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That is a really great pic.  O0

I have no idea what that is though.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Movies I have watched this week
« on: August 01, 2018, 11:31:42 AM »


I love this movie -- not so sure I loved it the first time I saw it though.  The theme of technology overtaking and running our lives long before we all had a personal computer in our pocket with a gps locator should at least make it an interesting watch. 

I saw this today and can relate:

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The first post on this page is of the nest of baby Finches. Today I noticed one of the babies is grown and returned to hang out on my front porch. I know this is one of the babies because the mother bird fed him beak-to-beak like she did when he was a baby. I guess he's not fully adept at finding his own food yet. I went to get my camera, but she'd flown off. He stayed for a while longer.

And a few pics from my road trip. I drove through West Virginia up to Pennsylvania, stayed a few days in the Pocanoes, then visited my dad at his picturesque home on the Delaware Bay in NJ.  This is the night of the All Star Game:

And this was the next morning, just before a good storm:

Just chiming in that I really like Hang 'em High, but the lighting is unnatural (especially in that picnic scene), and I'm not a fan at all of Inger Stevens' performance or the romance aspects of Hang 'em High. It was the first Eastwood film I'd ever seen, and it led me to life-long fandom.  But, to me, Pale Rider, is the better film, and the better looking film (lighting, directing, wardrobe, locations, etc.).

Bridges are my favorite thing to photograph, and there's a lot of pics that I've posted here in this thread of different bridges.  I have a few more of the New River Gorge Bridge, now that I'm home and have gone through all the photos.  If anyone is interested, the New River Gorge Bridge was the longest single span bridge in the world when it was built, but is now the fourth longest.  It's also one of the tallest (#3 in the U.S.).  On October 20th, if you want to base jump off the bridge, it's closed to vehicles for just that. Somewhat tempting to go back to photograph that, but I wouldn't be jumping off. It's a long drive though from middle Tennessee.

Love these, KC.  The Manhattanhenge photos are spectactular.

Been traveling, and this was yesterday at the New River Gorge Bridge, WV:


These little terriers always look so happy. Maybe that's because God loves a terrier.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Thanks for sharing!

Here's a shot I took tonight in the garden of my building with my phone camera. I find I can get much better pictures with it by using the Pro mode. There are only a few settings you can adjust, but they really help. (I have a low-level Samsung Galaxy.)

Very nice! I never played around to find there's a pro mode (I have a Samsung Galaxy also).  I'm sure that will help -- I've always gotten pretty sub-par photos with my camera. Great tip.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 2018 Movie Discussion
« on: June 13, 2018, 11:42:29 AM »
AKA isn't the only one. I stopped it at the one hour point. I've been meaning to get back to it, but I wasn't really invested in it at all. Don't know if I'll ever finish it.

Web Site Announcements / Re: The Stats Thread
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:48:23 PM »
And I think The Mule has people excited. Still people just seeing 15:17 to Paris too, now that it's out on DVD.

Web Site Announcements / Re: The Stats Thread
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:59:39 AM »
90 posts in four days? How are we gonna keep up?


I still think of you as a young 'un, Matt, but neither you nor I grew up with selfies. ;)

Lucky us.  And you can just keep on thinkin' that. ;)

Yep, it was fun. Anytime you want to start another round, you're up!

I really am NOT a selfie person. Probably one of the reasons I found it so ridiculous in the film.

And then there's one scene where Anthony apparently didn't already have enough pictures of himself in Europe, so he handed his phone to Spencer to take a "candid" photo of him. Spencer takes one, and Anthony says "Only one? I need options, man!"  Talk about the low point of a movie. I'd read about the selfies in many reviews, but I honestly didn't think it would be so bad.  ;D

Brilliant!!!!  You got it in exactly 12.  O0

We'll put a French twist on your game-winning peanuts! :)

Fun game!  :)

#11  Yesssss.... it's a stick!  Not a collapsible walking stick though.

Now, if you were to put that together with the other item that you were so close with, what would you have?

Or AKA -- I think he might get it.

Okay, one final hint. This wouldn't fit in a breadbox the way we see it in the film. But, this object can become smaller for travel purposes.

What do drummers use?

That hint may throw you off further though....


But you're still hot. ;)

#10  Not a guitar.   But.... if it was a musical instrument, it would be something a drummer might use.

I know I'm hot! Librarians are hot! ;D

 :o  ;D  O0

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