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Clint Eastwood Westerns / Colt Peacemaker replica help
« on: March 16, 2004, 05:38:11 AM »
Nothing too serious here, but I'm just wondering what finish, Joe and Manco, have on their 5 1/2 peacemaker? Is it black or grey?

Here's the place I've seen the replicas

Scroll down and you should come across 3 Colt "Frontier"s near the bottom in presentttion cases for £35.

After looking at some pics from FFOD I can't seem to tell if it has the greay finish or the black finish? Which one do u guys think?


Clint Eastwood Westerns / What revolver does Blondie use in.....
« on: December 23, 2003, 05:57:00 AM »
What revolver does Blondie use in The Good, The bad and The Ugly?
I think it could be a Colt Navy but it could also be a Colt Dragoon. Does anyone know what it is?

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