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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: THE ENDLESS, POINTLESS thread
« on: September 14, 2020, 07:39:29 PM »
You went there! I was thinking the same thing but didn't quite dare! :D

If it was any other thread but this one, I probably wouldn't have. This is tame ... for this thread.  ;)

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: THE ENDLESS, POINTLESS thread
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:19:38 PM »
Face masks for conjoined twins! Who knew this was a thing?  ;D

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: The Photographers thread: Show us your stuff!!
« on: September 13, 2020, 12:14:13 PM »
Gorgeous shot!

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: How's everyone holding up?
« on: September 08, 2020, 11:05:19 PM »
Everything's opening up again here in TN -- indoor dining included. A friend of mine in PA when to a concert tonight at a local county fair.  I guess people got tired of there being a pandemic, so it's ... just not a thing anymore.   ::)

I can relate to the Clint meme.

"The Sunflowers of Madison County"! :D

Those are poisonous!

I love the macro shots! If I ever really get into photography, that's what I'd like to do.

Speaking of tall sunflowers, though ... this afternoon, out in Central Park, I saw some that must have been ten feet tall, at least. The flowerheads weren't as big as the ones in your field. It's amazing to think that something can grow that much in a few months, starting from a tiny seed.

They're really amazing.  Surprisingly, their beautiful blooms only last (at most) 14 days. This field is announcing the flowers are already drooping and they will close to the public sometime this week. They only opened last Sunday, so just a little over a week.  The cut flowers I bought dropped their heads already, so I'm hanging them upside down to dry them out and then will harvest for seeds. I'll attempt to grow them next year myself. I don't expect a great result, but I had a lot of fun photographing them, so I'd like to give it a try.

A funny thing about shooting this field -- it's something I've always wanted to do. I thought I'd have to travel out of state to find a field, and was thrilled to find a local farm open to the public right here. But, I never expected my favorite pics from the shoot to be the macro photos, which you can do with any cut flower in your own yard.  I can't help but be a little disappointed in the overall field pictures I took, since they just don't give any sense of scale. Here's one more of an attempt to capture the large field:

That's brilliant. Something you'd see in a wildlife magazine or the like. 8)

Thank you!  :)

They're all gorgeous! :D

What equipment did you use? Were you that close on the bee/flowerhead shots? If so ... how'd you get up there?

You have an eye -- good catch figuring out how to shoot that bee from above,when they're 7-8 feet tall. These photos were from 3 shoots -- one was at sunset, which are pics 5-8 plus the pic of the bee flying away from the flower. I went back the next day in the morning to get bluer skies -- that's the rest of them except for the macro (close up) shots.  The close-up of the bee and the extreme closeup of the flower head were taken in my front yard where I propped up some cut sunflowers from the field (they sell them by the stem) and waited for the bees that love my hibiscus bush to discover the sunflowers, which they did. So I was able to shoot down into the heads with a long zoom lens.  Here's a pic from that same shoot -- on a hibiscus flower.

My camera is a Nikon D7200, and for the macro photos, I used a zoom with a maximum length of 150mm.

To get proper photos of the field, I think I'd need either a crane or a drone -- impossible to get any sense of the scale of the field from standing level with the field.

Since COVID, I've barely left the house. But, we have a huge sunflower field just 20 minutes from home. It's about 80 acres of black oil sunflowers, the tallest are over 7-8 feet tall, with flower heads nearly about a foot across.


Off-Topic Discussion / Re: How's everyone holding up?
« on: August 13, 2020, 07:58:17 AM »
My favorite quarantine jam so far -- this goes back to April, but I just saw it today.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

If you like Gold Rush, I'd go with City Lights (also Chaplin) and another Chaplin favorite of mine is Modern Tmes. I also like Harold Lloyd's Safety Last.

The spaghetti westerns are my favorites, but I'm afraid they're a bit too lengthy for a newbie. Speer's recommendation of A Fistful of Dollars is a great one because it's shorter. But, I might go with High Plains Drifter first, and move on to the Spaghettis if she likes it enough to want more.  And of course, Dirty Harry would also be a great one to start out with. Let us know what you decide to go with!

Eastwood News / Re: Reni Santoni, Dirty Harry Co-star, Dies at 81
« on: August 04, 2020, 10:21:17 AM »
Reni Santoni, Poppie in Seinfeld and Dirty Harry Actor, Dies at 81

They'll have to find some time in heaven to break in a newcomer.

RIP Reni Santoni.

Clint fans will always remember John Saxon as Luis Chama in Joe Kidd.  RIP John.

Web Site Announcements / Re: Board updates and maintenance
« on: July 19, 2020, 08:19:27 AM »

I was afraid to click for fear the Board, or possibly the whole Internet, would explode. Did anyone click it?

 ;D  You have such self-control. I know I would have clicked it -- and if the Internet went down, it would just make sense for how well 2020 has been going so far!

But no, I didn't have that message. I think maybe only you did -- since you're a Board Administrator.

Things are looking perfect again. And, I can see Gant's avatar. Thanks, Richard!  O0

Strange.. it?s just a little empty box for me. And everything looks different..

Is Rod Serling going to pop up soon ?

Yeah, it's not there for me. I think SK may have been able to see it because his browser may have been storing the image in the cache files -- in any case, this is my view of the board (cropped):

So you can see that we are all having the same problem.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday -satu-
« on: July 18, 2020, 01:38:58 PM »

Those are cool socks in that Clint picture! ;D

Those socks are giving me flashbacks to the kitchen appliances in my childhood home. Goldenrod yellow has fallen out of style.

Happy birthday, Satu! Hope you've enjoying your day!  :)

Web Site Announcements / Re: Board updates and maintenance
« on: July 18, 2020, 01:36:12 PM »
It looks like there's no space between two posts, and then there's a small space separating the next two posts.

EDIT: And then when I posted this message, it blends in with the board background, but it might not once someone else posts.

Yes, and it's much worse if you use the "Mocha" theme! We've contacted Richard and he hasn't changed anything, so it was probably an auto-update of some type. He did say he was sure he could fix it, but we'll need to be patient. When things like this happen unexpectedly, there's not always readily available spare time to fix the problem. He'll get us fixed up shortly. In the meanwhile, if anyone uses the "Mocha" theme board, you'll want to switch to "Dark" until Richard gets us fixed up again. You can change the settings by accessing the "Profile" section at the top menu, then on the left you'll see "Look and Layout" and the first section is "Current Theme".  You'll find the "WesternDark" is the best to use for now. This is the board default, so most everyone is probably already using that board theme.

I'm sure we'll be able to get Gant's profile pic back up too, eventually. :(  Sorry, Gant. Not sure why yours keeps disappearing when the board updates!

General Discussion / Re: Source of the quote
« on: July 13, 2020, 09:48:39 AM »
Hi Pandamonium, and welcome to the Board.

That's not a movie quote -- it sounds like it may have come from an interview. A google search only brings up a multitude of dates the quote is attributed to. The earliest I can find is a personal blog that posted the quote in 2008, so it would have to be an interview from before then. If it is even a quote -- the internet is full of quotes being ascribed to celebrities who never said them. Hopefully someone else will know better than I do. I at least wanted to let you know it's not a movie quote.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Netflix users ???
« on: July 12, 2020, 10:07:02 PM »
The Kominsky Method

I watched a few episodes, and I like it. It's good to see Michael Douglas again. He and Alan Arkin do wonders with a script that has good story, but not the best dialogue. It hits the spot though. Thanks for the suggestion.  O0

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