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Who saw The 15:17 To Paris? Members' Comments (WARNING: SPOILERS ALLOWED!)

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The Schofield Kid:
With The 15:17 To Paris opening this week. It's time to get our traditional "members' comments" threads started.

In this thread, spoilers are allowed. Anyone who has seen The 15:17 To Paris and has more to say than can be safely posted in the "No Spoilers" thread, please give us your thoughts, comments or full-fledged review.

The main story line here about the three guys taking down a terrorist on board a train is a compelling one, but overall I was disappointed with the movie. At around 95 minutes it is too long. I would have liked to see it tightened up a bit.

There's too much detail about the trip leading up to the train ride to France. Perhaps a montage of some of that stuff would have been more effective. I'm also not sure why we spend so much time with the guys as kids.

Another random thing I noticed is that the film begins with a voice over of Anthony Sadler. He introduces himself and the other guys and then says that they'll go back to see how it all began... but the movie never does anything else with his voice over. Honestly I didn't want there to be a constant voice over in the movie, but I wasn't sure why it's in the film in the first place.

I also wasn't sure about the voice over used when Spencer is training. It's the part that is used in the trailer. Maybe I missed something there, but what was the context of that? Who was saying it? Where was it being said?

I like the whole train sequence and ending. I didn't mind the guys playing themselves in the movie. I wish the movie had turned out better for them.

This is the most negative review I've ever given an Eastwood movie here. :-\

I really liked this movie......but then again I like Midnight in the Garden of Good an Evil and Hereafter...This will be a marmite film and will divide opinion.......It is thematically fully in tune with Clint ' s other work but I admire his concept and approach resting on laurels, but experimenting and pushing the envelope.....what a maverick. I found it moving, uplifting and redemptive.  My thoughts are best summed up by the following perceptive reviews......


The Schofield Kid:
I saw the film last weekend and I did something I haven't done since been on the board and that was read reviews before seeing the film. I used to go three months or so before a Clint film was released here without looking at reviews or member comments. Luckily nowdays, the films are released at the same times as the U.S, so I don't have to wait.

Anyway after reading Christopher's review and a couple online, I had convinced myself I wouldn't like the film but I did. It isn't the best film Clint has ever made but for what it is, it's fine. A review on IMDB claimed it wasn't Hollywood enough and should have thrown in some non facts to bolster the story but that was one of the things I liked. My wife called it "A European feel good film". No big budget explosions or bombastic soundtrack. Just a nice film. Stick to the facts and at an hour an a half, I didn't think it dragged at all.

I got a little distracted early in the film with a poster of Letters From Iwo Jima in one scene and one of the guys wearing a Pale Rider T-Shirt in another, thinking it was going to be like that all the way through but I didn't notice any other Clint references after that.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.


I noticed the Letters from Iwo Jima poster on the wall, but didn't notice the Pale Rider T-shirt.


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