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Author Topic: Who saw The Mule? Members' Comments (WARNING: SPOILERS ALLOWED!)  (Read 14119 times)
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« Reply #60 on: February 17, 2019, 09:25:59 AM »


I watched The Mule last night. As always I'm the last one to watch and you must have commented everything possible already so I don't think I have much to add. I went to a talkative friend that distracted me a lot during the movie so I intend to watch it again... alone >:(

What a crazy character. I remember have seen something similar only in White Hunter Black Heart maybe a little in True Crime but this one beat all of them. I love when Clint play characters like that, I love the bohemian personality of Earl, I love the way he dances and sings and he sings a lot ;D As soon as I finish here, I'm posting on the thread reviews and one of them is very harsh, the reviewer says The Mule is the worst Clint movie which I don't agree at all. I'm not a movie critic, I watch movies for fun and I had fun watching The Mule, I didn't go to judge the character. I confess I don't like something that is very regular in Clint movies, extensive dialogues and weepy drama families but apart from that I love the movie and it is now among my favorite ones. :)

I don't think there is spoilers on this but chose to post here.

Thank you, Aline !
I’m glad that you finally got to see it too !
I agree with you when you said that Earl Stone shares some aspects with John Wilson and Steve Everett.
I would say that Earl Stone also shares some aspects with Bronco Billy, Red Stovall, Philo Beddoe and Tommy Nowak.
And like Robert Kincaid, he dedicated his life to his work.
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« Reply #61 on: March 26, 2019, 02:51:10 PM »

           Well, I finally saw The Mule......I thought it was a good movie and Eastwood was damn good in it. I guess it's hard to look at Eastwood playing such a vulnerable character after all these years. We never think our heroes will ever be 88,but Eastwood nailed it. The movie was pretty much what I expected from a technical standpoint and Diane Wiest was very good. My only complaint which isn't really that big a deal is I thought the movie could had been 10-15 shorter, but no biggie.  Would I rate this as one of Eastwood's top 10 movies?..No...But, it doesn't have to be. I'm still trying to figure out after seeing the movie what exactly the phony pc movie critics were scathing about, but it was obvious. Anyone can read through these clowns. Eastwood is the King of Hollywood of all time. No one is even close. That's what it's really about. It's either this or another Marvel comic movie. I'll choose an 90 year old real life story any day........

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« Reply #62 on: May 18, 2019, 04:51:23 PM »

I watched it yesterday and initially thought it was fairly weak but after a night's sleep I regard it as better than that.

I am a huge Eastwood fan but if Clint hadn't been in the movie and they had found another older actor for his role, would people like the movie as much?

The film started off fairly much like Gran Torino in a way, the kindly old man with the beat up truck that he drives around. So I was thinking he was taking the Gran Torino theme and using it again.

But this is where Eastwood adds a strong element to his character by making him unsympathetic and relatively unlikeable.

Entering the driving business was interesting. Now he wasn't an idiot so he must have known he was running something highly illegal especially after meeting the bad guys in the garage but Earl is happily doing the job (doesn't ring true as the Korean Vet in Earl should have twigged to the problem). Yes he needed money but his sense of right and wrong was tested here and found wanting.  Showing that Earl always made the wrong decision with his work and his family priorities.

Then we see him change cars.Originally this didn't ring true to me as I would be thinking he would have used the money for something else (after all it was the only drive he was going to do, he changed his mind about this later when he saw the money could be put to a good purpose.) He said the old car gave up the ghost but I was wondering if he was feeling a bit superior now he had some real money and simply got himself a new expensive car, showing off a bit.

I would have liked to have seen more of what he did with the money, make his purpose on the driving more understandable. The family certainly took a liking to him once he started spending the dollars.

I will have to watch it again in the near future but The Mule didn't strike me like the classic Gran Torino did.
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