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Hi, there. Does anyone have any background info on what would be a typical workout routine for Clint? In addiiton, I am aware that he has always been a believer in meditation and wonder if any of our members have info on this as well.

He lifts light weights and runs, and also takes his vitamins.  ;) I know that much.

Well, I know that Clint's healthier than me and I'm 54 years his junior! Now THAT's a depressing thought ;)

I posted this awhile back, but I can't seem to find the thread. I had to research the web to find it again, and finally did, so I will repost it here. It sheds some light on Clint's health, his exercise routine, and the like. I thought it was relevant to this discussion.

--- Quote --- Clint Eastwood relies on a rigorous exercise routine to fuel his performance as actor, director, composer, politician . . . and club owner
 By Jon Feld

CBI: IHRSA's 'Person of the Year,' Jack LaLanne, has said that you came to him for fitness advice when you were just 16 years of age. Is that when your involvement with fitness began?

Clint Eastwood: I've always been committed to an active and healthy lifestyle. I'm very interested in nutrition and exercise, and I work out regularly, and keep up with the latest equipment on the market. I did meet Jack when I was in my teens, but I never went to him specifically for advice. When he lived in Hollywood, I visited at his house, and I've seen his home gym. My wife, Dina, and I run into him occasionally and still exchange Christmas cards. I hope to be as fit as he is when I'm 88. Right now, I eat well, exercise a lot, and I'm a pretty happy guy—I feel like a man half my age.

CBI: Do you have a fitness role model today? Is there someone that you look to for advice on nutrition and exercise?

CE: I think Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a great job in the role model department. During my career, I've been very fortunate in that I've been able to work with the best—like Jack LaLanne, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and trainer Al Silvani. Currently, Mike Hamill, a fitness guru who's also a friend of mine, helps keep me in shape. But I don't look for a lot of advice, and I don't train with anyone else. I just keep grinding along, and take my cues from a lot of different people. It's fun to watch a younger generation coming along that has a real interest in fitness. Nationally, we still have a real problem with obesity, but there's definitely more interest in fitness these days—which is a great thing.

CBI: How often do you work out?

CE: I do something every day—from walking or running a little on the golf course, to really hitting it hard in the gym, doing cardio or lifting weights. I've always been interested in fitness; it's never been a fad thing with me. These days, I just make sure that I'm more consistent, more dedicated. As you get older, you have to keep at it more diligently.

CBI: If we were to visit your home gym, what sort of equipment would we find?

CE: I tend to make use of the same equipment in my home gym and for my club properties. I really like the new Star Trac equipment—the company has made a lot of advances. I also like Precor's elliptical units. For strength training, I prefer Strive's target loading systems for an intense time-efficient workout. And to balance things out, I use Apex Fitness equipment—it's very durable and low-maintenance.

CBI: Do you work out regularly at any particular club?

CE: No, there's no one club. I try to work out wherever I happen to be, but I prefer to work out at home or at the Mission Ranch inn. I enjoy the privacy of my own gym, and have fitness equipment at all of my houses. Too often, when you go into clubs today, you hear rock or rap music. When I work out, I'd rather put on jazz or blues—as loud as I want!

CBI: Exercise obviously helps you to maintain your appearance and keeps you feeling young. Does it do anything else for you?

CE: I try to meditate every day, and exercise is another form of meditation for me. It definitely keeps the endorphins flowing, but, at the same time, it also keeps me focused. I couldn't live without exercise.

CBI: Many of the roles that you've played have been very physical—e.g., in Any Which Way You Can and Any Which Way But Loose, in both of which you were a bare-knuckles fighter, and, more recently, in Space Cowboys. Did these films require any special training?

CE: I've always enjoyed specialty training for my film roles. Boxing legend Al Silvani, who worked with Rocky Graziano and Floyd Paterson, trained me for my fighting roles . . . The last real training I did was for Space Cowboys.

CBI: The New Yorker recently claimed that, at the age of 73, you can still bench-press 200 pounds. Can you?

