation and why they would answer the way they do etc.
Sorry to ramble on lol
Let me get to the the Tag!

OK, tags ...

nightwolf05, you've told us you met Clint when you didn't know who he was. Now that you know ... if you were walking down the street tomorrow and you suddenly saw him walking towards you, what would you say to him to get his attention? You have only ten words, he's walking fast and he'll be way past you if you take more than that.

This is a big day for me.
My first visit to Paris!
There is a big movie review of Clint Eastwoods favorite films in Paris Tomorrow.
Sponsored by Clint Eastwood Forums fans.
Clint is going to be there meeting many members of CEWF for the first time!
I decided to fly to Paris in hopes of getting invited.
Getting a invitation to this review was next to impossible.
But a good friend of mine in CEWF who believed I had met Clint years ago pulled some strings and got me a invitation for a first row seat two seats over from Where Clint and his wife would be sitting.
I was so excited as after all these years we would meet again.
I arrived in Paris and left my Hotel room to take a early start to find the address where this review was going to be held later in the evening.
I did not want to be late.
So I drove my car close as I could and began walking down the street.
As I walked along I noticed a man walking in the distance in front of me.
As this man walked closer I realized to my amazement it was Clint Eastwood.
As Clint walked closer I noticed a crowd of people gather behind him trying to catch up to Clint.
Clint looked back and began walking faster.
As Clint was walking by me he paused for a split second.
My hair is styled the way it was last time I met Clint.
I turned and looked at Clint.
I looked back at the crowd gaining on Clint.
For the first time in 28 years Clint and I made eye to eye contact.
I did not know what to say but I could tell Clint knew who I was.
I broke the silence as the crowd walked closer.
I said "Clint! Do you still trust my driving?"
I pointed in the direction of my car.
Clint gave me a strange look and rolled his eyes looking back to the crowd almost on us now. ::)
Clint and I ran to the car I drove and Clint jumped into the passenger side.
Clint requested " Get me out of here"
I tried to start the engine of the car.
The crowd was moving fast and steady.
The cars engine cranked slow with almost a dead battery. (wuuur wuuur)
"Come on come on" Clint said as the  engine started.
The crowd rushed to try and get a closer look at Clint.
As we  locked the doors. 
I turned out quickly to avoid hitting the people and made it clear to the crowd the car was coming threw ready or not.
The crowd stepped aside and we drove off as the car chirped the gears.
Meeting Clint again was like as if we had never parted ways.  ;D
I was able to explain to Clint what happen years ago.
Why I was not able to visit the studio and take a screen test.  :-[ ;D :'(
I looked at Clint and told him I really only wanted to be his friend.  ???
I told Clint when we first met on the job.
We met as equals.  ;D
We shared time together and became friends.  :)
I told Clint I knew this was a very special time in my life.
I knew by the way others acted when they saw Clint.
Such as a administrator of a factory we worked for unloading a truck offering to buy us a ice cold beer right on the job after work.
As we drove out of the parking lot that day.
I remember thinking to myself how lucky I was to not only meet such a great person.
But to have been trusted to drive him around in my car ;D
I thought to myself God works in mysterious ways.
I thought to myself how my dad had passed and left me early in life.
I also thought how lucky I was to meet a man who took time to explain things to me.Same as a dad would do for his own son.  O0
Clint rememberd even after all these years he had promised me a night out for a good time.  ???
Only this time Clint wanted me to be at his review as his personal guest.
I of course accepted.  ;D
Clint explained his old truck over heated and the engine froze up and stalled as people realized who he was and crowds of people where gathering.
Clint said he was safer on the move than sitting in a old truck surrounded by strangers who wanted a chance to meet Clint.

