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Its occurred to me that there is no better way to explain ourselves than the moment you became a die hard Clint Eastwood fan. For me it was when I was 12 years old.

I was in the seventh grade and was skipping school. I had to do that because three of the local gangs in my neighborhood had taken to terrorizing me and jumping me in school, at the mall, in the street...wherever they found me. So for awhile I just did what I figured to be logical...and hid.

In Washington DC in the early 80s we had what was called the MID DAY MOVIE, usually older movies... and it was watching this that I saw him. This person that was unbelievably cool and controlled. He didnt show fear and he was minimalistic. He even took a beating like I did, alone with Lee Van Cleef (that should tell you the movie I was watching). I became obsessed, he was everything that a scared, scarred and awkward teenager could never be.

You could find me later standing in the mirror, working on a squint...talking in a hushed tone...trying to walk laconically.....some of that survives to this day LOL.

So.....whats your story?

Yes, I admit I create these posts to upset people and cause all kinds of mayhem. Buuuuut the board seems quiet and Ill admit.....I have a little time to think on it.

So, as we agree that Harry Callahan is, despite all critics notions, a VERY complex character that is not a one trick pony, would we see someone like Jeffrey Dean Morgan as having the chops to play him in a reboot?

Aint I a stinker? :)

General Discussion / The empty chair interview
« on: September 10, 2018, 10:55:26 AM »
Do you think that this political \ humorous stunt, hurt Clint Eastwood's reputation in Hollywood? I have always lurked on this site and did notice that the activity plummeted after that.

If you think it did, do you think it is something he could recover? If so, how?

Personally independent of that I think his work stands by itself.

Off-Topic Discussion / *Sings*..."Getting to know you..."
« on: November 30, 2015, 06:10:43 AM »
An offer....of sorts.

So in the wings of our man Matt returning....I decided that there are some core folks I should NOT lose touch with under any circumstances....of course on this board anonymity is a given. Wow...I do feel a little hesitant typing the word anonymous or any variant....cant imagine why these days.

Anyway....I decided to offer to anyone that wants to take me up on FB page. Many of you I would trust with my kid....well I would trust you with her cause that "kid" is 18 years old, in formative shape on one martial art and developing skills in in Krav Maga. Good luck with that.  :knuppel2:

So any who want to reach out, inbox me and we can find each other in the (gasp) real world.

We are at the gravesite of Arch Stanten....the treasure about to be discovered...but first there is the little business of who actually deserves the money. But the shootout has been recast:

THE GOOD: Manco (a combination character of FFOD, FAFDM and GBU characters and the only name we know him by...
THE BAD: Josey Wales
THE UGLY: Joe Kidd

Play this scenario out, and who wins? If you want switch the characters of Good, Bad, and Ugly to make it your liking. And give a blow by blow of the shootout.

Happy hunting  :)

Happy Days all.....

Nowadays, any and all police officers are required to see a therapist as part of the job. To make sure the stresses of the job are not wearing their nerves to the bone. Not so in Dirty Harry's era....

But, we are going to fix this. YOU are going to be Dirty Harry's therapist. You are going to give him a summary of his mental health. This will include ALL events from his movies, and even subplots to the movies that may not be very explored, but mentioned, about his life.

Also, keep in mind, this exercise will be speaking just as much about you as it does Detective Callahan  :)

So, what is your prognosis?

I personally love this site and would hate to see it go down. I would love to see any and all ideas to see some ways to get this webpage back in heavy rotation again.

Heck Id even like to answer all the old questions over :) . Now that I am in my 40s (gasp...cry...whimper) I am very sure my opinions on many topics have changed. do you market (for free) this web community?

Before your CE reflexes jump for my throat...I know you wanna.....

Think about it. :)

I think we can all agree that Clint Eastwood, without a doubt is the very first "anti hero"....

And to this day, going from mild versions such as "Horatio Caine" in CSI the extreme dark character of "Riddick" of the movies PITCH BLACK and THE CHRONICLES OF can see not only did Clint create the blueprint for the Anti hero...but he also allowed for there to be many variations of it.

But, what exactly is the anti hero? Why do we love him versus detest? What is that narrow margin that keeps him lovable? What differentiated "THE MAN WITH NO NAME" from ANY of his enemies in FISTFUL or FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE?

General Discussion / Was THE EIGER SANCTION worthy of a sequels?
« on: November 01, 2012, 04:52:19 AM »
I have always wondered how a character, with as incomplete a history as Hemlock's, who could have EASILY become the United States' version of "James Bond"...did not get one sequel.

Is there any literature as to why THE EIGER SANCTION only had one movie and why Hemlock was not further explored? As much as I love Dirty Harry, I think Hemlock would have been a treasure of story lines.

Would love any and all input, even "BLECH I HATE HEMLOCK" :)

The Dirty Harry Films / They hypocrisy of DIRTY HARRY, lets get ugly :)
« on: October 23, 2012, 05:24:04 AM »
As much as I have loved the Dirty Harry character, I have to admit I have found some inconsistencies in his character development.

