News: Now showing in theaters: CRY MACHO, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood!

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Eastwood News / Re:GBU Special Edition May '04
« on: May 17, 2004, 06:39:39 PM »
I had the great fortune to see the remastered version in the theaters when they released it a couple years ago. What an experience!!
I agree with Tarantino that it's the greatest directed movie of all time.

Any of you guys see it in the theater? The new footage is great! I saw the Italian version of it on the (now old) DVD but there's nothing quite like seeing it on the big screen. Lee Van Cleef's eyes were fifty feet across!!

What more could you ask for?

I wonder if I'll be able to squeeze the box into my "Man with no Name Trilogy" slipcase? Anybody know?

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