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Eastwood News / Re: Eastwood in Japan NOW
« on: April 07, 2005, 02:06:18 AM »
thanks KC for correcting my mistake.
Todays I read Japanese NewsPaper.
it says that clintEastwood said he planed to make two Ioujima films,one is for American and others is for Japanese.
Also TV news said Japanese version would be shooted by Japanese director.
Is this his joke??

answering your questions vik
Eastwood has a big popularity here  especially over 30's ages even his boxoffice number is not good,compared to 70's.
Japanese critics love him movies too.SpaceCowboys and Mi stickRiver was top non Japanese luggage films of year by critics votes on 2000 and last year.
Unfortunately We have to wait 2 months more to see MillionDollarBaby.Release date was just announced last week,May 28th............
About Ioujima,the island is used as  Air Self Defense Force base after Us returned it  to Japan at 1968.
So if Clint shoot at Ioujima,we can not watch shooting.

There are bunch of  unexploded shells and if Clint shoot films around must be over100 degrees.
I hope he and his old crews ,is Mr Bumsted coming?  will be fine in whole shooting.

Eastwood News / Eastwood in Japan NOW
« on: April 06, 2005, 02:04:55 AM »
hello fellows
this is my first post.
I am japanese and i have not studied english long time so fisrt i want to say sorry for my rough english.

here is information about Flags of Flags of Our Fathers.
now Mr Eastwood  is visiting tokyo to meet with Tokyo Governor,Shintaro Ishihara to get a permission of movie shooting at Ioujima,where is districkt area and we can not land without govement permission  now.
This is his first japanese tour since 1962 Rowhide tour.
I jsut watched TV News show but he seemed still guy who shoud stand in front of camera,not behind.

If I get some news,Iwill post here.Thanks


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