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There's actually quite a bit of evidence that exercising actually helps to reduce pain from arthritis and other joint problems, or at least make that pain more manageable, so I'm not sure why your doctor would say that.

He said he never recommends running to any patient because it's too hard on the joints and he prefers walking. But walking gets boring.

You just have to learn to run in the rain, too! ;)

What kind of dog do you have now that runs with you?

I'm not as hardcore as you -- and Penny doesn't like being outside in the rain either (or snow)

She's my 8 year old French Bulldog, and she can run, and loves to run. She's got long legs for a Frenchie, and gets mistaken for a Boston Terrier a lot.

Is it Sister Sara's mule?

Is it an animate object?

So, Matt, beyond animate object, what are my other choices?

It can be anything -- music, animate objects (people/animals), a town...

That's great, Matt. The only exercise that I do is walking from my bedroom to the bathroom, the kitchen, or when I need to attend meetings at work. Why did you decide to embark on this new exercise routine? Was this doctor's orders?

No, my doctor has always said he doesn't recommend running, but I've got two good knees now, and I was getting creaky, so I thought it would be good to get moving more, and it is!

I almost went with that one -- could have saved us a question. I think KC likes Hang 'em High the best of those three, is that true? (NOT one of the 15 questions).

Okay, is it an inanimate object?

So Matt, I think we are down to Hang'em High, Two Mules for Sister Sara or Joe Kidd now. I have that right, Matt?

Yes, but now we're down to just two.

Have you transformed yourself into KC, recently? I didn't know that you run as well, and in the park too! The resemblance is uncanny!  ;D

 ;D  I started in September, and go every day that it doesn't rain. My dog comes along. Unfortunately, my park is nothing like KC's park.

I believe we've narrowed it down to three films.  Is it Hang 'em High?

I'm thinking. I'm up, right?

Yes.  :)

Did you both have nice weather today? It hit the mid 60's here today, and the park where I run was mobbed.

Wow, I thought this would be from The Mule.  So good question, AKA.

Is the film a Western?

AKA, you start with the first question.

I just click on the address bar and hit the return/enter key.

Wait, I see it was KC who won. You're it, KC!

I'm here!  Didn't AKA win the last round? Is he "It"?

General Discussion / Re: New evidence about the escapees from Alcatraz
« on: January 06, 2019, 08:23:16 PM »
I think they made it, but what's weird to me about the letter is that John Anglin seemed to know where Frank Morris spent the rest of his life and when he died. I wouldn't expect that they would keep in touch. But, what's interesting to me in the link I posted is this quote from a retired FBI agent (who didn't work on the case):

“As a law enforcement person I’d like to think that their escape attempt was not fruitful for them. Personally, as someone who swims in the bay, and we have a triathlon that goes on every year, and there’s not a single person that doesn’t make that swim,” he added.

Glad you liked it better the second time, AKA!  O0


Trivia Games / Re: Eastwood Quotes
« on: January 04, 2019, 02:02:07 PM »
That's it, Jed. He said it to  Lightfood, Red Leary and Goody about the money in the old schoolhouse.

You're up!

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