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Haha. This is fantastic. Glad someone finally decided to put Lee in his place. Glad is was our man who did it.

I know this board has discussed the issue of if Hugh Jackman looks like a younger Clint. And if you know me, I fought tooth and nail for the "He doesn't look like him" side of the argument. But my way of thinking about him has changed when I saw a trailer for Hugh's newest movie called "Australia" when I went to go see Indiana Jones. All I can say is I was DEAD wrong about Hugh. He is a spitting image.

The movie itself looks fantastic. It looks like a western in Australia. The plot is "AUSTRALIA is an epic and romantic action adventure, set in that country on the explosive brink of World War II. In it, an English aristocrat (Nicole Kidman) travels to the faraway continent, where she meets a rough-hewn local (Hugh Jackman) and reluctantly agrees to join forces with him to save the land she inherited. Together, they embark upon a transforming journey across hundreds of miles of the world’s most beautiful yet unforgiving terrain, only to still face the bombing of the city of Darwin by the Japanese forces that attacked Pearl Harbor. With his new film, Luhrmann is painting on a vast canvas, creating a cinematic experience that brings together romance, drama, adventure and spectacle."

But the awesome-ness gets even better. They even play the "Ecstasy of Gold" from GBU in the trailer! I was sold.

Thoughts on the movie and is Hugh, Clint?


Off-Topic Discussion / Top 10 Entrances in Movie History
« on: November 05, 2007, 08:24:09 AM »
Here's a cool article I ran across today. (

10. Capt. Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

Okay, as far as the Pirates trilogy is concerned, well, you won't see it on many "top" anything lists. The first movie is passable, but the sequels are merely junk. Despite the lack of overall quality, Pirates of the Caribbean did a few things very well. Jack Sparrow(played by Johnny Depp) is a great cinematic character that audiences really get behind. Sparrow's always cheating or stealing to further his own ends, and he's really funny in the process. It takes several little moments to create a character like that, but it's how we meet the character that automatically sets Jack Sparrow up as someone unique. We see a huge grand shot of Johnny Depp standing tall at the top of a ship, but only when the camera pulls back do we see that the ship is slowly sinking. Just as the ship is about to be completely swallowed under water, Sparrow calmly steps onto the dock as his ship sinks below. Every dog has it's day.

9. Willy Wonka - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

The world is set on fire when it's announced that candy genius Willy Wonka will be opening up his factory to five lucky prize winners. The people allowed inside will have found a golden ticket inside one of Wonka's great chocolate bars. After ransom demands, forgeries and all-out craziness, five winning kids and their parents await outside the factory to start their adventure. We meet Willy Wonka as Gene Wilder hobbles out with a cane appearing to be handicapped until he miraculously does a summersault. He then greets his guests with kindness, but mostly sarcastic remarks. Willy Wonka's entrance gives us a glimpse into what becomes one of the most magical and heartwarming movies ever.

8. Joe Gillis - Sunset Boulevard (1950)

When you first see Billy Wilder's masterpiece there's no doubt about how our leading man will fare in this tale. The movie opens with narration from William Holden as we're seeing his dead body floating at the top of a pool. The story of Sunset Boulevard tells how Holden's character of Joe Gillis went from a broke screenwriter to a corpse. The opening seconds set the tone for the entire film as the story seems to always get darker and darker. Sunset Boulevard is pure classic gold all the way through, but it's start and our introduction to the character of Joe Gillis may just be the film at it's eerie heights.

7. Colonel Walter E. Kurtz - Apocalypse Now (1979)

Apocalypse Now is almost three hours long(original version that is), and we don't see it's biggest star until about 80% into the movie. The story is of a US solider in Vietnam(Martin Sheen) sent to kill a renegade Colonel in his own army. Colonel Kurtz is played by probably the
greatest actor ever in Marlon Brando. Most of the movie takes place on the boat that Sheen is taking to meet his target. For about two hours we hear about the exploits of this larger than life man who supposed to be murdered. Upon finding Kurtz location Sheen is captured by Kurtz's own army. We finally meet the insane Colonel as he sits with Sheen and both men compare their insanity. Apocalypse Now is defiantly a trip in more than one sense of the word. It's also one of the best movies you'll ever see. To top it off, Kurtz lives up to hype. As does Brando....

