News: In theaters now: THE MULE, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood!

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Good question, Matt, but I thought we weren't able to ask compound questions.

I decided it was a Yes or No question, basically: Is it an animal you either see being ridden or would expect someone to have ridden?

Maybe as opposed to the wild animals in the opening credits sequence.

AKA, how about we narrow it down a bit -- does this animal ever get ridden by anyone at anytime either in the movie, or can it be expected that someone would ever have ridden it whether we see it on screen or not?

Is this a Yes or No question ... I guess so.

#14, Yes. And to clarify, we do see it ridden.

You guys were so close a couple of pages ago! EDIT: One page ago.

Poor AKA. It's Matt's turn now, but I'll give you a bonus answer (not counted): It is not an animal used by someone other than Hogan or Sara.

Okay. Scratch that. There's an Eastwood movie with something like that but I don't think its Two Mules, or maybe I'm just making scenes up now out of sleep deprivation and frustration.

It is in Two Mules, though, so I'm counting it.

Sorry to keep you up past your bedtime, AKA!

It is the animal that drags Clint through the town so he can throw some dynamite? Or, is that in high plains drifter? Matt, help! :)

I think that happens in the battle in the fortress at the end. It's a horse. That is a very dangerous stunt, by the way.

#13, no.

Oh. I just noticed that Two Mules for Sister Sara also had "Mule" in it, like Eastwood's latest. Was that intentional, KC?

It most certainly was. :)

It is the mule that Sara trades away? There really aren't that many animals that are prominently featured in this movie.

No, no, I already said it was NOT The Mule from Two Mules for Sister Sara. I won't count that one.

The animal that Sara gives away is ... her own mule. The Mule from Two Mules for Sister Sara;)

Wow. What is wrong with you? Snakes are terrifying!

I had pet snakes when I was a kid. Most snakes are perfectly harmless, and they are fascinating creatures.

AKA, you are getting very warm.


The Rattlesnake?  It plays an important role in the film.

It does, and normally that would be a good guess, since as you may recall ... I love snakes.

#12, But ... No.

Eastwood News / Re: THE MULE: Reviews and Features in the Media
« on: January 06, 2019, 09:31:10 PM »
The Times had a special Oscars section today, with full-page ads for most of the films in contention for major awards. (Full-page movie ads in the print newspaper otherwise seem to be a thing of the past.) But nothing for The Mule.

How magnanimous of you, KC. Thanks! Is it an animal that is ridden by Clint's character?

#11, No.

I thought since we are rusty, you were making it easy on us.

I almost did ... that was my first spontaneous thought, then I thought, naw ... Too easy! ;D

That's a cute photo. I have no idea. I don't really remember this movie that well. Is it a plant? This is probably a waste of a question. Sorry, Matt.

AKA, in case I led you down the proverbial primrose path, I'll give you a break: It's not a plant! I won't count that one.

Aw, she's a cutie! :)

Is it Sister Sara's mule?

"The Mule" from  Two Mules for Sister Sara:D

That would be too easy.

#10, No.

So it has to be an animal then, right Matt?

Could be a plant. ;)

Is it an animate object?

#8, It is.

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