News: In theaters now: THE MULE, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood!

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I'm sure AKA meant to write "So, Matt, beyond INanimate object, what are my other choices?" ;)

I think "Two Mules" is more entertaining, but "Hang Em High" is the better film overall.

That probably says it pretty well for me, too.

No, my doctor has always said he doesn't recommend running, but I've got two good knees now, and I was getting creaky, so I thought it would be good to get moving more, and it is!

You just have to learn to run in the rain, too! ;)

What kind of dog do you have now that runs with you?

I almost went with that one -- could have saved us a question. I think KC likes Hang 'em High the best of those three, is that true? (NOT one of the 15 questions).

That's probably true, though it's a tossup with Two Mules. I like both much better than Joe Kidd, though.

Okay, is it an inanimate object?

#6, No.

Is it Two Mules for Sister Sara?

#5, Yes! :)

I believe we've narrowed it down to three films.  Is it Hang 'em High?

#4, No.

I didn't know you ran either, Matt. Is this something new? :)

Is the film one of the spaghetti westerns? (FFD, FAFDM, or GBU)

#3, No.

Did you both have nice weather today? It hit the mid 60's here today, and the park where I run was mobbed.

In the high 40s, with a lot of wind and mixed sun and clouds. The sun came out just when I was trying to run the part of the reservoir where it would reflect on the water and blind me. This always happens. I curse the sun a lot when I run.

I'm thinking. I'm up, right?

Right. :)

Wow, I thought this would be from The Mule.  So good question, AKA.

Is the film a Western?


EDIT: #2. Yes.

Is the item in a film directed by Clint?

#1, No.

I use a Widows laptop at work but a Mac at home (I think they're much better computers and more user friendly), and it looks like if you press command+R, you can automatically refresh the page.

Ctrl + R in Windows. Works, too.

I just click on the address bar and hit the return/enter key.

Yeah, that should work. Or the Reload button (in Firefox or Chrome).

Let's see ... OK, I have one.

Who wants to be IT? :)

Oops, I forgot! I'm here now, where is Matt?

10 PM OK?

It's in quite a few more theaters now: 3,212. Now in sixth place.

Just outside the top five, Clint Eastwood's The Mule continues its strong performance as it added 425 locations this weekend and dipped just -26% for an estimated $9 million weekend. The film's domestic cume now tops $81 million.

Thanks for that in-depth review, AKA! :)

Why the hell not?  8)

It's a bit late for me tonight. Anyone want to try for tomorrow night, say about 11 PM? :)

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