CE: I don't lift to see how much I can lift anymore, but, back when I used to keep tabs on that sort of thing, I was able to bench press more than 300 pounds.

CBI: Golf is clearly one of your passions, and one of the reasons that you've invested in a number of golf properties. How often do you play, and how do you do out on the course?

CE: When I'm not working, I play golf several times a week. My average score is anywhere in the 80s—preferably in the low 80s.

CBI: Tell us something about your diet regimen. Do you make use of supplements?

CE: I take vitamins daily, but just the bare essentials—not what you'd call supplements. I try to stick to a vegan diet—heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I eat chicken, fish, or turkey, but no red meat, cheese, or fried foods. When I want a bite of something 'bad,' I'll steal something from my wife's plate.

CBI: So, you eat intelligently, exercise regularly, and play golf whenever you can—what sort of shape are you in?

CE: I'm about 6'4' and weigh around 205 pounds. My cholesterol is between 140 and 155, and my body fat is relatively low.

CBI: It seems that virtually everyone in Hollywood works out. What about performing makes it so essential to stay in shape?

CE: In Hollywood, appearance is critical to your livelihood, so you really have to stay in shape.

CBI: As you probably know, the federal government is beginning to take more of an interest in fitness, in part because more than 60% of all Americans are now overweight. Over the years, you've held several public offices—do you think promoting fitness is an appropriate role for government to play?

CE: I've always believed that people—all people—should have access to expert advice and quality equipment, and I've donated quite a few pieces of equipment to our local youth center. As far as I'm concerned, it would be great if the government promoted fitness more aggressively.

CBI: Many people may not know that, in addition to being an actor, director, composer, and occasional politician, you're also a club owner. What made you decide to get involved in the industry?

CE: I got into the business for two reasons: First, I had the right opportunities at the right time. But another major factor in my decision to become a club owner was the appeal of being able to do something to preserve a bit of the environment. I knew that we'd retain everything that was great about Pebble Beach (which Eastwood owns in partnership with Peter Ueberroth and Arnold Palmer) with low-impact, if any, development. The same was true with Tehama. The golf course follows the natural lay of the land in a beautiful way. We removed very few trees; in fact, we moved a few trees to make sure that they survived. Beyond those two principal reasons, I enjoy many other aspects of club ownership—from the wide open spaces to the health and fitness component.

CBI: You're also the owner of Carmel's historic Mission Ranch inn. How involved were you in the creation of its tennis and fitness facilities, and how important are they to the experience of its guests?

CE: I rebuilt Mission Ranch and equipped it as I would my own home—the facilities are just great. The tennis and fitness club is very popular with our members and guests.

CBI: Do you have a business philosophy? What do you expect from employees? And what do you demand for your customers?

CE: As far as our clientele is concerned, my philosophy is rather basic—great service, incredible cleanliness, and no price gouging. With respect to employees, I'm fortunate in that a lot of great people are involved in my businesses—my films, my restaurants, and my clubs. I tend to let them do their jobs, and avoid micromanaging them, and they tend to stick around for a long while.

CBI: You recently completed a movie based on the novel Mystic River, the Dennis Lehane thriller, and you've also purchased the film rights to the book First Man: A Life of Neil A. Armstrong. What can we expect to see from you next?

CE: I'm still working on the final touches on Mystic River. After that, I'm looking forward to taking some time off, and playing some more golf . . . but I'll still be working out.

--- End quote ---

Thanks AKA, that was a great read.  8) *sigh* I need to join a gym...  :'(


--- Quote from: AKA23 on June 03, 2004, 11:21:40 AM ---Well, I know that Clint's healthier than me and I'm 54 years his junior! Now THAT's a depressing thought ;)

I posted this awhile back, but I can't seem to find the thread. I had to research the web to find it again, and finally did, so I will repost it here. It sheds some light on Clint's health, his exercise routine, and the like. I thought it was relevant to this discussion.

--- End quote ---
AKA that was everything I wanted to know.........I really appreciate you posting this item. Thanks.


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