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Well, well,  well. .......I wonder if this future project will come to fruition.......sounds interesting. ...Clint directing, producing and acting again ?


The prospect of Eastwood acting again would be a dream come true for me. This actually sounds like a role that is completely different than any role Eastwood has ever potrayed. It sounds like it could be the most promising project for him since "Gran Torino." The article was extremely detailed, and Tracking Board seems like a reputable site, but I'm concerned that this project, if true, was not first reported in industry publications such as Variety, Hollywood Reporter or Deadline.

Someone is bound to ask him about this project though during interviews for 15:17 to Paris, so hopefully we'll have an idea of whether or not this is going to be Eastwood's next project soon.

Warners did announce that Eastwood would be doing a film that would be released in 2019 recently, so that lends some support to this. I think it's unlikely that they would announce that unless Eastwood had already decided on his next project, but that doesn't necessarily mean that this will end up being that project.

Saman Moradkhani:
Clint Eastwood’s Next Movie Is About A 90-Year Old Drug Mule, Tracking Board reports.

All ready mentioned, but this one deserves its own topic.
Can't wait  :D

That could be an interesting project. And if Eastwood does it, it would be good to see him on screen again.


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