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General Discussion / Climber Joe Simpson about "Eiger sanction"
« on: April 12, 2004, 02:46:20 AM »
In the Sonntagszeitung of yesterday, Joe Simpson comments on mountain films from Hollywood. Simpson is a climber, who's book Touching the void has been put into a film by Kevin Macdonald. In the interview Simpson was asked to comment on four films about climbing, here are the german quotes:
The Eiger sanction: Der einzige Mainstream-Kletterfilm, der auf seine Art gut ist (the only main-stream movie about climbing that is good in his way)
Cliffhanger: zum BrĂ¼llen komischer Schwachsinn
K2: Klischeehafter, sentimentaler Schund
Vertical Limit: So peinlicher, nationalistischer Kitsch, dass ich das Kino verliess.

Simpsons words about the other 3 movies aren't flattering, so I haven't translated

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