6. John Doe - Seven (1995)

Back in September I posted a column on Seven and I hinted at how cool the scenes were when we first meet our killer in this twisted movie. Kevin Spacey had his name taken off the intro credits and any promo material for the film because if you saw his name before the film during viewing you'd know who the killer was. There's no great dramatic finale setting up the mystery of the killer in Seven. The madman known as John Doe simply walks into a police station and turns himself into the detectives looking for him. John Doe walks in and yells "DETECTIVE" at the top of his lungs to get his pursuer's attention and then simply laments "You're looking for me." All the while being covered in a new victim's blood. In a twisted way, I think that's pretty cool.

5. Honey Ryder - Dr. No (1962)

I'm a little ashamed. I just noticed that Ursula Andress' portrayal of the most famous Bond girl is the only female to make the list. I guess it's better than no females, right? Whenever I think of the term "Bond girl" Honey Ryder is the one that always pops in my head. We meet her towards the end of Dr. No as James Bond has followed his enemy to a tropical island and he sees Ryder emerge from the water. It's a simple entrance, but when Ursula Andress emerges from the water you see a beautiful amazon(hey, she was hot back in day!) strapped with a knife to her leg. When that character enters the movie she's automatically a character of strength. Apparently strong enough to rival the uber-masculine James Bond for your attention. Even if she did just end up having a bit of sex with the best Bond, Sean Connery.

4. Frank, Once Upon a Time in the West - (1968)

I discussed this scene in my Top 10 Performances column some months back. In what some call Sergio Leone's masterpiece, we see a little family preparing a dinner for a soon to be arriving family member. All of a sudden we hear a single gun shot as the mother falls to ground. The father runs to his wife's aid, but is shot himself, followed by his oldest son. After the mayhem has settled we see several men dressed in long dusters emerge from the frontier. The family's little son runs out of the house in shock. One of the gunman asks their leader "What about this one, Frank?". Frank replies "Since you've used my given name", then all we see is pistol drawn and fired. The kid and his family are dead. How horrible.... Oh yeah, and Frank just happens to be Henry Fonda.

3. Darth Vader - Star Wars (1977)

In what is now the fourth installment of the Star Wars saga, this entrance would be the second time we see Darth Vader in his black suit after Revenge of the Sith. Well, back in 1977, Star Wars(or a New Hope as some prefer) was the first time the world
was introduced to the villain in black. After we see a starship attacked and soldiers draped in white rush aboard we finally see their leader. Darth Vader bursts through a hole in the ship and into movie history. After I'm done using all the clichés in the book, I don't really think I need to describe this with any depth, do I? Have you really not seen this movie? Darth Vader enters the way a WWE wrestler would enter going to a match. We've all seen it many times over. Great Entrances always tell you something about the character entering the story. When Darth Vader appears on the screen in Star Wars he's immediately an imposing villain, as much as there's ever been.

2. Harry Lime - The Third Man (1949)

The Third Man is about as classic as any movie has a right to be. You've got a great setting in post-war Vienna, beautifully poignant music, Joseph Cotten and especially, Orson Welles. Well, at least for half of the movie anyway. The story of The Third Man is of an American novelist(Cotten) traveling to Europe to meet his old buddy, Harry Lime. Upon arriving in Paris, Cotten learns that Harry is dead. After a night of much drinking, Cotten stumbles back to his hotel, but notices someone following him. He looks over and sees only the man's shoes as he's hidden in doorway. After he yells at the man to show himself, an old lady opens her window above to see what the noise is about. In doing this, light from her room shines directly on the man's face. The man following our hero is Orson Welles and he's a very much alive Harry Lime. Pure genius! If it weren't for the strength of the next selection I would've happily selected it as #1!

