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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 2018 Movie Discussion
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:25:31 PM »
Maybe I’m getting superhero movie burnout.  I wasn’t planning on seeing this on the big screen.  I figured I’d just skip it and catch it later on cable or disc.  I was making plans to see The 15:17 To Paris and before I knew it, was caught up in committing to seeing this on IMAX.

I’m glad I did.  I thought the story was very good and it  held my interest.  Once again, Marvel hits one out of the park with a very entertaining film.

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Off-Topic Discussion / 2017 Movie Discussion
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:17:07 PM »
Boring.   Not as painful as sitting through Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but close. 

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I saw this last night with an uncle and a friend. 

The best, most descriptive adjective that comes to mind is bland.  For the most part, the viewing experience was akin to watching a boring promotional tourism video for Amsterdam, Venice and Germany.   

For the life of me, as I sit here writing, I am trying to find something, anything positive to say about this film.  I’m cognizant of the strong possibility of offending others that enjoyed it.  I’ve been down that road before by stating to me, any movie he directs without starring in, is not a true Clint Eastwood movie.  While my opinion has remained unchanged in that regard, seeing J. Edgar in 2011 changed my decision to discontinue seeing his movies that he only directs.  In the interim, it was great seeing him appear on screen again in Trouble With The Curve and I’m hoping “The Mule” will become a reality. 

The 15:17 To Paris shakes my faith a little, but not much.  I have learned to have no expectations whatsoever when it comes to Eastwood directed,  non-starring movies and will continue to go out of my way to see them on the big screen as long as he makes them.

The acting by the three main characters came across as believable.  Having the real life heroes portray themselves added a good sense of realism that may not have come across with seasoned actors. 

I enjoyed learning about how the events unfolded that day on the train in this format.  As with Sully, I initially learned of the news like many others, via media coverage.  I’d say Mr. Eastwood definitely has a knack, a talent even, for re-telling these stories without sensationalizing them. 

I remember Clint once saying that he’d continue making movies as long as there were stories to tell.  God Bless you, sir.  Keep ‘em coming!

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Off-Topic Discussion / The Celebrity Obituary Thread
« on: March 03, 2018, 07:51:02 PM »
David Ogden Stiers, Major Charles Emerson Winchester III in 'M*A*S*H,' Dies at 75

May God Bless you, sir.  Rest In Peace. 🙏

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Off-Topic Discussion / Star Trek Appreciation Thread (TOS only please)
« on: February 23, 2018, 05:34:40 AM »
Hey Gant, sorry for not having replied sooner.

Miri is a great upside... Often not shown here in the UK I believe

That’s unfortunate.  I agree, a very good episode.  Seasons 1 & 2 are mostly good, I’m not a big fan of season 3.

If your a fan of Star Trek then I think you might enjoy Season 4 episode 1 of Black Mirror on Netflix..

Thanks, Gant.  I don’t have Netflix and am unfamiliar with the show.  I looked it up on IMDB and the episode, “USS Callister” sounds interesting.  Is it anything like Galaxy Quest?

Arena, one of my favourite episodes... Loved that one as a kid..

Yeah, it’s one of my favorites, too. 

A brief interruption of this recapitulative series ...

Review: Fox’s ‘The Orville’ is Star Trek, the Next Regurgitation  :D

Going where at least one show has gone before: from left, Seth MacFarlane, Penny Johnson Jerald, Adrianne Palicki, Halston Sage and Brian George in “The Orville,” beginning Sunday on Fox. Credit Fox, via Associated Press

Brian, do you plan to watch?

Tina and I have only gotten as far as the first three episodes of The Orville but enjoy it so far.  I’m looking forward to returning to it and catching up soon.

As for Star Trek: Discovery, I’ve only seen the first of the two-parter that aired on regular tv.  I liked what I saw, but don’t see myself signing up to pay extra to continue. 

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Off-Topic Discussion / The Celebrity Obituary Thread
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:33:58 AM »
The Reverend Billy Graham has passed away.

Billy Graham, America's pastor, has died

God Bless you, sir.  May you Rest In Peace.

