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Bright idea to gain info on "that song"

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Bet you thought you got us there, huh Gant?  ;)

It looks as though Larry Bunker is the main drummer, with  John Guerin as a second drummer and percussionist.  Emil Richards, Ken Watson, and Joe Porcaro are also on percussion.

--- Quote ---DIRTY HARRY
Lalo Schifrin
Burbank, California: October 4, 1971
Gary Barone (tp); Craig Kupka (tb); Vincent De Rosa (frhrn); Tom Scott, Tony Ortega, Plas Johnson, Jerome Richardson (woodwinds); Mike Lang, Ralph Grierson, Mike Melvoin (key); Howard Roberts, Dennis Budimer, Michael Deasey (g); Ray Brown (b); Max Bennett (el-b); Larry Bunker (d); Emil Richards, John Guerin, Ken Watson, Joe Porcaro (perc); Israel Baker, David Frisina, Dorothy Wade, Paul Shure, Bonnie Douglas, Alfred Lustgarten, Jerome Reisler, George Kast, Joseph Livoti, Alex Beller, Herman Clebanoff, Samuel Cytron (vln); Milton Thomas, Virginia Majewski, Joe Reilich, Philip Goldberg (viola); Raphael Kramer, Armand Kaproff, Emmet Sergeant, Kurt Reher (cello); Catherine Gotthoffer (harp); Bill Williams, Dan Franklin (copyist); Kurt Wolff (orchestra mgr); Lalo Schifrin (arr,cond)

Note:  According to Lalo Schifrin,  Larry Bunker and John Guerin played drums simultaneously together (although Schifrin indicates Mel Lewis, not Larry Bunker, is the second drummer during the interview contained in Warner Music France (Fr) 8573-87357-2 [CD]).

--- End quote ---

(Emphasis added)

..and errr, what make of sticks is he using.... ;D

Bet you thought you got us again, right Gant?  ;D

--- Quote ---Biography
A versatile studio musician who is skilled on all types of percussion, Larry Bunker's main significance to jazz has been as a drummer and vibraphonist. He was a member of the Gerry Mulligan Quartet in 1953 (replacing Chico Hamilton) and then primarily worked in the studios but emerged in the jazz world for associations with Stan Getz, Warne Marsh, Clare Fischer, Gary Burton, Dizzy Gillespie and most significantly as a member of the Bill Evans Trio (1963-65), making occasional recordings in a jazz setting through the decades. Larry Bunker's only opportunities to lead his own band on record resulted in three obscure albums in a 1963 quartet that included Gary Burton; one came out on Vault and the other two appeared as Japanese Interplay CDs. Larry Bunker is a spokesperson for Vic Firth American Jazz drumsticks, and uses their Wood AJ2 brand in all performances and recordings. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
--- End quote ---

(Emphasis added)

Okay, I concocted that last, emphasized sentence.  Had you going there, didn't I? ;D

There's a lot of good information on Larry Bunker on the 'net. He seems to be very popular with Jazz enthusiasts.

Ha ha.. absolutely.... ;D ;D ;D

Brilliant stuff Matt.. you da man.... ;)

I use Vic Firth by the way..... :)


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