No one in this world could make up for a good time promised by Clint Eastwood.  :'(
When looking back I realize life took me away so fast there was no time to look back.  :'(
Now after all these years we meet and go for that good time that no other person in this world could make up for.  ;D
Ask yourself! how would you feel as you look back on your life?  :-[
Out of all the things you missed out on.
Would you want to add the loss of a good time with Clint to the list?
The only thing that would make up for such a loss is meeting Clint again and being invited to be his guest of honor at his review for favorite Clint Eastwood movies with fans from CEWF.  ;D
Lets face it nothing better could possibly happen in your entire life  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: May 03, 2006, 08:36:00 AM »
Hi tgy,
 I did not know anything about Paint Your wagon.
I did not read reviews as I wanted to view the movie first and really did not expect to find it.
Its nice to know others enjoyed it too.
It was kind of silly in places and unrealistic.
But its the movies and I enjoyed the movie and did not feel  disappointed for having bought it.
Each time I heard Clint sing I really was impressed with the complete control Clint has forming his words etc...
Lets face it Clint Eastwood can sing.
Lin I will have to check out the survivors game.

I saw several Clint Eastwood movies at Best Buy.
To include movie packs of complete Clint eastwood series for Dirty Harry and if not mistaken Man with no name.
I will write down these movies you search for and as I check around I will let you know if I find them.
I don't remember seeing these.
But you will be the first to know if I do.
It seems the makers of DVD are putting hundreds of the old movies around to use up the dvds same as they did years back to liquidate stock of the VHS tapes when dvd was coming out.
I would imagine we will be able to find some of the older Clint Eastwood movies in these sales same as I found these Clint Eastwood Movies like Paint your wagon and Escape from Alcatraz.
Priced to sell quick.
Just for fun I checked the stack of dvd for Hang em high and a few dollars more.
They have plenty of the other movies they offered yet only a couple each left of the Clint Eastwood movies.
The Movie in the line of fire has a good full stack when I bought mine.
Last night I notice there was only one left.
This means older Clint Eastwood movies still sell like hot cakes.
Even in my local area.
If Clint has a choice to offer some of his older movies on dvd I hope Clint would agree as so many people are adding them to their favorite movie wish list.
Thanks for stopping by my Clint Eastwood movie shopping thread.
I will look forward to reading replies as days go by :-)

Thats good to know KC thanks!

Thanks very much for posting this link for us to enjoy the pictures.
To insert a Hyperlink in the topic click on the world icon 3rd icon in on the bottom row.
Type in the URL address in the pop up.
Good luck :-)

I dont go to the movies very often.
I normally wait until they come out on DVD.
Flags of our fathers is a movie I will plan to watch in the movies.
When I take time out for a movie night.
I want it to be something special.
I believe Flags of our Fathers will be one Clint Eastwoods best.

General Discussion / Re: Shopping for Clint Eastwood movies :-)
« on: May 02, 2006, 10:18:02 AM »
Last night I was at Walmarts checking out and a set of dvd specials in front of the register caught my eye.
I was positive one of the DVD I saw from a distance was Clint Eastwood Alcatraz.
Sure enough it was Escape from Alcatraz.
One of the movies needed to complete my Clint Eastwood movie collection.
I am off to a great start and someday I will own them all.
I placed the dvd in my wagon and as I searched threw the stack I saw a a dvd named Paint your wagon :-)))))))))))))))))))) wow lol I never expected to find this movie so easy.
I bought them both and watched Paint your wagon last night.
I enjoyed Paint your wagon it was funny it was serious and in places it was ridiculously funny lol
I heard Clint Eastwood sing for the first time.
I will honestly say I was very impressed with the tone quality and control of Clint's Voice.
I watched Paint your wagon first.
As I figured Alcatraz would be the highlight of the night.
Well after watching them both I will say they both made my day.
Do I feel lucky?
You bet I do to find two awesome collectors Wide screen DVD all on the same day.
Yes that really made my day and added two more excellent movies to my collection of Clint Eastwood movies.
And just under 5.00 each is a price I could not pass up on.
I am still looking for Any which way you can.
I am surprised I have not been able to find it locally??

General Discussion / Re: Tag, you're it! #3
« on: April 28, 2006, 07:31:24 AM »
Have a great time in Italy Sylvie!
allycat you have fun too, Paris & Venice sounds awesome :-)

Matt, This game is great to get people posting.
I'm glad you started this up again :-)
Interesting & fun to read too!

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