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Off-Topic Discussion / Star Trek Appreciation Thread (TOS only please)
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:18:33 PM »
“Tomorrow Is Yesterday”

1/26/67 (Original Airdate)

5/05/07 (Remastered Airdate)

Breaking away from the pull of a black star, the Enterprise is hurled back in time to Earth’s atmosphere.  They eventually discover they have arrived back in time to the year 1969.  Having been identified by an Air Force aircraft, they beam the pilot aboard.

Now they are faced with the dilemma of trying to figure a way back to their own time and what to do with the Air Force pilot, now exposed to elements of the future that could compromise the timeline.

A solution is found but it won’t be easy.  Upon retrieving footage of the Enterprise from the pilots’ base, another military officer is beamed up accidentally.  Using Spock’s calculations, the Enterprise can return both men to their current timeline with no memory or knowledge of the future before implementing a slingshot effect around the sun to return to the future.

This is a very entertaining episode.  We see how the Enterprise crew reacts to having been thrust back in time.  A serious situation, not without some comical and humorous moments.  It’s established here that they now have the knowledge to travel back and forth in time, a premise that will be revisited. 

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1/19/67 (Original Airdate)

10/21/06 (Remastered Airdate)

Kirk finds himself in a battle to the death against the commander of a Gorn ship in a desolate location with limited, primitive resources for defense.  The Enterprise was in pursuit of the Gorn vessel after discovering it had destroyed an Earth outpost. 

Both ships were stopped as they entered space occupied by the highly advanced species, called The Metrons.  Considering the invasion of their territory unacceptable, it is they who set up the battlefield location for the two captains to settle their dispute.

The Gorn commander is large, reptilian and obviously much stronger than Kirk, but slow moving.  Using this to his advantage, he eventually discovers a way to build a makeshift cannon to incapacitate his enemy.  Impressed upon Kirk showing mercy to his foe and yelling out to the them his refusal to kill him, a Metron representative appears in human form.  The alien offers to destroy the Gorn but Kirk refuses and elaborates that they can work out their differences. 

Before departing, the Metron tells Captain Kirk that his race is a most promising species, as far as predators go and that perhaps it can be proven to the Metrons in a thousand years or so.

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“The Squire Of Gothos”

1/12/67 (Original Airdate)

7/21/07 (Remastered Airdate)

William Campbell is great in his role of Trelane here.  This is the story of an alien man-child that uses passersby of his home planet for his own amusement.  They become his playthings to do whatever he wishes until he becomes bored with them. 

Trelane is in for a disappointing surprise with the crew, and especially captain, of the Enterprise.  At first excited and happy with his new playthings, he quickly becomes annoyed when he realizes things aren’t going his way and reacts like an angry, spoiled brat.

Bargaining for the release of his crew, Kirk seemingly outwits Trelane in challenging him to a hunt but the new and thrilling experience causes him to reconsider, backing out of his original agreement with the intent of repeating the experience with the rest of the Enterprise crew.

It is Trelane’s parents, appearing in their original alien form, who save the day.  Apologizing to Captain Kirk for their child’s behavior, they inform him he and his crew are safe to depart and inform Trelane playtime is over. 

This is a great episode.  It’s reminiscent of “Charlie X”, but with enough of a twist to be equally entertaining, even adding a tinge of humor. 

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“The Galileo Seven”

1/05/67 (Original Airdate)

9/15/07 (Remastered Airdate)

Spock and six other Enterprise crew members take flight in the Galileo for an opportunistic scientific expedition, but are forced to crash land on the nearby Taurus II planet.

Electrical interference makes Kirk is  communication with the lost crew impossible and sensors become unreliable in searching for them.  Adding stress to an already tense situation, visiting passenger High Commissioner Ferris constantly pressures Captain Kirk, reminding him of his responsibility to deliver medical supplies to Makus III.

We see how Spock handles stress in a dangerous situation as he applies logic to every decision made as he and the crew attempt to repair the Galileo for re-launch, as well as primitive, hostile, violent and very large natives. 

