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Title: Clint going to be a dad again?
Post by: suejerry on December 06, 2008, 07:12:30 AM
According to this article Clint is going to be a dad again with his wife Dina expecting another child I havent heard anything else relating to this does anyone know if this is true or not.
Title: Re: Clint going to be a dad again
Post by: KC on December 06, 2008, 12:11:40 PM
I suspect that someone has simply misread a recent news item reporting that Clint was "surprised to become a dad late in life," i.e., when he was 66 and found out that his new bride was pregnant.

This was an advance tidbit from the upcoming Parade interview, which is now available online. The quote goes like this:

By 63, having sired six children by four women, Clint was resigned to riding to the end of the trail solo. Then he was interviewed by a TV reporter named Dina Ruiz. She was 35 years his junior, a beauty of Japanese, European, and African-American descent. Their chemistry was instant.

If Clint surprised himself by marrying again, he certainly didn’t imagine more kids. “We were in Hawaii on our honeymoon,” he tells me. “After a few weeks, she said she felt a little nausea. She asked me to stop at a gas station so she could buy one of those sticks. She came back and said, ‘We’re pregnant.’” He laughs. “At least nobody stood there with a shotgun when we got married.”