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General Discussion / UNFORGIVEN ON TONGIHT!!!!
« on: December 06, 2004, 10:22:24 AM »
Tonight, for everyone in Britian, Unforgivern is on tonight on Channel 5, at 9:00. You must see it!!!

Collectors' Corner / For A Few Dollar's More Book.
« on: September 06, 2004, 01:15:58 PM »
I got a brillaint deal for this. 25p, £0.25, however you want to put it. I was browsing my local Car Boot Sale, and saw this. For 25p I couldn't argue.

I also got 'The Return of Josey Wales.' I've heard it's not that good,  so I got it out of curiousity.

Collectors' Corner / Paint Your Wagon Soundtrack.
« on: August 30, 2004, 12:33:55 PM »
I just saw this on, not to sure how often they show up, but it is a starting bid of $0.99. The link is:

Trivia Games / Eastwood Film Music Game
« on: July 22, 2004, 12:58:41 PM »
Okay, I've never made a Trivia Game before, so this might turn out a bit wrong, but; there is a first time for everything.

As the title says, this is a trivia game for the music that has been in an Eastwood film. What I will do, is type a part of a line from the song, and you have to say what film it is from, and the rest of the line. For example, if I said:

You turn me...

The answer would be:
Film: Every Which Way But Loose
Rest of Song:
...Every Which Way But Loose.

So, If this all works and makes sence, I'll start us off with a simple and obvious, we will go with:

Just take you mask away...

The Dirty Harry Films / Something I Noticed...
« on: July 10, 2004, 08:54:31 AM »
There was something I noticed when I watched 'Dirty Harry' a minute ago, and I have never noticed it before, and I don't think I've ever read it on the board either.

When Harry walks into the place where he eats his Hot Dog, you can see a cinema in the background, and the film showing is none other than 'Play Misty for Me.'

As I said, I'd never noticed it before, and never seen it on the board; so I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

BTW: I wasn't slacking from coursework, I was just havin' a break  ;)


General Discussion / Clyde Beaten By Trainers ?
« on: June 04, 2004, 12:31:00 PM »
I was reading a review on Amazon for "Every Which Way But Loose" and one review said:

Poor "Clyde", October 29, 2003
Reviewer: zane from Seattle, WA  
Interesting that none of these reviews mentions the fact that Clyde (who was named Buddha by his trainers) was beaten so severely (for stealing doughnuts on the set) by his trainers that he died of brain hemorrhage. They replaced him, quietly, for the sequal. Primates are brutally dominated by their trainers in order to do the smallest actions (like smiling, which is a sign or fear in the wild). It isn't entertaining, it's cruel. Don't spend money on films that exploit animals. Grow up.

Is anyone able to spread any light if it is true; and If it is, Did Mr.Eastwood know it was going on ?

The link is:

EDIT:: I seached into google, and I got this from one of the pages that came up:

"Any Which Way You Can:" The Death of Clyde

The orangutan name Clyde was born in a zoo but, in 1982, he became "surplus" when the zoo began a new program of orangutan breeding. Until the early 1980's, many zoos had maintained both Sumatran and Borneo orangutans and had interbred them. But when zoos became more purist about breeding, older hybrid orangutans were not suitable for Species Survival Programs (zoo programs to breed endangered species in captivity and to keep them genetically sound.) Clyde, a hybrid, did not fit in with the zoo's plans for the future. He and two other orangutans - CJ and Bubba - were about to find new careers in "show business."

Clint Eastwood had already starred in one film - "Any Which Way But Loose" - with an orangutan co-star trained by Las Vegas animal trainer Bobby Berosini. When a new Eastwood movie was announced, the largest supplier of animals for Hollywood films won the contract. The company did not own an orangutan so its owner scanned the industry papers for zoo surplus... and found Clyde.

Clyde became the "star" of "Any Which Way You Can." But, what most of Clyde's fans did not know was that Clyde barely survived the making of the film. In fact, he had been dead for nearly six months by the time he gained fame through the movie. The assistant to Gentle Jungle's head trainer told the media that the trainer beat Clyde to make him docile during the filming. He told reporters that one day before filming, the trainer ordered him and another trainer to help him take Clyde to an isolated spot because he wanted to "have a little talk with him."2 When Clyde became inattentive, the trainer repeatedly beat him with a cane and an ax handle. Clyde tried protecting himself with his arms and rolling in a circle, trying to avoid the blows which were ultimately fatal. He died of cardiac arrest a month after the beating.

The page is found at:

Is this for real, and did Clint know about this ? Plus, what is everyone else's thoughts ?

General Discussion / Play Misty For Me
« on: June 01, 2004, 04:04:33 AM »
I saw this last night, and I thought it was terrific.
 I was acctually scared, and thought the Bathroom scene was better that the Bunny Boiler scene in Fatal Attraction.
One of my favourite thrillers of all time.

The Dirty Harry Films / Favourite "Do You Feel Lucky" speech
« on: May 20, 2004, 09:01:06 AM »
What was everyones favourite "Do You Feel Lucky" speech ? First time or second.

Mine was the first time, because of the shoot out at the begining, and how cool it was, when he pointed the gun at the robber, and pulled the trigger, with an empty gun.