Dirty Harry was a defender of laws that he disagreed with, worked for a system that he himself advocated was broken at its core (law and order). Although he was a progressive in personality (never really seeing a color barrier) he also was very "fire and brimstone" about enforcing long as it was HIM doing the fire and brimstone part.

I find it very unlikely that Harry did not find it obvious that he contributed heavily to the systemic breakdown of law and order.

There is also the hypocrisy of how he views others en masse. Criminals of all kinds are not to be forgiven, that I understand, he is a lawman and wades thru the ugliest of all mankind. But there is also the very flimsy way he views civilians as "blind to what is really going on around them"...somewhat like children.

Is it me or is there a serious inconsistency to Harry's character? If everyone is the enemy  who is the friend? Who do you champion if EVERYONE is a potential problem? How do you champion a law system you openly admit is wrong??

My neighbors' son just got his A+ on his paper on GBU, and I had to send you his ideas. Im paraphrasing because I dont have the paper in front of me, but I had to share this with everyone. Comment if you like but please read..the kid is genius.

"The Good and the Bad, in this movie, represent the opposite ideals of man. Either what we aspire to be, or what we fear the most. THE UGLY, Tuco's character, is not in fact ugly, but IS, the representation of man. Man with nothing to hide behind, his raw nature. Greedy, opportunistic and completely along for the ride with no idea how to get to his destination without taking from others.

Tuco is weak, uncomfortable getting too close to either of the polar representations, but he sticks with the representation of the good because he feels he can easiest manipulate him. Tuco's character is like most people feel, uncomfortable, clumsy, uncommited to anything specific.

Tuco likes to see himself as "The Bad", like many tough guys do. But when faced with the awe of what pure, uncomprimising evil looks like, he cowers and seeks to escape. He finds it much easier, even if never believed by THE GOOD, to represent himself in the middle.

In the end, THE GOOD and THE BAD face off, and man's representation is stuck right in the middle of their conflict. Unarmed, and unprepared. His only grace is that neither force saw him as a real threat to begin with, only as THEIR tool to their means."

Say what you will...some kids are doing their homework.

Off-Topic Discussion / THE RETURN OF FLUMMARY
« on: February 11, 2011, 01:37:47 PM »
At every moment in history, there comes a pinnacle time where things change, never to go back. Human kind arched their back and walked upright....then went to space....then....the Home Shopping Network.

*psst...hey you....*

Yeah you...the member that loves the place, havent posted in months/years but cant imagine anything to talk about. Got yourself like a life, family, children...your saying to yourself "Wow, I have all of this in my life...but something is missing"...then late at night you creep onto the board....getting your CE forum fix. Fearful that if your family finds out that they will have another intervention for you and your internet creeping.


Let us be arent going anywhere, neither am I. I am not because federal authorities wont let me until they can figure out exactly WHAT I did to that duck!!!!

This is one of those pinnacle moments!! When flummary and reality meet, reality no longer can exist.

You say to yourself, what is flummary (if you are new here). Let me know when you are about to have a really good thought...something that really makes sense..and then some random thought like "Wow I bet you can get half a pencil in your nostril" interrupts that thought? THAT IS FLUMMARY!!!

THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS!!!! NO MORE know who you are!!!!!! Its a new year...a new time......out of hiding!! The authorities are no longer looking for you. Login and answer here

REGULATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets ride!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking about this....Dean Winters...the mighty Ryan O'Reilly from the HBO series OZ, would be an absolute PERFECT FIT as a Dirty Harry movie remake!!!

I know the faithful will immediately disapprove of this...but let me say, if you havent seen OZ...please before you comment...see the series.

It would completely work.

Your thoughts?

In closing the year, I thought this topic would likely tell the most about the people here, the worlds they come from, and how everyone finds a bit of themselves in Clint Eastwood, and how he brings us together.  I will start with myself.

The year was 1982. I was being terrorized by the neighborhood gangs. Some beatings are just overkill, ya know? Anyway since we all went to school together, skipping school was beginning to become a good habit.

In Washington DC the best movies to watch always came in the afternoon. So since I had just gotten back from school, I plopped down, and turned on the tube. The movie, was FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE.

I became mesmorized by the MAN WITH NO NAME. How he was hopelessly outgunned but could out smart everyone around him. How unbelievably cool and quiet he was (Lets be fair, I was 12). I had never seen anything like that, a  hero that was not tougher, but smarter. And quiet, and cool, even when ANYONE ELSE would freak out.  I had never heard of the term minimalism at age 12, but I was seeing its effects before my eyes.

When the movie was over, I was left speechless, and wanting to know who this man was. I obviously couldnt describe this to my parents and ask, and since this was the age before cable, I didnt know if I would ever see the COOLEST GUY Id ever seen in my life again....months later I immediately recognized the same cool guy in TWO MULES, and hence began my reference and following of everything he ever did. He became my hero.