1. Blondie - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

Well, some say Once Upon a Time in the West is Leone's masterpiece. I say The Good, the Bad and the Ugly holds that title. Each of three main characters in the movie represent either good, bad or just plain ugly. Any one of their entrances could make this list, but I just had to go with the good. While the ugly(Eli Wallach) is about to be captured by three bounty hunters, they mention that Wallach is worth several thousand dollars, we hear a voice simply say "Yeah, but you won't be the ones to collect it". We see a gun emerge in front of the camera as if we're playing a first person shooter game. The voice draws his gun and shoots all three men dead. We have just met the good in this epic story. The good just happens to be the man with no name or Blondie for a nickname. How about we just call him Clint Eastwood?

Off-Topic Discussion / Super Bowl XLI
« on: January 21, 2007, 08:22:25 PM »
I'm going with the Bears. Their defense is incredible.

Eastwood News / Re: Flags of Our Fathers production news [merged]
« on: September 12, 2006, 08:34:32 AM »
Saw the trailer today. I'm really looking forward to this film.

Off-Topic Discussion / Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" has died
« on: September 03, 2006, 11:47:43 PM »
The Queensland Police Service advise Australian wildlife personality Steve Irwin has died.

It is believed Mr Irwin collapsed after being stung by a sting-ray at Batt Reef, Low Isle off Port Douglas about 11am. He had been filming a documentary.

After being stung by the sting-ray, his crew called for medical treatment and the Emergency Management Queensland Helicopter responded however Mr Irwin had died.

Mr Irwin’s family has been advised.

R.I.P. Steve :'(

Eastwood News / Re: Eastwood HD DVDs: News and Reviews
« on: August 02, 2006, 04:40:32 PM »
As long as its a straight port from the Collector's Edition DVD, I'll be happy.

Blu-ray VS HD-DVD = Betamax VS VHS

But looking at it from a computer programers standpoint, I'd go with Blu-ray.

1) When the PS3 is released ever single owner is going to have a Blu-ray drive, weither they wanted one or not. So already Blu-ray drives are in more homes then HD-DVD drives. That was the 360's mistake, not including a HD-DVD drive.

2) More space. Yes, HD-DVD holds a lot of memory, but if there is another format with more memory, I'm going to it.
HD-DVD - 30 gig
Blu-ray - 50 gig (Sony is working on a 200 gig disc. Why, I don't know)
Programmers need a lot of memory and these Blu-ray discs will be a blessing. Blu-ray is going to cost more the extra space is worth it.

3) More movie, tech, and gaming companies support Blu-ray then HD. More support means more products. And if you can overwhelm the competition with more product, then you usually win, usually.

Of course if you need HD content ASAP and you aren't sure which format to back, get a hybrid player.
In a move that must be spurred by desperation, Samsung and Toshiba have joined forces to design a player that will support both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, according to bit-tech. The site says the player will be available later this year or early 2007, just not in a next-gen console. Tom's Hardware is reporting that Sony is also looking at a hybrid player with NEC. Too bad we're so close to the PS3 launch, it would be great if they could just throw a hybrid player in there instead of Blu-ray.

Of course, Microsoft could always just throw out another gaming appendage down the line if they felt like taking the hybrid route or, don't hold your breath, decided to support Blu-ray.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Batman... returns!
« on: August 02, 2006, 04:18:49 PM »
Heath Ledger... might be good, but i would have preferred Christopher Walken  ;)

Haha, I'd be laughing my ass off the whole movie if Walken was the Joker.

Its good to see Nolan is directing again. With him onboard, you know its going to be good. The question is will it be as good as "Begins".

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What Was The Last DVD You Bought ?
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:21:27 PM »

A must have for any movie buff.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Recent Books Read
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:15:40 PM »
I just finished "A Scanner Darkly". Oh my God!! Probably the best book I've ever read. I highly recommend it.

They are also making a movie adaptation of the novel which looks amazing.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What was the last western you watched?
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:14:27 PM »
Open Range

Slow Ride ~ Foghat

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Myspace
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:12:34 PM »
I do. I'm on it a lot actually.

