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Eastwood News / Re: Jersey Boys: Production Information and News
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:37:43 PM »
I read somewhere the release date is June 20 2014

If the film wraps post production by, say, May he'll have plenty of time to act in something ( or two) and still have time to hit the golf course!

Eastwood Factor - a shorter version of the 90 minute version-came out a few years ago ( 2010)

Here is a description of it from amazon

For 35 years Clint Eastwood has called Warner Bros. home. In The Eastwood Factor (Extended Version), film historian Richard Schickel (You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story) ventures beyond Eastwood’s tough, iconic screen personas to reveal the easygoing and thoughtful man behind the magic. Morgan Freeman narrates this insightful profile that features memorable film clips and visits to movie locations, the Warner Bros. lot and Eastwood’s hometown Carmel where, with humor, candor and intelligence, Eastwood illuminates the craft behind his legendary work on both sides of the camera to create a rare experience that is pure, unadulterated Clint.

This two DVD set has the full 90 minute version of Eastwood Factor

And now Eastwood Directs Untold Story is brand new and only 65 mins
This is the description of it on amazon

This documentary highlights the more the 40 movies that Clint Eastwood has made. It explores his style of direction and features comments from people with whom he has worked.

So far all I have seen is the hour long  Eastwood Factor ---- So now with this second DVD (Eastwood Directs which is 65 mins and the extra stuff they added to Factor so its "An Extended version" ... I figure I'm getting an extra 90 minutes of stuff about the man )

You can always google Eastwood Directs for a handful of reviews about both DVDs
Either way I'm excited. Its almost the next best thing to a new film from the man.


Eastwood News / Re: Eastwood and Aronofsky, Live at Tribeca
« on: August 30, 2013, 08:36:34 PM »
Hey I'm curious. I'm watching the interview with Arnovsky and Eastwood obviously doesn't mind taking the time to do this kind of thing ( discussing the detailed mechanics of making films) but it would be nice if one of these interview guys would get brave and ask him why he doesnt do an audio commentary for his films

I can't really buy his argument ( if thats his excuse) that 'the movie stands on its own merits' because if he truly felt that way he wouldn't submit to these handful of interviews he has given over the years. I would think he'd have other things to do in the evening besides sit there for an hour or two going ove rthe technical side of the business which in and of itself- arguably- has its own niche audience. I mean I bet only 20 or 30 percent of people who rent or buy a DVD take the time to listen to the audio commentary. I mean, I do it because its fascinating to hear how the creative side of the business works- especially if its a pretty good commentary. And yeah, sure, it means watching the films twice if you're that big of a fan but I bet the average viewer doesnt even bother. And yet Hollywood no doubt figures there IS some sort of market for it or they wouldnt provide the time or money to add this stuff to a DVD package

Having said that---   it would sure be nice if he'd take a year off and at least go through the films he himself has a personal attachment to and do it for the fans who love taking it all in

But....  oh well. We can only enjoy what little we do have access to. Still, I can dream, right?

Eastwood News / Re: Eastwood and Aronofsky, Live at Tribeca
« on: August 30, 2013, 08:21:55 AM »
Eastwood Directs Untold Story is available for pre order September 3rd from amazon for 11.67 plus shipping!!!

Here is a 5 minute clip from the DVD featuring Meryl Streep who reveals a few tidbits about behind the scenes of Bridges! And this just 5 minutes from a 90 minute DVD ! Great stuff!   

I'm so glad I stopped by here today or I wouldn't have known about this new DVD ( local news seems infatuated by Kardashian and all the other distraction nonsense)   So.....THANKS!

Great news! Its on amazon for pre order for like 11.67 plus shipping 
You add both DVDs together and its 3 hours!
 Its available sep 3rd! Already ordered mine and anticipate sitting to watch it Friday!
Christmas in August- love it!

Eastwood News / Re: Jersey Boys: Production Information and News
« on: August 10, 2013, 06:54:06 AM »
Looking forward to seeing new behind the scenes pics of the man as he films this
Tough to find this kind of news anymore though with the mainstream media being obsessed with the lesser celebs ( my opinion) who seem to hog the front pages of the rags and magazines of the news stands every week

That's funny    Nice to see he's so comfortable in flaunting the scowl and his whole onscreen image of a tough guy

Thanks so very much for the news on this updated interview book- I went right to kindle and grabbed a copy.

