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I know it's not supposed to be entertaining in real life, but it's enjoyable watching the bad guys get it from Callahan's 44 in the DH movies because they deserve it.  I did a search in this forum, but could not find this topic covered.  Has anyone done a count of how many bad guys Harry kills in his movies?  It does not have to be from his .44 either.  I think Joe Bob Briggs used to keep a body count in his reviews.

Here's my observations off the top of my head:
Dirty Harry - Did he fire six shots or only five?  Harry gets Scorpio!
Magnum Force - More than Dirty Harry, but he's killing cops
The Enforcer - More than Magnum Force
Sudden Impact - He kills the most ever since High Plains Drifter
Dead Pool - People are dying, but not all from Harry 

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