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I just picked up this book the other day.  Actually one of the merchants at a gun show was giving it away.   O0
It's really cool to think about what it must have been like 25 years ago writing this book, before things like "Go ahead, Make my day!"   8)
I wouldn't say that I'm a big collector of other memorabilia besides his movies themselves, but I am 35 and still have a framed poster of him above my headboard.   ::)  Anyway, this book has many pictures that I have never seen in other books or even on the web.  For a real collector, I think this would be a great book to pick up.  Although, don't ask me for mine unless you wanna give up your right arm for it.   >:D

In trying to find a picture of it online to post for ya, I found it on ebay in case anyone wants to bid on your own copy...

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