Very curious to read the European interviews since- as it claims in the LOOK INSIDE portion in the inro- Europeans are more interested in his take on the actual craft of directing and what goes through his mind in that process then the Americans who it seems - and sadly,  it's probably just the core of the American culture that guides them to ask this stuff--- ask stuff that leans more towards his celebrity and fame.

Still.... new interviews never read by me are brand new no matter what decade they may be from

So thanks again very much!

Christopher- I'd be interested to know the budget as well but I have yet to see a reference

I would assume that, since it had no special effects and yet still involved a portion of location shooting ( where you would need- at minimum- a tax deferment and a local catering service and a motel to hold the cast and crew) somewhere in the neighborhood of the usual 30 to 40 million that Warners would always give Clint.

I mean you know he's gonna save them money because even though he didn't direct -one of his own producers directed and yet that guy knows full well that Eastwood is looking to do an efficient yet speedy shoot. The way Eastwood does a film he automatically saves a studio entire days of shooting on the end of the schedule

If anyone else were to direct this ( and if there had been another star instead of Eastwood) the film would have needed the five or six days that Eastwood would have saved. Which is a great deal of cash on a location shoot since each average day of shooting on a film like this one costs at least 500,000.00  

( From what I have read up on over the years, figuring in inflation) I mean the average hot TV series has a budget upwards of three million a week

If it rains one or two days on location or you take too many takes of too many scenes too often you can easily burn through two to three days of shooting on a schedule
And at nearly half a million bucks a day that gets expensive- especially if your traveling from location to location on the road and you have tight schedule

Somehow Eastwood, over all of his years of acting AND directing,  managed to get it all done with such ease that he handled the making of two films a year over a very large portion of his career

I have yet to see any other actor or director come close to matching Eastwood's output. And with things getting more and more expensive as each year passes, I dare say that Eastwood's record will stand unchallenged.

For those of you interested here is a copy paste of the box office numbers
Curve is a solid number 6 in the third week though I would think by the end of the month it'll drop out of the top ten

I'm just glad its on film because its a very nice little family film


It still in the top ten but fading fast with the onslaught of Halloween pix due out as well as all the rest of the usual Fall pictures

Still.... it will be rolled out on DVD and BluRay probably near baseball season and maybe Warners will be kind enough to give it the basic push with stand up cardboard displays in stores etc so that baseball fans can get a second chance at it  ( I do believe there is a second wave of people out there anymore who simply wait for the home version to appear so they can enjoy it in their own home on their 58 inch TV when they find the time-- which is fine since Hollywood counts that cash flow just as much as they do the box office receipts)

As I said earlier- this script had been floating around for ten years- from what I read- I'm glad they put it on film so now it can just be out there if someone wants to see it

Eastwood News / Re: Inside Clint's filmmaking world: new book arrives
« on: October 07, 2012, 05:31:14 AM »
I just ordered MG's book    The sneak peek in the amazon "look Inside" section was really cool- lots of pix ( many of which I haven't seen before) as well as what looks to be a good number of interviews

Thanks MG for taking the time to gather all this info up for us fans

My opinion on the flashback scene is.....It was a good choice for the film even though they could easily have used the back of a stand in and with editing tricks have the guy get beaten up anyway

And that whole reveal scene for me fit pretty well in the film since we, the viewers, had been wondering what it had been that had made Gus leave his daughter..... and how all these years later see the aftermath of that decision

In fact that scene could have maybe been a bit longer too as the two characters allow the truth to settle between them. But the film is locked and it's just as good as it stands. Just my little personal preference

Saw it yesterday
Clint hit another one out of the park- (But then I have enjoyed nearly everything he has ever done) great movie!

I felt it was a bit slow in a few places but then it is a movie set against baseball, which in and of itself is a slow sport, but baseball fans should really enjoy the film

Its sad that it isn't making a bit more  Last time I checked its box office total was around 25 mill after two weeks
Now of course the core Eastwood fans went to see it opening weekend and yet I would think there have to be a few Eastwood fans who enjoy base ball as well which would seem a perfect afternoon outing

My only problem was that the sound system in my theater ( in Ohio) had a bad sound track and during the quiet moments it was tough to hear some of the dialogue ( though, ironically, the sound system was working fine during the half dozen commercials I had to sit through before the trailers)

And the very last scene of Eastwood walking down the sidewalk would be a perfect last scene for him to end his acting career with- although he did say that Gran Torino would be his last as well.....