At that point he became my hero and influenced everything from my walk to the way I glared at this day I laugh to myself when I feel myself imitating the gait in my walk that I learned how to do watching him walk thru town in HANG EM HIGH, although now I do it by force of habit.

And that love of that character I carry to this day.

Consider this question not so much about Heath Ledger, or about the movie, but more of a Rorshach test of yourself.  The question on the duality of people, or if there even is one. But PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE MOVIE!! The question is a moral one, and both characters make very compelling arguements.

The Batman, in THE DARK KNIGHT, represented people in their highest form. Moral, highly disciplined, turning tragedy into triumph by making a crusade on crime from his parents tragic death. A non super person, who thru dedication and commitment, becomes something higher, legendary. His logic would be for all to work hard, together to triumph and find our "higher selves", all the while carrying burdens of his own.

The Joker, represents the counter. He believes that all morals are pretense that people insist they have to live by, and are weak flimsy guises that the moment people are put to a test, they will  abandon it, trash whatever cause they say are important to them, and save themselves first. His seemingly insane antics serve the purpose of one cause, to prove to all that people lie and that morality is a joke.

So which is it?

Off-Topic Discussion / My father, may he rest in peace
« on: September 30, 2007, 08:13:33 PM »
Saturday Night, my father, took his last breath.

My Dad, had alot of ghosts that haunted him thru his life. An abusive childhood, a drug problem that manifested into broken relationships with friends, family, his children. Basically, he never had a chance.

I wish I could describe him in a way that countered his drug problems. He was a truly charming man, he wouldnt have had so many children if he didnt. So smart, and a beautiful person to look at. He had every gift that anyone could give.
But between the numerous vicious beatings from his father, watching his mother die with her head in his lap when he was five...being black in the in a ghetto and a host of problems...he gave in to heroin.

I never heard my father tell me that he loved me, although I know he felt it. I know he cared, although I know his tough exterior wouldnt allow him to show it. I know that he was tough on me because where we grew up, you had to be tough. I also know that the monkey on his back that gave him a two thousand dollar a day habit, was the source of almost all his woes.

It makes me wonder, why would God make someone so charming, smart, intelligent, and then deem him born to lose? I wish I could bring myself to judge him, but I cant, as well as others who walk his path. I cant imagine how much you have to hate yourself to maintain a drug habit that is slowly killing you for the better part of forty years.

I am still confused by it all. I dont know whether to shake my fist at heaven, or just jump in with him. If someone as gifted as he is, didnt get a chance, what chance do I have???

Dad, I wish I couldve shared that laugh with you that kids and their fathers do. I wish grandpa didnt beat the self esteem out of you, and I wish you didnt live in Southeast to drain what little hope you did have of achieving anything. If it makes you feel any better, up or down, and although you really couldnt manage it, I always have, and always will, consider you Dad.

So since there is little to mark that this man existed...let it be said here. I love you Dad, and hopefully someday, we will have that conversation.

Your loving son, and your biggest fan,


The Dirty Harry Films / Dirty Harry versus Mothra
« on: May 21, 2003, 02:30:31 PM »
What you say? It cant be true...

But it is, a BDC28 final installment of the Dirty Harry series has happened.

The sleepy charming city of San Francisco has been in its own version of quiet for years, and Dirty Harry has moved on and opened a high end private security agency.

That is, until IT awakened.

The city first notices the tremors...not like its usual earthquakes...and high winds. An unspeakable evil lurks, and is Harry's last and largest nemesis.

Mothra has come to San Francisco, and Godzilla is in a million year sleep in the heart of Tokyo.

Dirty Harry is back, and THIS time, its personal.

HARRY: "Chief, its just a goddamn moth, call Terminix"

CHIEF: "We cant do that Harry, this is a new time. We just cant do things the way we used to, shooting things up, stomping on them...insects leagues are up the chief's ass for me to do something"

HARRY: "Splendid"

Clint Eastwood is Dirty Harry, in the most spine tingling..action packed, Dirty Harry movie ever. DIRTY HARRY VERSUS MOTHRA!!!!

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Manco "Lefty"
« on: May 05, 2003, 07:00:24 AM »

Okay, I think I can blend some threads here on this one.

Now, we once debated whether or not the "Man with no name" was the same one in FIST FULL OF DOLLARS and FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE.

Well, here is a logic to debate for YEARS to come. The nickname used in FOR A FEW DOLLARS more was Manco, which KC has explained can be loosely used to explain someone maimed or one handed, like a lefty.

Well, in FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, "Joe's" right hand was crushed during the beating he took.

So, if we follow the logic, or my lack thereof, Manco "LEFTY" could be the left handed shootist from FISTFUL OF DOLLARS...correct?

If Blondie knew that the gold was in the unmarked grave next to Arch Stantons....why did he let Tuco dig up Stanton's grave? (In fact, he assisted by throwing him a shovel).

Any theories on this twisted behavior of Blondie?

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