Plus, the 2nd one symbolizes the end of the film aswell.  :(

Off-Topic Discussion / The Greatest Song Ever Made
« on: May 11, 2004, 09:57:53 AM »
This is THE impossible question of life, and if every member on this board agrees on a song, I will eat a Mobile (Cell) Phone, with proof of me doing it.

I am going to put two forward, with me thinking these are the two favourite songs:

Losing My Religion, by REM
Ain't No Sunshine, by Bill Withers.


I'm going to add some more of my favourite songs. I wouldn't say the two I posted earlier are the two of the greatest of all time, I think they are just good now.

  • Hotel California - The Eagles
  • Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
[li]Take it Easy - The Eagles[/li]
[li]Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns 'N' Roses[/li]
[li]Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix[/li]
[li]All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix[/li]
[li]Stairway to Heaven - Led Zep[/li]
[li]Immigrant Song - Led Zep[/li]
[li]Travelling Riverside Blues - Led Zep[/li]
[li]Dazed and Confused -  Led Zep[/li]
[li]Freebird - Lynard Skynard[/li]
[li]Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard[/li]
[li]Pretty much everything I've heard by Metallica.[/li]
[li]Bark at the Moon - Ozzy Osbourne[/li]
[li]Money - Pink Floyd[/li]
[li]Brain Damage - Pink Floyd[/li]
[li]Another Brink in the Wall - Pink Floyd[/li]
[li]Pretty much everything Queen done.[/li]

Now, Nirvana. I really don't see the big deal with these. I think they are medicore at best. I've got 'Nevermind' and  just can't see why it's praised so much. I can listen to them sometimes. but I get bored of them pretty easy. I think they (at least Nevermind is)  really over-rated.

Off-Topic Discussion / Quentin Tarantino
« on: April 24, 2004, 01:31:14 PM »
Okay, what everyone favourite Tarantino films ?

Out of the ones I've seen, it goes:

Resivior Dogs
Kill Bill
Pulp Fiction

But that is a very hard choice to make, and, If your read the GBU Special Edition May '04 (;action=display;threadid=1999)you may have heard my tale of trying to see "Kill Bill Vol.2" (;action=display;threadid=1999;start=75)

Has anyone else seen it and what are there thoughts ?

General Discussion / Where Eagles Dare
« on: April 04, 2004, 12:13:10 PM »
Where Eagles Dare has just started for all of us in the UK, its on C5.

General Discussion / Gorillaz Song: Clint Eastwood
« on: January 20, 2004, 02:03:50 PM »
Does anybody know why the band 'Gorillaz' named one of thiers song Clint Eastwood ?

I think the album was a was also called, Clint Eastwood, but I'm not to sure  ???

General Discussion / Tonight (Saturday) Two Mules For Sister Sara
« on: January 10, 2004, 03:03:35 PM »
For anyone (like me) who hasnt seen two mules for sister sara it is on tonight on ITV 1 at 12:00 GMT. Its on late so set the video maybe...   ???

Eastwood News / C4 Vote Eastwood 16th Greatest Actor Ever
« on: December 31, 2003, 01:05:42 PM »
Hi There,

Channel 4 viewers have voted Mr Eastwood 16th greatest actor to grace the planet. I think this is a great achevment, but he should be 1st. No Doubt. If you want to see the list goto:

Ive made the link so It goes straight to Mr Eastwoods rank.

I wish I had heard about this earlier so we could have all casted a vote for him.

The Dirty Harry Films / Dirty Harry NES Game
« on: December 21, 2003, 06:43:57 PM »
How about this !

Going back to the good old days of Retro Gaming, on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which was made before I was born, there was a Dirty Harry game, and I have a link to where you can download the ROM and the Emulator where you can get the game and play it, go to:

Also if you need a walkthrough, go here:

If you need any help put them here, save sending me a PM and having to answer the same question 20 times  ;D

Happy Gaming !

Discussion Board Troubleshooting / Stars
« on: December 06, 2003, 12:31:43 PM »
How do I get more stars ??? Somebody told me before but i forgot, can somebody inform me.

General Discussion / Does Mr.Eastwood Ever Drop By The Board
« on: October 19, 2003, 02:30:31 PM »
Hi All,

Does Mr.Eastwood ever drop by this board, im sure ive read this somewhere before, or im just losing it  ;D

Well, does he,

Jus' wondering

Web Site Announcements / How Do You Become A Moderator ?
« on: October 19, 2003, 02:25:44 PM »
Hi All,

I was just wondering how'd you get to become a moderator for this board ??


Eastwood News / Mystic River Press Confrence
« on: October 19, 2003, 02:10:59 PM »
Hi All,

I was browsing Freeserve's webby and found the
"Mystic River Press Confrence" And I found i interesting,
so i thought i'd share it. Goto:



General Discussion / Escape From Alcatraz
« on: October 12, 2003, 11:49:11 AM »
Hi All,

I was browsing through the board, and i noticed, that a great Eastwood film Escape From Alactraz has not been mentioned, This is a brilliant Eastwood film i i thought i should bring it to all your attention.

If you have seen in reply to this and tell me what you think of it

Thanks ;D

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