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I have to say that I consider Clint an "old soul". Its hard to believe that he could, at such a young age, do such minimalistic (is that a word) work and convey so much.

Hmmmmm, favorite quote? "Get three coffins ready", second favorite? "My mistake..four coffins".

Emotional? Watching my hero get the snot beat out of him. God I still hate those scenes, FFD and FAFDM.

Exciting? I get excited when Clint can convey something without conveying it. When the bartender (in the beginning of the movie) is telling the story of the two gangs, you can see "Joe's" eyes going a mile a minute..formulating a plan for some money. Or when he spins the chamber of his pistol to let Ramon know that he not only is done loading...but that Ramon is screwed.

Sad? Nothing at all. Boring? God no...nothing. Its all buildup to me.

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re:Steak & Potatoes vs Spaghetti
« on: March 05, 2003, 09:06:50 AM »
Hey ya KC,

I had a thought on the "Monco-Manco" thing. If we go with Manco..literal meaning being maimed or one limbed.

Couldnt that just be a nickname? Like "Lefty" or "One arm Jake"? Bringing attention to one of his attributes?

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: THE ENDLESS, POINTLESS thread
« on: February 10, 2003, 10:30:51 AM »
Christoper, if you are sticking to your stories...may I suggest reading less "arousing" stories?

I have realized, in my complete madness, that Matt and I have not called together a meeting of the minds...A CEBC online council meeting. THIS MUST BE DONE!!! Why you say? WHY??! WHO THE F*** KNOWS why I do what I do??? But it must be done!!!

*bounces away making the Daffy Duck "hoo hoo" noise*

If Blondie knew that the gold was in the unmarked grave next to Arch Stantons....why did he let Tuco dig up Stanton's grave? (In fact, he assisted by throwing him a shovel).

Any theories on this twisted behavior of Blondie?

bdc28:  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, MAN???  I hope you're around soon to play and answer this:  If you could be Clint for a day.... any day of his entire life... which day would you choose?  You might want to pick a day that he shot a particular scene, or something that he's done off camera.  

Hey Matt, you would stick a stipend in my all member tag. I was on the cusp of game greatness Matt!!!

Hmmm, okay, if I could pick a day in Clint Eastwoods life, it would honestly be the day when he was sitting down, before taping FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, trying to conceive how the man with no name was going to move, act, talk, everything. How he envisioned him to be. What he was thinking of the character?

That would be the coolest day in the life of Clint to me.

..and of course, the most important truth in all of Eastwoods movies.....

That Thunderbolt and Lightfoot were gay.

BDC : From a social standpoint, there have been quite a few films that Clint has done where one could conceivably attach some kind of a social message. For example, with True Crime, one could easily see the situation depicted in the film as a statement against the death penalty. Personally, I don't, but I see where the argument could be made. Do you feel that as a filmmaker Clint intends to, through his characters, his film choices, or something else, attach any kind of a social message, or is that just a function of the character, or the film role, or whatever? Do you believe Clint intends to "say something" with his films, or not? If you do, can you give a few examples of films in which you feel a message was conveyed, and what you felt that mesage was?

Man AKA, can you come up with some doozies.

Okay, here is my thought. Clint is a very thoughtful individual, who looked at televsion and theatre as more than just "idiot boxes".  I also believe that working with Sergio Leone gave him a certain sense of helplessness, that he wasnt working with his own script and thought.

I could pretty much say that Clint makes it a POINT to send a message, no matter how subtle, to his fans. Sometimes he would send MULTIPLE messages into his stories. When he wasnt working with his own scripts, he chose stories that were thought provoking.

Let me grab a couple off of the top of my head.

JOSEY WALES: Now although this was based on a book, the thoughts were there, definitely. The irony that "white man" was so good in his own mind, but could tear a country apart in its own civil war. That the Native American was supposed to be so "bad", but ended up being the saviors of the stories. The scene between Wales and Ten Bears couldnt say more.

DIRTY HARRY: This was just a pursuit of truth. That the "system" is not only inadequate, but breaking down.  That good guys go on getting punished for the deeds of the bad.

UNFORGIVEN: That legends are not legends, but very fallable humans.

Overall, if I had to say what message was consistent in every Clint movie, it was the breakdown of the image, and the pursuit of the gritty REAL truth. Even the spaghetti westerns said "THIS is how the west was...not white hats".

