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Clint Eastwood Westerns / High Plains Drifter - High Plains STEPPENWOLF
« on: October 09, 2014, 11:50:24 PM »
Very recently, for shamefully the first time, I have read a remarkable book. It was notoriously famous many decades ago today, and I did not succumb to its attraction then, but have only now invested my reading time to its good reward.

Steppenwolf, by Nobel Prize author Herman Hesse.

I had got to page 18 in my paperback edition when I hit upon a grand thing. It was a sentence that reminded me, like a lightning bolt, like a thunderclap, of a sentence uttered by the (anti) hero in High Plains Drifter.

I am too much relaxed at this minute to carefully type out the paragraph in the book and then to type out the words uttered by the (anti) hero in Drifter, which I plan to do on the morrow.

Any who may happen to have Steppenwolf in their library are invited to read page 18 and to thereby anticipate what I will soon joyfully reveal to be a delightful literary coincidence among the book Steppenwolf and the movie High Plains Drifter.

It will be a peaceful hour for you.  ;)

General Discussion / Motorcycles in Coogan's Bluff
« on: December 27, 2013, 12:18:33 AM »
Coogans Bluff.

A delightful combination of a romantic comedy and a darkly dramatic action film.

I got onto it to research exactly what kind of motorcycle Clint/Coogan rides in the chase scene at the end of the film. As I suspected, it is a Triumph TR6. Bad Guy is on a strange beast that is obviously a Triumph Bonny but has an add on instrument where the speedometer spoze to be on a TR6 or a TR7. The TR6 had clamp on instruments, tachometer on the left, speedo on the right. The TR7 had the same. The Bonny had a speedo inset into the headlight nacelle and NO tachometer. The Bad Guy motocycle had a clamp on instrument ON THE RIGHT. The Clint/Coogan motocycle had twin clamp ons and the tank colors proper for a early 60s TR6. The Bad Guy motocycle had obvious twin carburetors and air filter housings and tank colors proper for early 60s Bonny/TR7. And The Bad Guy motocycle had the ubiquitous hard starting/restarting of the twin carb TR7/Bonny. My old 58 TR6 had the typical one kick easy starting while my best old friend Ray's TR7 had the very difficult many kick no starting that was typical. I know from personal experience back in the day.  ;)

Does anybody know, from interviews or whatever, if Clint rode a motorcycle and maybe even did the stunt riding in this film? We know he rode hosses. 8)

This film is a great period piece from capturing the true gritty grime easily found in Noo Yonk City as well as the fabulous historic architectural features. And it is a really good showcase for the range of acting skills and star qualities of the early C E.

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Clint Eastwood film quote
« on: September 21, 2013, 12:53:56 AM »
I somewhere read the quote "Winners are just people that do what losers wont try to do." or something like that. I would be grateful if somebody recognizes it and helps me figure out which Eastwood film it is in.

And, in general, I would like for this to be a thread in which anybody with a Clint quote can post it and maybe somebody can say which film it is in.

Thanks for all the fish.  ;)

You've made my day 8).

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