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I’ve always liked it, but having watched it again last week (3rd or 4th time) I think I like it twice as much now! Jessica Walter and Clint play their characters really well and the story is more than believable.

Looking through the discussion in this forum, and also through the bonus materials on the dvd, I can appreciate many different aspects of the film a lot more than before.

Yeah both of those are pretty scary. I'd only add the moment we see Evelyn standing above Dave with a knife in her hand.  :o

It's hilarious Don wanted to have his lines written out on little bits of paper and placed around the bar, so he could read them - in the middle of the scene!  ;D

He played Murphy quite well and that scene in the bar with Don, Clint and Jessica Walter is just great.

The original trailer has that voice-over which makes the film look like a low budget horror movie when it’s so much more than that, and the repetition of “get off my back” is pretty annoying. So I prefer the version at the beginning of the documentary, just seems a better representation of the film.

Most likely, but not definitely.
Ok, agreed.  :)

I think Evelyn would definitely know how to kill herself, if she wanted to. She shows us on several occasions that she is smart (the way she copies Dave's house keys and the way she moves in with Tobie without any suspicion, etc...) and there's plenty of cliffs around Carmel to jump would have found a way. Dave was about to drive her home, she could have driven herself off a I think slashing the wrists was definitely a cry for attention.

Later on when she tells Dave that a girl committing suicide in his house wouldn't look good, I think it's another manipulative tool, just to keep Dave on his toes, to keep him looking after her, so she doesn't try the "suicide" again!

Sorry Matt, I haven't seen Fatal Attraction since it came out, so I can't really remember much about it...

I was watching the documentary on the "Misty" dvd today, and it's mentioned that the person who wrote the story actually based Evelyn on a real person. I'd love to know more about that woman. And I bet you all the tea in China that she didn't come from a happy family! Guess we'll never really know, but Evelyn certainly is a fascinating character.

And back to that scene, the door being locked, I don't know if they did that deliberately or not, but in a way, it could symbolize the door to Evelyn's past being locked to Dave and to the rest of us. It heightens the mystery.

Eastwood News / Re:S.A.G. lifetime achievement award for Clint
« on: March 17, 2003, 05:20:50 PM »
You missed it, it was on Channel 5 last Saturday night.

Kyle plays bass in a jazz band, I do believe.

I hope he does take a role for himself in the film, even a minor one, like he did in A Perfect World.  

Birdie was great, I agree, but two other people I’d like to mention here…Dave’s friend and fellow DJ Al Monte, I think James McEachin does a reasonably good job and he gets some great lines to say too…(Dave: “You’re gonna make somebody a tremendous mother”…Al: “Too narrow in the pelvis!”)  ;D , and of course, later on, a bit of a warning to Dave: “You know what they say…he who lives by the sword…shall die by the sword.”

And then also Jay Jay, not much of a part, but his line “Oh please, don’t mention sea food!” after Dave tells him to go and “…cruise some sailors”, really made me laugh.

Makes me wonder if she's seen anyone look at her that way before.
I've just posted something about this in the other thread, about Evelyn's character, but I'll repeat some of it here. I wonder if (just another guess) Evelyn's father was similar to Dave, maybe he cheated on her mother or maybe he had a lot of girlfriends, and he never paid attention to Evelyn? And when she wanted attention, he shouted at her, like Dave does. In that case, I think slashing her wrists was more a desperate attempt to get Dave's attention, rather than a suicide attempt. What do you think?  :-\


I’d agree with that, I prefer not knowing exactly what kind of background she came from. This uncertainty definitely adds to the suspense.

Just thinking about Evelyn’s character, my guess is she didn’t have a good relationship with her father, she never got that attention she needed as a child, or maybe she just never had a father at all.

I’m just guessing, but a lot of her behaviour seems to be very child-like, for example when she takes Dave’s car keys and almost wants to be chased along the street, which is the sort of thing a child would do, playfully screaming and laughing simultaneously while she and Dave are fighting for the keys.
Somewhere deep down, was she looking for a father figure in Dave?

Few more examples…when she bursts into Dave’s house in the middle of the night expecting to find him in bed with Tobie, I think she says, amongst other things: “Could it be somebody’s been sleeping in Papa Bear’s bed?”
Dave then tries to tell her that he doesn’t love her and she throws herself on the bed, again like a small child, screaming: “It’s not true, it’s not true…”, before slashing her wrists, desperate to get his attention.
Pure speculation, but I wonder if perhaps Evelyn’s father cheated on her mother at some point? Did Evelyn witness it?