Anyway I liked it and found it tough to believe that ( from what I read) the screenplay had been bouncing around Hollywood for ten years before it happened to land in Eastwood's hands

I mean I can see the problem from Hollywood's POV ( it having a baseball backdrop) but then look at the dozens of garbage films they go out of their way to make every year ( and with much larger budgets)

Granted- a few of those films do make easy money but an equal number bomb out
But then Hollywood is a game of chance

Anyway I loved it- looking forward to the blu ray 'cause this one is a keeper

My favorite scene was when he drank a toast to his wife in the cemetery- I found myself shedding a tear
Great little scene there

And I liked the way his daughter sang the same song later in the film and explained how it helped her out in bad moments

And I liked the way the film lingered on her watching the new pitcher after her dad had left for home and the way she clicked into the style of this pitcher-knowing within minutes that he had potential-- and then the scene where they went to Eastwood's boss and made a fool out of the dummy who convinced the boss not to listen to Eastwood's advice and not sign the hotshot hitter because he had..... trouble with the curve

Everything got wrapped up pretty nicely

Sure its a predictable film. But its well done AND it's got Eastwood in it
What more would anyone want from a film? Talking robots that lay waste to the world over the course of three films? You want to talk boringly predictable..... Transformers is your movie to see ( and by the way they are prepping a FOURTH movie)

You want to talk about a family film that delivers.... then you should see Trouble With The Curve

Heck, baseball has always been a tough sell at the movies

I'm just glad Eastwood agreed to it and from the trailer it looks like everyone in the film had a good time ( the music in the film is especially uplifting which seems to be a good contrast to the dramatic undertone of his character having vision troubles)

Some reviews have said he is just going over old material ( Father and daughter relationships) but so what? It has always been a treat to see each new Eastwood film. He knows what his fans want and he delivers

As for the argument of it being third on the all important opening weekend...its better than dead last.
Third is very good considering baseball is still being played on TV plus the fact there are many other new films out with it being September

Curve will have a good run and then fans will find it on disc just after the Holidays in the middle of winter when there aren't any distractions and they'll find it then and enjoy it

Meantime- thanks Clint! Hurry up and do another film- we'll be waiting

I was thinking that maybe they'd release a novelization of the film as a paperback (Like I plan to read Dark Knight Rises on Kindle before I see the movie- many times the author is allowed to ADD a variety of scenes to a storyline to flesh out the characters)

I just checked Amazon and there is nothing noted though, like the trailer, it hasn't even been scheduled nor heard from as yet

Now, depending on the movie when they DO release a paperback, they release it a week or two before opening day so that they get some word of mouth from the few thousand folks who enjoy reading the book before seeing the film

Hey, I can hope, huh?


Here are a couple of places we can keep an eye on while we wait

Methinks that maybe the studio allows a small budget for the marketing campaigns just as they allow a small budget for the actual making of the films? And maybe that's why the films are marketed so close to the release day?

Lets compare the marketing budget of Dark Knight for example..... ( yes, they are two diff genres but I'm comparing budgets VS marketing timelines)  ......  Dark Knight has had at least 4 trailers as well as up to 6 diff TV spots already- so much so I'm actually tired of seeing them all already and just want to see the film

Whereas Curve has yet to officially release so much as an official still photo and we've got less then two months to go

But to his credit- Eastwood never complains in public about it
He takes whatever they give him and shoots his film and more often than not, the films bring home not only a profit but multiple awards and kudos worldwide

** Small nitpick    I have often wondered just how much of a budget Space Cowboys had. Now naturally it was heavy with effects shots and he DID go to one of the best in the biz, ILM.   But still.... I always feel a little cheated when I watch the command center scenes because that looks like a really, really small set they are standing in for such a complicated - well publicized mission

But I just wanted to point that out as a possible example of how Eastwood manages to do what he can with such small budgets

Well , Dark Knight opens Friday
We'll find out soon enough I guess

Heck, Bond opens in November and they are talking about releasing a SECOND trailer already

Malpaso ( or at least, the studio for Curve,) sure likes playing their cards close to the chest

Now see, THAT'S one interesting webpage

I KNEW there had to be someplace on the internet where someone had collected the bodycounts

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