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Author Topic: Advice on GBU DVD  (Read 5505 times)
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It's been at least two or three years since I've been out there but no, I don't believe Francesca's house has been restored. The last time I was there, there was a high fence and heavy-duty gate across the lane, complete with security cameras and scary-looking "no trespassing" signs.  Previously, you used to be able to drive right in.

It's a shame because it really was a cool tour. Basically, the house looked exactly like it did in the movie, with the windmill in the side yard where Clint washed up, the big wrap-around porch, the old-fashioned kitchen, etc., and you kept finding yourself saying, "I remember this...this is where..." and so on. The guide told us an interesting bit of trivia; apparently the night before filming was to begin, Clint--always a stickler for details--decided the inside stairs didn't look worn enough for an old farmhouse so he had a couple of crew members drag chains up and down the stairs for a couple hours to get them more beaten down.

A few years ago, when Robert Waller published the sequel to Bridges, titled A Thousand Country Roads, there was a good bit of excitement in Winterset for a while, with folks hoping that Clint might return to film the sequel. Of course, nothing ever came of that, and the excitement died out. That's probably one of the reasons Francesca's house has not been restored.

My pics are buried in one of the boxes I haven't unpacked since moving about a year and a half ago but if I can find them I'll get them scanned and posted. And btw--speaking of pictures--loved the screen save of Gene Hackman with the slightly modified dialogue. Great job!   :)

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