Later on, when she has a dream that she’s drowning and Dave isn’t helping her, was she having some kind of a childhood flashback, ‘cause she says: “Oh, I’m so alone, hold me, please…”. She’s almost begging Dave to hold her, and I get the impression that she’s been alone and unloved for a long time.

It’s hard to choose, there’s many good ones in this film, but if I have to…my favourite scene would have to be the first time Dave meets Evelyn, the game Dave and Murphy play to get her attention…I always enjoy watching that. And the dialogue ending with Evelyn saying “I ought to be mad”…”But you’re not?”…”Not really”. I love the irony of that last statement, ‘cause very soon after that it becomes clear that she is just slightly mad.

Least favourite…I really could have done without seeing Dave’s hand sliding along the blade in the final confrontation with Evelyn.
Generally, I’m never too keen on seeing blood and guts on the screen. The two “slashing” scenes in the film are not really that gory and they fit well with the story and everything, but I just can’t “enjoy” them and end up looking away (the wimp that I am).

First time Evelyn takes Dave to her house, she’s getting the drinks from the fridge, anybody notice the ice pick in her hand, slashing through the ice?  :o
Watching the film again, having seen it before, I knew what to expect from her later in the film, but I don’t think I ever noticed this before.
Bit of a sinister moment there, but the first hint of her obsession with Dave, for me, comes soon after that, at the fireplace when she says: “I wanted to meet you, I listen to you all the time.”  

Web Site Announcements / Re:Biweekly Eastwood Film Discussions
« on: March 11, 2003, 08:42:40 AM »
Yeah I see what you mean Matt, I'm sure it takes a lot of time running a forum like this one and I'm also sure all the regular visitors appreciate the work you guys are going. I certainly do. And yeah, this is one of the friendliest boards I've ever come across, so there's no complaints there.

I was just thinking of different ways of attracting more traffic to the site and what I had in mind was more like a mailing list rather than sending out individual emails to all members. I used to run a list few years ago for a local band to help them promote their gigs, it seemed to help them as more people turned out to see them. Obviously that was a different situation, but it could help here too. Maybe one of the other "senior" members with a bit of time could help out?

Another thing that occurred to me, after Walt (I think) mentioned other "film" message boards, was that maybe it would be useful to post a few messages in all these other forums and invite people to have a look at the site and join? This is something that all of us could do to help...not just the moderators?

Well anyway... just thinking out loud... :)

General Discussion / Re:earliest clint movie
« on: March 10, 2003, 06:28:18 PM »
Revenge Of The Creature! Wow. Never thought HMV would bother with films like that!

Well I've never come across any of his early films (from 1950's) so I'm afraid Fistfull Of Dollars is the earliest I've seen (not counting Rawhide obviously...)

Eastwood News / Re:S.A.G. lifetime achievement award for Clint
« on: March 10, 2003, 06:08:11 PM »
Nice speech! And great pictures too. Thanx for those!

Now I have to wait a whole week to see it for myself on Channel 5  :(

Web Site Announcements / Re:Biweekly Eastwood Film Discussions
« on: March 10, 2003, 05:56:56 PM »
Well I agree with all of you! Discussing Clint's films in depth is a great idea and this should definitely continue! I've enjoyed reading everybody's comments, posted a few of my own  :o  and I too have learned a lot!

As for the films chosen so far...great choices, but then any film you pick out, there's loads to talk about in each one, so you can't go wrong.

Maybe extending the discussions to one per month would give people more time to get hold of the current film being discussed? I've only just got Misty on dvd today (30th Anniversary edition...wahey!!), I have seen it before but it's been a couple of years, so I'll be watching it again this week.

I realise many people have registered on the board but hardly ever (or never) join in, so I wonder if it might be a good idea for one of the moderators to send out an email to all members once a month inviting them to join in the film discussions?  

Well just a thought... :)

The Dirty Harry Films / Re:Dirty Harry/Magnum Force screenplays
« on: March 01, 2003, 09:42:45 AM »
Thanks KC.
How can you tell if they are original copies though? Is there a particular stamp or mark to look for or something like that?
I know for sure they are not signed, but maybe I'll ask to have a closer look at them...

General Discussion / Re:eastwood movie music
« on: March 01, 2003, 09:32:57 AM »
Yeah Googan's a gop who went to NY Gity to pick up a griminal... ;D

Back to the topic though...for me it would have to be the music from Magnum Force and GBU, although I like many others.

The Dirty Harry Films / Dirty Harry/Magnum Force screenplays
« on: March 01, 2003, 09:19:40 AM »
A friend of mine recently got hold of the Dirty Harry and Magnum Force screenplays, are they rare/worth a lot or can you get hold of them easily?

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