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General Discussion / Re: Clint's Bloopers
« on: July 29, 2009, 01:46:18 PM »
It seems as though there are quite a few bloopers in 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly'. Some of the ones I have found or heard about include;

1. When Tuco kills the fat man he is chained to whilst in the desert, in many shots the 'dead man' can be seen breathing. Especially when on the railway tracks.

2. When Tuco is in the gunshop messing around with the guns, one gun has the cylinder & barrel moving back & forth by using the trigger-guard lever. This is a Belgian Garland & Sommerville revolver which did not exist until 1868. Three years after the US Civil War ended.

3. When Angel Eyes kills the young kid with the rifle near the beginning of the movie, he isn't even aiming directly at him.

4. Just before Angel Eyes confronts the girl about the whereabouts of Bill Carson, lighting the hallway is a very modern day lightbulb.

I think it is sad today how the F word clutters most every movie.  I never watch an older movie and think it would be better with profanity. 

That is how people talk though. I doubt the opening scene from 'High Plains Drfiter' would have been as powerful without the 'pigsh*t' word. I agree profanity may be overused, but it is an indelible fact on society that we all use those words, & in order to give movies a hint of realism, it crops up in films too.

General Discussion / Re: Did they Escape from Alcatraz... ?
« on: July 25, 2009, 04:51:57 PM »
It depends on what story you actually believe as I have read that no family member of the Anglin Brothers received any contact with any sibling after their escape. Also a  Norwegian ship, SS Norfjell reported seeing a body, face down in the bay wearing prison issue clothes. The bay waters range from fifty to fifty four degrees meaning that someone in the water would be affected within twenty minutes. Personal items the prisoners took with them were also found floating in the bay the day after their escape. Also found was a life preserver with a clip attached to a valve had failed, making it difficult for the swimmer to stay afloat.

All this evidence makes me think they drowned.

I would think that in 1973, when the film was released, there wasn't much profanity of that nature in a major studio movie. I'd kind of doubt that the word was in the original studio release in the first place.

Maybe, but he clearly says the letter 'F' & then it sounds like the rest of the word was dropped. He must have said something as the sentence would not have made sense otherwise; "what the are you doing to my barn?". Plus in 'Dirty Harry' from 1971 you see full frontal nudity. Wouldn't that be much worse?

General Discussion / Re: Did they Escape from Alcatraz... ?
« on: July 25, 2009, 11:47:19 AM »
I remember watching the news about three years ago & there was a story on there stating a skull had been discovered, in the bay, believed to have come from one of the escaped prisoners. Having lived near San Francisco now for about ten years, & having visited Alcatraz, I am of the opinion that they never made it. There are very strong currents in the bay, plus hypothermia must have been a factor too.

If it had existed, though, Philo ... would it have been shown in the UK? ???

In the UK we get most films uncensored.  :)

'High Plains Drifter' is probably one of my favourite Eastwood movies. The only criticism I have of it is when the Mexican's are tearing down that guy's barn (whose name escapes me) it seems as though the curse word the guy uses has been dropped out of the film ("what the f... you doing to my barn?") It doesn't sound like he started to say it & then stopped himself, it actually sounds like it was removed.

The reason I ask is when this film was shown on the BBC in England many years ago, before it started the announcer read out a statement from Eastwood where he insisted the movie be played in it's entirity, uncensored. Unfortunately I cannot remember if the curse word was in their version or not.

I just wondered if Eastwood at the time was a victim of censorship or I have it wrong.

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