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 on: Yesterday at 08:31:14 PM 
Started by The Schofield Kid - Last post by Perry

One of the big complaints I've read about Cry Macho among everything else is Eastwood is too old as Milo and the romantic scenario was far fetched and ridiculous. Considering the novel the character of Milo is about 40 years younger. I agree with you Christopher the movie should had been done 35 years ago.  At a 33 million dollar budget no way is this movie making 60-70 million at the box office to even break even or a profit. Also like you, when i saw the trailer some weeks ago i wasn't too enthused. Unless I drop by someones house who has HBO Max I doubt I'll be seeing this movie. For some reason it was the same feeling I had about 'Trouble With the Curve' which I ended up seeing a few years later on cable and didn't like at all. Boring movie. It doesn't please me to say this, but I think this will be Eastwood's last movie in front of the camera.

 on: Yesterday at 04:54:47 PM 
Started by The Schofield Kid - Last post by Christopher
I wrote the absolute bare minimum thoughts in the spoiler free thread. Here I'll say that I think the movie is pretty forgettable. It reminded me a little of movies like Honkytonk Man and A Perfect World, but those are both far better movies. As I said in the other thread, I thought it was OK. I didn't dislike it, but I am glad that I just ended up watching it on HBO Max (they have a good deal going right now--undoubtedly as a way to get more subscribers).

I don't think the kid's story is necessarily going to end happily ever after--like Eastwood's character says, he'd be better off without either of his parents. So I was invested in him as a character, and am interested in knowing what happens with him. I did like the end for Eastwood's character. I was glad to see him just turn around at the American border, and just head back. Though given the romance angle there, I think this would have been better to have been made in the late '80s or sometime in the '90s (maybe the Bridges of Madison County era).

 on: Yesterday at 04:43:18 PM 
Started by The Schofield Kid - Last post by Christopher
I thought it was OK. The trailer didn't excite me, so I wasn't going into it with major expectations.

 on: Yesterday at 04:37:30 PM 
Started by bdc28 - Last post by Christopher
I don't know if anyone is saying they want it to happen, it's just a thread about who might be able to do it. A discussion for a discussion board. I'm a bit surprised no one has tried for real to do it yet.

 on: Yesterday at 03:01:52 PM 
Started by bdc28 - Last post by Perry

I can't even believe this conversation.......

 on: Yesterday at 02:58:43 PM 
Started by Wirral Writer - Last post by Perry

I got news for you pal, No one is showing up at the box office to see Eastwood at this stage of his life in a Dirty Harry movie.

 on: Yesterday at 02:45:56 PM 
Started by AKA23 - Last post by Perry
    4.5 million opening weekend Box Office which is dismal to say the least. A lot of that probably has to do with the older audiences not being in a rush to set foot in a movie theatre amid Covid and HBO Max is playing it plus another dopey Marvel movie to contend with. The mixed reviews certainly didn't help. If this movie makes eventually a profit it will be due to the overseas market when it's released......maybe...The movie just doesn't seem that interesting for a audience to go see...

 on: Yesterday at 03:29:29 AM 
Started by The Schofield Kid - Last post by Hocine
Hi everyone,

Last year, when we learned that Clint would be back both as an actor and a director in Cry Macho, a film project based on a novel, some of us seemed to be really excited or enthusiastic, if I am correct.
We also talked about the title Cry Macho and how it seemed to have some meanings in Clint Eastwood films.

So, if you have already seen the film, could you say if you enjoyed it or not ? And Why ?
In your opinion, could you tell us how Cry Macho stands in Clint Eastwood filmography ?

Thank you :)

 on: September 18, 2021, 01:58:47 PM 
Started by The Schofield Kid - Last post by john snow/targaryan
"So, Clint has somehow managed to entertain me yet again. Cry Macho is by no means a great film, but it's an enjoyable piece of cinema and it's worth the price of admission."

I think it all boils down to expectation. What is the expectation for a 91 yo who is starring and directing? Clint made his bones with primarily action movies. At 91, not realistic to expect anything other than a leisurely paced film.
Think we should all be happy that Clint is still in front of the camera.

 on: September 18, 2021, 10:21:10 AM 
Started by The Schofield Kid - Last post by Matt
I went to see it last night. It was my first time in a theater since COVID-19 hit. It was a Friday night, but I got a parking spot right outside the main entrance. This never happens at my theater -- typically you have to walk 4-5 minutes to get inside the theater.  I visited the bar before getting to my seat and ordered a Moscow Mule, and the people in line behind me overheard my order and started discussing The Mule and how they wouldn't miss seeing a 91 year old Clint Eastwood on screen for yet another of his films. I thought that was funny "Speaking of your Moscow Mule, did you see Clint's The Mule"?  Taking my seat, I found most seats in the small theater were taken - maybe 40-50 people. I'm in Tennessee, and there were plenty of older conservatives in the audience. The person next to me grumbled that they'd never buy a Samsung phone now, after seeing an ad showing a LGBTQ person with a Galaxy. It's strange to me how divided our country has become on social issues.

So, the movie starts, and the opening scene with Dwight Yoakam set my expectations at rock bottom. That was some of the worst acting I've ever seen. So I settled myself in for what I expected would be a very low effort film, and hoped there would be some value to it. There was the obligatory scene with a much younger woman wanting to sleep with Clint's character (well, she had ulterior motives, but that seems to be a theme in Clint films too -- women trying to bed Clint's character in order to get him into a vulnerable position, or for some other purpose). It made me think of the scene in True Crime and how many members here hated seeing Bob's wife in bed with Clint at his age. Well, here we have Clint 23 years older. Good thing that didn't happen.

Somewhere after that scene, about 20 minutes into the film, the film's best co-star makes an appearance -- Macho. And, it's all uphill from here. Yeah, there are some laugh-out-loud bad moments. And every scene with Dwight Yoakam is cringe. There are implausible scenarios in nearly every scene. There's every woman (even young girls) turning to butter with just a glance of Clint's steely blues. But, I was surprised to find that the film DIDN'T feel like it dragged on -- it just meandered in a pleasant way right to the last scene. The only spoiler - where Macho winds up at the end. And I won't spoil it, but I did find that one part of the film a bit too sentimental for my liking.

As usual, Clint has a few great one liners. My favorite:

I don't know how to fix old.

So, Clint has somehow managed to entertain me yet again. Cry Macho is by no means a great film, but it's an enjoyable piece of cinema and it's worth the price of admission.


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