Two crew members die from native attacks and the others are becoming visibly upset with Mr. Spock.   They are ultimately able to take flight but when hope of being found is apparently lost, Spock takes a gamble by jettisoning the shuttle craft fuel in an attempt to make themselves noticed by the Enterprise.  The flare is noticed on board the Enterprise and the Galileo crew is beamed aboard safely. 

One of the series’ best moments happens at the end of this episode, when Spock refuses to admit to Kirk  that he reacted emotionally under pressure.  The exchange results in laughter from the crew, with the exception of Mr. Spock.

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“Shore Leave”

12/29/66 (Original Airdate)

5/26/07 (Remastered Airdate)

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.  Dr. McCoy and Lt. Sulu are assigned with the task of scouting a potential shore leave location for the Enterprise crew. 

They don’t realize that they’re in an advanced amusement park, where thoughts of fantasy and fear instantly come to life.  Having lived through dreams and nightmare, Captain Kirk orders his crew to stand at attention and clear their minds, lest they experience any further danger, thinking they lost Dr. McCoy to a knights’ jousting.

The caretaker appears, explaining how and why things happen on the planet, assuring there is no danger.  McCoy’s healthy reappearance confirms this and the Enterprise crew make preparations for some badly needed, well deserved rest and relaxation. 

A fun episode that reveals some of Kirk’s past and shows how he, McCoy and Sulu react to the fantastic environment.

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“Balance Of Terror”

12/13/66 (Original Airdate)

9/16/06 (Remastered Airdate)

One of the best episodes of the first season, as well as the entire series.  A high stakes prey vs. predator situation involving two strong-willed, intelligent and passionate spaceship commanders. 

Mark Lenard is impressive and entertaining as the honorable, yet conflicted, Romulan Bird of Prey commander, equal to that of Shatner’s continued convincing portrayal of the dedicated captain of the Enterprise. 

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“The Conscience Of The King”

12/08/66 (Original Airdate)

9/22/07 (Remastered Airdate)

The Enterprise crew becomes involved in a murder mystery that, for them, begins on Planet Q and ends when solved aboard the Enterprise. 

Kirk becomes a detective, investigating his murdered friend’s claim that Shakespearean actor Anton Karidian is none other than the infamous Kodos The Executioner, responsible for ordering the execution of 4,000 Earth Colony Tarsus IV twenty years earlier, half of that colony’s population. 

Before Karidian is exposed as Kodos, we learn his daughter Lenore has been murdering the remaining witnesses to the events that took place on Tarsus IV.  Just when he thought he was out, she dragged him back in!   

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“The Menagerie”

11/17/66 & 11/24/66
(Original Airdates)

11/25/06 & 12/02/06
(Remastered Airdates)

The only two-part episode in the original series is a stroke of genius by creator Gene Roddenberry.  He created a storyline that included his first, rejected pilot from 1964. 

The basic premise of the series survived, as did Leonard Nimoy’s character, Mr. Spock.  Noticeably different, but not drastically, is the interior of the ship and uniforms.

This was executed so well, it’s surprising more weren’t produced be it mid-season and/or season cliffhangers.

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“The Corbomite Maneuver”

Original Airdate: 11/10/66

Remastered Airdate: 12/09/06

A very good, tense episode.  Kirk personifies grace under pressure as he deals with his chief medical officer questioning his judgment and an inexperienced, emotional bridge officer on top of a deadly alien threat that could lead to the destruction of the Enterprise and her crew. 

It’s interesting to notice the size dynamic in this story.  Compared to the Enterprise, the Fesarius is massive, yet the pilot vessel that emerges from it is much smaller.  Balok appears to be an intimidating alien but in reality is tiny in comparison to the Enterprise crew.

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The morning of February 14, 2018 finds me at a doctor’s appointment across the street from Revere Beach.

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Off-Topic Discussion / Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 Everyone!
« on: February 14, 2018, 11:43:33 AM »

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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Hemlock!!
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:12:10 AM »
Happy Birthday!

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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Richard Earl!!
« on: December 29, 2017, 08:11:50 AM »
Happy Birthday!

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What a wonderful, extended holiday weekend!  I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmastime!

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