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General Discussion / Question about a scene in Gran Torino
« on: April 10, 2009, 08:29:14 AM »
I would like your opinions on something...

In the scene where Walt's son calls him and asks for the Lions tickets, which makes Walt hang up the phone on him; Why do you think Walt hung up the phone? Was it because he saw through his son's real intentions by calling his father (just wanting to get his hands on his tickets), or was it because he got mad at his son for bringing it up in a desperate attempt to keep the conversation flowing?

Personally, I think it's the former of the two alternatives, I think it's pretty obvious. There's a guy over at IMDb who's being a real jerk about that scene and refuses to accept other interpretations of that scene, stating his view (the second alternative) as fact  ::)

Here's the thread for those who are interested:

Damn, that must have hurt!  :o Did anyone else here get shocked by the way Harry treated that motorcycle cop, hitting his throat about 5-6 times with an open-hand chop? That was pretty raw if you ask me, not that I mind those kind of things  ;) He could easily have put him out with a few punches to the head, but I guess Harry had some other, dirtier ways of treating that punk  8)

General Discussion / Clint’s popularity in Sweden
« on: April 03, 2009, 07:47:44 AM »
Just thought I’d share something cool & interesting with you fellow Clint Eastwood fans that you may not be aware of. I did a search to see if there was such a topic already, but the only hits I got were of the username of a member who hasn’t been online for quite a while. So I can only assume this has not been brought up here yet. Anyways, on to the cool stuff:

Clint Eastwood is so famous & beloved in Sweden that we have given him an own nickname (something no other celebrity to my knowledge has been given), the nickname is so spread out throughout the country that it is more of a household name than his actual name is. We call him “Clintan”, which more or less translates to “The Clint”.

I’ve tried to find out when, or at least during what decade we started calling him Clintan instead of just Clint Eastwood. My guess is it happened around the 70’s when Dirty Harry became a phenomenon, and at least one person has verified that it's been used since the 70's at the least, he remembers that he and his friends used “Clintan” back in the mid 70’s when going to see the latest Dirty Harry film at the time. It may be dated even longer back than that, I'm not sure at the moment but I'll try to find out. Anyways, I hope this was an interesting story to some of you.

I actually tried registering with just “Clintan” but some other Swede with 2 posts since 2004 got here before me, bummer!

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