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The Dirty Harry Films / "Dirty Harry" in New Movie "Zodiac"
« on: March 06, 2007, 10:15:54 AM »
 :) In the New movie "Zodiac" there's a scene that takes place in a movie theatre that's showing "Dirty Harry".It shows a clip near the beginning of it in the mayors office with the mayor played by John Vernon.NO Clint appearances though.It also shows a DH sign & a DH standee in the theatre's lobby too! *Not sure if they were REAL or made up for the movie.
Look for it if you see it! It's in the middle of the movie.

 :( That's too bad,KC. I could take some other CE fans around Boston & show them some of the sites where "Mystic River" was filmed & where I worked security on Mystic.

Thanks KC.
Wherever the most amount of people would see this post.It's also on the weekend so people from out of town could make arrangements.I could take some CE fans & show them where some scenes from "Mystic River" were shot & where I worked during the filming.

The Dirty Harry Films / Re: Dirty Harry Meets...Sledge Hammer!
« on: February 28, 2007, 11:05:01 AM »
Yeah,I saw him in the movie too.It was good to have him in there!

Eastwood News / "Dirty Harry" Screening-Boston MA - March 16-17 !
« on: February 28, 2007, 10:58:29 AM »
 :) "Dirty Harry" will be on the Big Screen on a double bill with "The French Connection" @ the BRATTLE theatre in Cambridge Massachusetts on March 16-17.(Friday/Saturday).
Showtimes: 5 pm-9:30 pm.
Ticket prices-$9.00
More info at (617) 876-6837
Hope to meet up with other C.E fans there.
Contact me at:


Eastwood News / Re: LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - Poor UK Cinema Status
« on: February 28, 2007, 10:51:38 AM »
 :(  I live in Boston MA & there were probably only about 30 or so people in the theatre when I saw it too.As it's NOT a mainstream movie,MOST cinemas that show it are usually "Arthouse Type" cinemas & those type usually don't bring in the big crowds.Neither "Flags" or "Letters" appealed to the teen movie crowd which is what brings in the $$$$$!


Eastwood News / Re: FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS features thread
« on: October 19, 2006, 02:19:58 PM »
Did anyone get the USA Today weekend edition with Clint (October  13-14-15). I missed it!
cattman :(

 8) Anyone in the BOSTON Area interested in a get together for "Flags of our Fathers" which opens October 20?

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday, Clint Eastwood
« on: May 31, 2006, 09:12:17 PM »
 :) "Happy Birthday,Clint!"All the Best from your MANY fans!!! Hope you have/had a great Celebration!
Scott Catton-"Cattman".

Eastwood News / Re: Kyle Eastwood Concert-Boston-March 23!
« on: March 27, 2006, 01:58:06 PM »
 :)  Sorry for the late post on Kyle's show,but  a friend notified me of it at the last minute.It was a good show & he played 2 shows-an hour each.He's the Bassist in a Jazz band.He was NOT selling merchandise at the show,But However,I brought my copy of his latest CD,"Paris Blue" & met him & he signed it after the show.He's very nice & low key.I would have brought my LP soundtrack of "Honkytonk Man" for him to sign also,but didn't have time to look for it! :(.
I may have been the Only one to get an autograph after the show too.
The first show wasn't sold out & there were probably only about 150 or so people there.There may have been more at the later show.
I also gave Kyle my codolences on the recent passing of his Grandmother & his father's mother & gave him a card & one to give to Clint.He thanked me for it But said he didn't know when he would see him next.
I mentioned that I worked security on "Mystic River" when he was in Boston a few years ago & he said he did some music on that & the upcoming "Flags of our Fathers" movie too that his father is working on.
He said that it WAS intentional that his name was spraypainted on the subway wall in the 1st "Dirty Harry" movie.
His shows are inexpensive & a good chance you'll get to meet him after the show.

Eastwood News / Kyle Eastwood Concert-Boston-March 23!
« on: March 23, 2006, 04:24:51 PM »
Kyle Eastwood & his Band will be playing the Regattabar in Cambridge Massachusetts on March 23.2 shows at 7:30 pm & 10 pm.Tickets are $16.00

Scott C.

General Discussion / Re:Albert Popwell
« on: June 26, 2004, 02:47:33 PM »
 :'(  I met Albert Popwell on the street in L.A. in September 1986 when I first went out there.He was nice.It was totally unexpected though,so I never got a picture of him or anything signed.He has since passed away.RIP.

Vevie,Dennis Lehane was added at the last minute & didn't appear in the advertisements at Borders in Boston,while Jay Mohr was!I actually went to both signings & took photos of both guys too.They had posters promoting BOTH appearances on June 8 though.It was also advertised in the Daily Free "Metro" paper too.I took a picture of the advertisement too-it was the poster with a blue sheet mentioning it.I asked a few questions & had the DVD-Deluxe edition,of course,CD Audio book,hardcover book & poster signed.I think I was  the ONLY one who actually worked security on the Movie who was there.I taped his talk at both appearances June 8 & June 22 in Boston & Newton,Ma. :) :)

I'm surprised he hasn't worked with either Sean Connery or Jack Nicholson-2 other good Veteran actors!

General Discussion / Re: The Official MEMBER INTRODUCTIONS Thread
« on: June 23, 2004, 09:32:16 AM »
 :) ;D ;)
Hi Everyone!
I'm new to posting on the board,although it's one of my favorite websites to checkout!GREAT site!!!
I'm in Boston,Massachusetts USA,but grew up in Ontario,Canada."A Canadian raised Yankee!"
Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor  & "Dirty Harry" is my favorite character.
I also had the privelige of working security on "Mystic River" in Fall 2002 & recently went to Dennis Lehane's DVD signing on June 8 in Boston & the Benefit he was at in Newton,Ma on June 22.
Look forward to hearing from other fans & maybe some others from the Boston area???
"Cattman"(Scott Catton).

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