Okay, ALL MEMBER TAG!!! All members have to answer this question. I cant limit it to one person. NAME THE MOMENT YOU FELL INTO THE EASTWOOD MOVIES. What were you watching, and what was it about? Why?

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re: Favourite Clint Western
« on: January 21, 2003, 11:18:57 AM »
Hmmmm, favorite?

Toughie. Toss up between GBU, For a few Dollars more, and Josey Wales. Although dont ask me to chose.

Dear God, I gave myself a headache re-reading all this.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: THE ENDLESS, POINTLESS thread
« on: December 11, 2002, 06:54:48 AM »
I told Matt not to use that one!  :o

People will say we're in love, Matt! ;)  8)

But KC, arent you??  ;D

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: THE ENDLESS, POINTLESS thread
« on: December 10, 2002, 08:15:52 AM »
Ahhhh, the first post of wackiness in the new home. Kinda cool.

Okay, I already thanked Matt. Now just let me say this. ISNT HE JUST THE COOLEST?!?

*voice of 50's style Native American in movie*.  "Matt, you makeum Chief Giggly Brain very proud. To thank you, me offer my first born daughter, squaw KC, as a wife. I know, she kickum full frontal groin kicks. But she good woman, know lots of stuff. She keepum lots of Eastwood knickknack. Me haveum son name Rising Knickknack."

I have to admit, its kinda weird typing the posts in this new format. I mean, the only colors I can choose are black and mocha, which as we all know, are the colors of the deep dark recesses of my mind.

There is a leprechaun, he wants a pencil. I dont think I will give him one. I dont have one to give.

First comes the shaking, then the darkness. I dont know which is worse. I smell peaches.

Anyways, its good to be back at the EPT (Endless Pointless Thread). I truly believe it was the thread that forced the move and need for more space. And with some more aimless input, Cal will have to move again ;)

See you guys soon.


P.S.....The leprechaun just urinated on the peaches, he is GONNA PAY!!! :P

General Discussion / Re:Classic Visual Moments
« on: December 10, 2002, 08:05:52 AM »

In DH one. When Dirty Harry is ominiously standing on the train tressel, cooly waiting for the school bus to go by so he can leap on it. The silhoutte of pending doom that threw Scorpio into a panic.

It couldnt have been done any better.

General Discussion / Re:If you could ask Clint one question...
« on: December 10, 2002, 08:03:16 AM »
If I could ask one question, it would be premised.

"Clint, the man with no name type of character that catapulted your career and in many cases was used as a point of reference for your other characters, such as Dirty Harry (dark/silent) Josey one of the most original creations ever. What was your original motivation in creating him? Someone you knew?

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re:Unforgiven (Doug's thread)
« on: December 06, 2002, 06:36:36 AM »
 Hey Christopher,

Its not so much about how violent the movie is, but rather does whatever you see make you squirm.

This brings to mind the "dance" in the movie RESERVOIR DOGS. Now, in the movie, you never see the character Mr. Blonde cut off the policeman's ear, BUT you do hear the officer's gagged screaming, and the blunt character of Mr. Blonde saying coldly "HOLD STILL!!" Then it fades to Mr. Blonde holding a prop bloody ear up to his mouth and saying "Hey how ya doing? Can you hear that?"

Its more the effect it has on the viewer, not the graphic nature of it.

By Eastwood standards, UNFORGIVEN was actually light on violence. But its scenes were somewhat graphic, and very disturbing. As in all of Eastwood's genius, sometimes its not what he shows you, its what you can imagine is coming that completely unhinges you.

Clint Eastwood Westerns / Re:Unforgiven (Doug's thread)
« on: December 04, 2002, 11:37:25 AM »
Unforgiven was made during a time that westerns were bitijng the dust. The fact that it was a major motion picture in and of itself, says alot.

I dont think its fair to say that UNFORGIVEN and JOSEY should be compared, because they tell two different stories.

JOSEY was about a man so drunk with his own thirst for revenge, that it took a slew of events to happen to remember his own humanity.

UNFORGIVEN was a story about someone who had time and sobriety to already reflect about what he took from humanity.

I think as a individual piece, UNFORGIVEN is definitely a one of a kind. An all time great? I dont know, I reserve those for the CITIZEN KANE's of the movie world, and those dont come around often.

I have to agree. Unforgiven was both over hyped and a really great movie.

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