Eastwood News / Re: Dirty Harry Video Game and more?
« on: July 20, 2006, 09:10:13 PM »
Just saw the trailer.The voice....
Can't wait for this one although I'm not a fun of vg's.Suppose I'll have to buy playstation3,but it doesn't matter,because this one is a lifetime expectation.

Uh... if you arn't a big gamer, then I would suggest getting a Xbox 360. They go for $400. I say this not because I'm a fanboy (which I am not by the way), but because the PS3 is going to cost you $600. And if you arn't a big gamer, and DH is also going to be on the 360, then there is no reason to pay that much more.

Syd Barrett, Troubled Genius of Pink Floyd, Dead at 60

07-11-2006 11:03 AM
By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer

LONDON -- Syd Barrett, the troubled Pink Floyd co-founder who spent his last years in reclusive anonymity, has died, the band said Tuesday. He was 60.

A spokeswoman for the band said Barrett died several days ago, but she did not disclose the cause of death. Barrett had suffered from diabetes for years.

The surviving members of Pink Floyd _ David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright _ said they were "very upset and sad to learn of Syd Barrett's death."

"Syd was the guiding light of the early band lineup and leaves a legacy which continues to inspire," they said in a statement.

Barrett co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 with Waters, Mason and Wright, and wrote many of the band's early songs. The group's jazz-infused rock and drug-laced, multimedia "happenings" made them darlings of the London psychedelic scene. The 1967 album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" _ largely written by Barrett, who also played guitar _ was a commercial and critical hit.

But Barrett suffered from mental instability, exacerbated by his use of LSD. His behavior grew increasingly erratic, and he left the group in 1968 _ five years before the release of Pink Floyd's most popular album, "Dark Side of the Moon" _ to be replaced by Gilmour.

Barrett released two solo albums _ "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett" _ but soon withdrew from the music business altogether. An album of previously unreleased material, "Opel," was issued in 1988.

He reverted to his real name, Roger Barrett, and spent much of the rest of his life living quietly in his hometown of Cambridge, England. Moving into his mother's suburban house, he passed the time painting and tending the garden. His former bandmates made sure Barrett continued to receive royalties from his work with Pink Floyd.

He was a familiar figure to neighbors, often seen cycling or walking to the corner store, but rarely spoke to the fans and journalists who sought him out over the years.

Despite his brief career, Barrett's fragile, wistful songs influenced many musicians, from David Bowie _ who covered the Barrett track "See Emily Play" _ to the other members of Pink Floyd, who recorded the album "Wish You Were Here" as a tribute to their troubled bandmate.

It contained the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" _ "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun." The band also dwelt on themes of mental illness on the albums "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall."

The band spokeswoman said a small, private funeral would be held.

Today is a sad day in the world of classic rock.

R.I.P.   :'(

Off-Topic Discussion / What is your dream car?
« on: June 22, 2006, 10:01:54 PM »
Ok, I was having a discussion with my friends the other day about our dream cars. I thought I would ask you guys the same question. If you could have any car, what would it be?

As for me, my dream car is a massive 440 in³ (7.2 L) RB single 4-barrel carbureted 1969 Plymouth Barracuda.

Ah.... so beautiful.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Movies I have watched this week
« on: June 18, 2006, 09:25:39 AM »
This past week...

The Lost Battalion
Star Wars Ep. III
Apollo 13

Right now...

Iron Man ~ Black Sabbath


Questions & Answers / Claudia's Theme guitar sheet music
« on: May 20, 2006, 01:11:19 PM »
Hey board, I need y'alls help here.

I'm looking for guitar sheet music, or guitar tabs for "Claudia's Theme". I've checked everywhere but have come up empty handed. I was wondering if anyone has found this music? I figured this was the best place to ask.


Eastwood News / Re: Dirty Harry Video Game and more?
« on: May 20, 2006, 12:27:43 PM »
Normally I hate any videogame that is made after a movie. Because when it is all said and done, the game isn't anywhere as good as the movie (i.e. The Godfather, The Warriors). But with Clint's approval and support of this, hopefully it will change my views.

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